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For the Splatoon 2 online service, see SplatNet 2.

SplatNet was a multiplayer service website, created by Nintendo, which players could log into with their Nintendo Network ID to view a variety of information about Splatoon. It was launched on 5 August 2015 (though only in Japanese at the time), just a few hours after the Splatoon 2.0.0 update. Exactly two months later, on 5 October 2015, its English version was released.[1] The service has been discontinued, and was succeeded by SplatNet 2 for Splatoon 2.


Friend List

Check the online status of your friends or see who you're battling with!
— Subtitle of the page

Located at the homepage, this shows which of the player's friends are currently online.

A yellow button above this list reading "Set Battle Plans!" allows the user to utilize Twitter to state what time and mode they wish to play, as well as which weapon they plan to use. The tweet will not only describe the request in text, but also attach an image with the same information, the idea being that Splatoon-playing friends on Twitter will see the tweet and respond.


Win battles to raise your weekly rank! Rankings are reset every Sunday at midnight! (Your rank is calculated by multiplying number of wins X win rate.)
— Subtitle of the page

Players can see how their performance in the current week compares to their friends, in either Turf War or Ranked Battle. During Splatfest, the players with the top 100 Splatfest Power are shown. The scores for this are not ones seen in-game, and are calculated using the player's wins and win percentage.

On Fridays and Saturdays, players can tweet their scores before they reset on Sunday.


Check out the gear and weapons you had equipped while playing online!
— Subtitle of the page

Information about the player's level, rank, and currently equipped weapons and gear (with abilities) is shown, as well as a list showing how much turf they have inked with each weapon they have used. Friends' profiles can be accessed by clicking their name or Mii on one of the other pages, and contain the same set of information.

Stage Info

Use the stage information to guide your weapon selection and battle strategy!
— Subtitle of the page

Perhaps the most useful aspect of SplatNet, this page shows not only the current stages, but the upcoming two rotations' as well. Knowing the stages and ranked modes of the next 8-12 hours can help players plan ahead.


On the 30th of August 2017, Nintendo announced that it would be permanently closing the SplatNet service on the 30th of September 2017.[2] This announcement came just after Nintendo announced the closure of the Wii U service Miiverse.


  • The site supports mobile browsers.
  • While players may not have been able to understand the text on SplatNet when it was only in Japanese, it still allowed them to log in regardless of their region and use all of the features. Most of the time, players could infer the meaning of the Japanese using the pictures, with a couple exceptions such as the ranked mode on the stages page.
  • For a while, SplatNet's stage info page would follow the Japanese Splatfest schedule, replacing the content with a link to the Splatfest page on the Japanese Splatoon siteNintendo during Japanese Splatfests, and continuing to show the normal sets of stages during those of other regions. Sometime before the fifth Splatfest, however, this changed. Non-Japanese players would not be shown the Japanese Splatfest stages, and would begin to see the stages used in their own Splatfests on that page. Additionally, the times above each rotation changed from Japan Standard Time to whatever time zone the player lived in.
  • Because both SplatNet and Miiverse are subdomains of nintendo.net, logging into or out of one does the same on the other.
  • In Japan, it had changed its name (Ika Ringu, Squid Ring) to タコリング (Tako Ringu, Octopus Ring) during the 6th JP Splatfest, "Squid vs. Octopus".


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イカリング
Ika Ringu
Squid Ring, a pun on a Japanese form of fried squid and squids meeting in a "ring" (輪) to Circle of friends (友達の輪).

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