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Splatfest Floats are floating devices used in Splatoon 3 during Splatfests in Splatsville.


Each member of Deep Cut has their own Splatfest Float. Each of these floats can operate individually, but can also be connected together to form a large float. When combined, the floats resemble a fish-like creature. Shiver's section contains the head, Big Man's section contains the body, and Frye's section contains the tail.

After a Splatfest announcement but before the start of a Splatfest, these floats will begin to appear around Splatsville and can be seen getting assembled. The head section is located next to the Splatfest Pledge Box, the body section is at the end of the street, and the tail section is placed next to the Tableturf Battle Dojo.

During the first half of a Splatfest, the members of Deep Cut dance and sing on their individual floats while they drift around Splatsville in a loop. For the second half of a Splatfest, the three floats combine together to form a large stage, in which all members of Deep Cut dance and sing together on.

Starting from Version 2.0.0, winners of 100× and 333× battles can board a Splatfest Float with their team to take commemorative pictures.[1]


Names in other languages

Splatfest Float
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オミコシ
Portable Shinto Shrine / Mikoshi
Netherlands Dutch Splatfest-paradebeeld Splatfest parade statue
CanadaFrance French Char de festival Festival float
Germany German Splatfest-Schrein Splatfest Shrine
Italy Italian Palanchino festivo Festive palanquin
Russia Russian Cплатфест-сцена
Splatfest scene
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Plataforma festiva Festive Platform
Spain Spanish (NOE) Carroza festiva Festive Float
China Chinese (Simplified) 神轿
Portable Shinto Shrine / Mikoshi
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 神轎
shénjiào (Mandarin)
san4 giu2 (Cantonese)
Portable Shinto Shrine / Mikoshi
South Korea Korean 가마
 Internal FesFloat [2]
FestMikoshi [a]

Translation notes

  1. Used for the messages informing the player can board a float.