Splatoon, Vol. 10

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Splatoon, Vol. 10 is the tenth volume of the Splatoon manga created by Sankichi Hinodeya.


Splatoon, Vol. 10
Front cover Language Publisher Release date Book number (ISBN)
Splatoon Manga Vol 10 cover front.jpg Japan Japanese CoroCoro Comic 28 October 2019 978-4091430830
Splatoon manga Vol 10 EN.jpg USA English Viz Media 8 September 2020 978-1974717323
SplatMangaVol10FRCover.jpg France French Soleil Manga 2 December 2020 978-2302092013
Splatoon (manga) volume 10 GER front cover.jpg Germany German Carlsen Manga 2 March 2021 978-3551730299
Splatoon (manga) volume 10 ES front cover.jpg Spain Spanish Norma Editorial 9 July 2021 978-8467945959


Bonus: The Strategy Meeting on a Rainy Day

This bonus manga is included in volume 10.


Specs is in the cafe when Bobble Hat comes in drenched because it was raining outside. She asks if she can sit with Specs, and he says that she can. During that time she asks him where Jellyfish is, gets some sandwiches, shares a sandwich with Specs, makes origami, and makes an origami Crusty Sean until she asks Specs why he is there. Specs then says that he was coming up with a strategy for the semifinal match of Team Blueperor against the S4. He also says that the greatest fear in a rainmaker match is for everyone to be fighting on one side of the stage, and the person with the rainmaker goes another way, avoiding the people that are fighting. He then says that you could easily catch up with the person holding the rainmaker if you use an Octobrush or an Inkbrush, then says if only he could participate in the tournament. Then Bobble Hat gets the idea to use the Octobrush, and asks Specs to teach her how to use it. Specs then agrees to teach her and it stops raining.

Inkling Almanac

This almanac only shows one team:

  • Team Iromaki Rangers: Red Iromaki, Green Iromaki, Yellow Iromaki, Purple Iromaki