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These ink-filled pyramid-shaped explosives operate on a time-delayed fuse. Once tossed, they bounce around for a few seconds before exploding, spreading ink over a wide area. This allows them to be bounced around corners, rolled down inclines, or skipped across platforms. While the delayed fuse allows for a variety of deployment techniques, it also gives opponents time to get away. For best results, toss Splat Bombs in areas where opponents are unlikely to see them until it's too late, such as the base of ramps. Splat Bombs only explode on the ground and will not detonate in mid-air.
Splatoon Prima Guide
Judd's Advice
Meow! (A Splat Bomb's timer is only active while it's on the ground! So they'll explode quicker when rolled than when thrown through the air!)

Splatoon 2

A bomb that explodes a short while after hitting the ground.

The explosion can both defeat enemies and ink the surrounding area.

Splatoon 2 Sub & Special Guide