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This article is about the occurrence in the Splatoon series. For other things referred to as Splat, see Splat (disambiguation).

A splat is an event that occurs in the Splatoon series whenever the health points of a player, Octarian, or Salmonid reach zero.

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Upon being splatted, the player will explode in enemy ink while their ghost flies upward. Any player carrying clams in Clam Blitz or the Rainmaker in Rainmaker will drop them upon being splatted. After being splatted, the player will be unable to perform any actions except looking at the map and using signals if playing online until they respawn. If a player is splatted, the player who splatted them will receive a notification and an icon will appear over the place that the player was splatted for a few seconds. In Splatoon 2, if a player assists the splatter (meaning that they dealt damage to the opponent but did not land the final shot) then they will get no notification and a different icon will appear above the place that their opponent was splatted. In the single-player modes and Salmon Run, Octarians and Salmonids will always give the player who splatted them Power Eggs. Along with dropping power eggs, Boss Salmonids will drop Golden Eggs and certain Octarians will drop Keys. Octarian bosses leave Zapfishes behind when splatted, and DJ Octavio drops the Great Zapfish. In Splatoon 3, the message "WIPEOUT!" appears on the screen when all members of a team are splatted at the same time, with a different color depending on whether the player's team or the enemy team is wiped out.



  • Octolings (including enemy Octolings) and Inklings have different ghosts from each other when they are splatted, with the latter using a squid-like ghost and the former using an octopus-like ghost. Additionally, the Octo Samurai from Octo Canyon uses the same ghost as an Octoling during his boss battle.
  • In a Splatoon 2 anniversary Famitsu interview with the developers, it was revealed that if Agent 8 is splatted during the escape phases of the Octo Expansion, they do not respawn. It is further explained that during multiplayer battles and the test stations, Agent 8 gets resurrected at the spawn points, but failing during the escape and choosing to continue playing just has the player "go back in time" to when Agent 8 still was alive.[1] This seems to imply that being splatted is lethal and that respawning is a form of resurrection.
  • If a wipeout occurs on the enemy team, the WIPEOUT! text will be white with the player's color, but if it occurs on the player's team, the text will be black with the player's color.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese たおす
To defeat
Netherlands Dutch Uitschakelen To eliminate
Canada French (NOA) Éclabousser To splash, splatter
France French (NOE) Liquider To wipe out
Germany German Erledigen To finish (someone off)
Italy Italian Splattare To splat
Russia Russian Плюхнуть
To flop, splash, splat
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Reventar To burst, blow up
Spain Spanish (NOE) Eliminar[note 1]
Liquidar[note 2]
To eliminate
To wipe out
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese WIPEOUT!!! -
Canada French (NOA) ÉLIMINATION!!!
France French (NOE) ÉLIMINATION !!!
Germany German VOLL ERWISCHT!
Italy Italian TABULA RASA! Latin expression figuratively used with the same meaning of "Clean sweep!"
Russia Russian Все плюхнуто!
Vsyo plyukhnuto!
Everything's splatted!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ¡Equipo arrasado! Team wiped out!
Spain Spanish (NOE) ¡Rivales arrasados! Rivals wiped out!
China Chinese WIPEOUT!!! -
South Korea Korean WIPEOUT!!! -

Translation notes

  1. During battles
  2. In character dialogue