Splatoon, Vol. 16

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Splatoon, Vol. 16 is the sixteenth volume of the Splatoon manga created by Sankichi Hinodeya.

Plot Summary

This 4 chapter arc consists of Team Blue doing a stamp rally, and battling various characters throughout the series, however, with the first stamp rally chapter including a battle against the new characters: Team SRL Coat. The bonus includes a strong hint that Team Blue will head to Splatsville.


Splatoon, Vol. 16
Front cover Language Publisher Release date Book number (ISBN)
Splatoon Manga Vol 16 JP cover front.jpg Japan Japanese CoroCoro Comic 27 January 2022 978-4091433794
Splatoon Manga Vol 16 french front cover.jpg France French Soleil Manga 14 September 2022 978-2302098350
Splatoon Vol 16 English cover.jpg USA English Viz Media 14 February 2023 978-1974736003
Splatoon Manga Vol 16 DE front cover.jpg Germany German Carlsen Manga 28 March 2023 978-3551794468


  • #62 Stamp Rally (1)
  • #63 Stamp Rally (2)
  • #64 Stamp Rally (3)
  • #65 Stamp Rally (4)
  • Illustration Gallery
  • Inkling Almanac


  • The front and back cover of Volume 16 are nearly identical to the covers of Volume 1.