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The Splatana Stamper is a main weapon in Splatoon 3.


The Splatana Stamper resembles a line of stamps connected together to form a blade around the weapon, similar to a wheeled date stamp. It somewhat resembles a chainsaw.

Splatoon 3

Splatana Stamper

Splatana Stamper

Basic information
Category Main
Class Splatana
Sub S3 Weapon Sub Burst Bomb.png Burst Bomb
Special S3 Weapon Special Zipcaster.png Zipcaster
Special points 200p
Special depletion
75 / 100
43 / 100
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
60 / 100
Obtain at
Level 15
Base damage 20 (direct, tap)
35 (projectile, tap)
140 (direct, charge)
70 (projectile, charge)
Base duration
Ink consumption 4% (tap)
≈9% (hold)
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy
MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variant

The Splatana Stamper was revealed after the Splatoon 3 Direct on 10 August 2022 in promotional images. Nintendo first officially mentioned the weapon in its splatana weapon class Tweet on 12 August 2022. Pressing allows quick slashes that fire ink, but holding it will charge it for a more powerful slash, which can instantly splat opponents at close range.


Next, the Splatana Stamper! This is a heavy weapon that can drench opponents in ink using horizontal slashes or charged slashes. Hit 'em with a charged slash, and then pepper in horizontal slashes while they're reeling. Splatana-BOOYAH-rama! You, uh, don't have to say that.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]



For competitive tips about the Splatana Stamper

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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ジムワイパー
Jimu Waipā
Gym Wiper, possibly from 事務所 Jimusho, "office"
France French (NOE) Éclatana d'estampe Print Splatana
Germany German Stempel-Splatana Stamp Splatana
Russia Russian Сплат-печатель
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Azotintador Pro Splatana Pro
Spain Spanish (NOE) Azotintador pro Splatana pro
China Chinese 工作刮水刀
gōngzuò guāshuǐdāo (Mandarin)
Working Wiper
South Korea Korean 사무 와이퍼
samu waipeo
Office Wiper