Spinning Campground

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#7: Back-Alley Cleanup
Octo Canyon Missions
#9: Octoling Strike

Spinning Campground
˜ Ink Me Out, Ink Me In ˜
Hm2 m8.jpg
Number 8
Area 2
Sheldon's Request S2 Weapon Main Hero Shot Replica.png Hero Shot
Items 1 Scroll, 1 Sardinium, 1 Armor, 1 Crust Bucket Ticket
Music Buoyant Boogie
Amiibo Challenges

Spinning Campground is the eighth mission of Splatoon 2's single player mode Octo Canyon.

Octo Canyon

The Kettle for this mission is over the boss kettle. to get to it, get on top of the brick building to the left of the boss kettle, then use the Dash Pad on the building to jump to the mission Kettle.

Mission Briefing



Mission Stats Chart




Sunken Scroll

S2 Sunken Scroll 8.png
Inkopolis holds its famous card-game tournament once a year. This year, first-time entrant Jelfonzo appeared on the scene and promptly set about decimating the competition. He walked away with the first-place trophy.





Spinning Campground has 1 piece of armor to collect.

Armor Location:

Crust Bucket Ticket

Location: Reach a gap with an Inkfurler to use as a bridge and another Inkfruler on the other side to your right. Marie will say, "Baddies below. Grill these goons!" Do what she says, and a crate will appear behind you. There is a ticket in there.


S2 Icon Marie.png
Marie's Quotes

Let’s goooo!
Those Inkfurlers unfurl when you hit them with ink.
Stay sharp,though-they’ll roll back up on their own after a bit.
Baddies below. Grill those goons!
Don’t get cooked! (Our catchphrase was better…)
Let’s get vertical!
Keep your head in the game.
Nice work, Agent 4.
It’s like a giant inkslide!
(I should steal these and open an amusement park…))
That’s…a lot of Inkfurlers.
You make this look easy.
You can’t shoot those shielded slobs from the front…
That’s how you do it! Not much farther.
I think I see an Inkfurler up ahead!
Going uuuup!

S2 Icon Sheldon.png
Sheldon’s Request Quotes

I could REALLY use some more data on this weapon. Can you use it for a bit?

Sheldon’s Level Quotes

Oh, and just so you know-enemy ink will cause Inkfurlers to roll back up.
I'm pretty sure I just saw the Zapfish!
It’s a cannon! Get on, hold Button1 ZL.png, and press Button1 ZR.png!



Names in other languages

JPTRapidBlasterDeco.png To do:
Add/complete French (NoA and NoE), Italian and Russian translations edit
Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese くるくるのび〜るキャンプ場 #
塗ってピロピロ 戻ってピロピロ
Kurukuru Nobīru Kyampu Jō #
Nutte Piropiro Modotte Piropiro
Spinning and Stretching Campground:
Painted Party Horns, Retracting Party Horns
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Op het scoutinktterrein On the scoutink[note 1] terrain
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) - Camping festif -
Les sans-gênes s'invitent
FlagGermany.svg German Schmonzette voller Schnalz Story full of clicks
FlagItaly.svg Italian Nel campeggio degli scrotoloni!
FlagRussia.svg Russian Безмолвные ветряки
«Коварные дорожки»
Bezmolvnyye vetryaki
«Kovarnyye dorozhki»
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Campamento giratorio
˜Tinta va, tinta viene˜
Spinning campground
˜Ink comes and goes˜
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Tinta va, tinta viene Ink goes, ink comes

Translation notes

  1. From "scouting" and "inkt" (ink)

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