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Vol. 1 front cover.
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Splatoon: Squid Kids Comedy Show is a manga made by Hideki Goto, published in CoroCoro Comic and translated to English by VIZ Media.

It is based on Splatoon 2, featuring a pink male Inkling named Hit as the main character. He wears the Takoroka Visor, Takoroka Windcrusher, and Neon Delta Straps, and uses the Splattershot. He has the buzz cut hairstyle and dark blue eyes. A pink female Inkling named Maika appears alongside him, wearing the King Flip Mesh, White King Tank, and Mint Dakroniks, and uses the Splat Dualies. She sports the "haircut" hairstyle and has pink eyes. Both characters' appearances are based on the Inklings used in promotional screenshots for Splatoon 2.

The manga features four-panel gags, where Hit usually does something absurd in which Maika reacts and scolds him for it. Another Inkling called Kou appears later in the series. He sports the bowl cut hairstyle and uses the Undercover Brella.

A volume containing the first set of issues released in 27 December 2017 in Japan. The second volume was released in 28 November 2018 in Japan.

A new issue of the manga appeared in CoroCoro's separate August 2018 volume and focuses on the Octo Expansion, with Agent 8 appearing as a male Octoling with pink ink and orange eyes.


Image No. Release date Blurb Chapters
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 1.jpg
27 December 2017 (FlagJapan.svgJP)
14 July 2020 (FlagUSA.svgENG)
2 September 2020 (FlagFrance.svgFR)
New Inklings take center stage as they and their friends embark on hilarious escapades in the world of Splatoon, the hit video game series from Nintendo!
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 2.jpg
28 November 2018 (FlagJapan.svgJP)
10 November 2020 (FlagUSA.svgENG)
24 March 2021 (FlagFrance.svgFR)
In these new stories from the world of Splatoon, Hit and Maika meet an elite boy named Ko[sic] who joins them on their crazy adventures.
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 3.jpg
28 May 2019 (FlagJapan.svgJP)
13 April 2021 (FlagUSA.svgENG)
7 July 2021 (FlagFrance.svgFR)
Can you believe it's already our third volume of the Squid Kids Comedy Show? Drop in to see the awesome new battles featuring the coolest Inklings ever, Hit, Maika and Kou!
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 4.jpg
28 April 2020 (FlagJapan.svgJP)
13 July 2021 (FlagUSA.svgENG)
Fourth time around is the charm! Inklings Hit, Maika and Kou return for even more silly stories and fun adventures in the world of Splatoon!
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 5.jpg
26 June 2020 (FlagJapan.svgJP)
9 November 2021 (FlagUSA.svgENG)
Hit, Maika and Kou are back in the high-spirited fifth volume of stories from the world of Splatoon!
Squid Kids Comedy Show JP Vol 6.jpg
27 August 2021 (FlagJapan.svgJP)

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese スプラトゥーン イカすキッズ4コマフェス
Supuratūn Ikasu Kizzu 4-Koma Fesu
Splatoon Ikasu Kids 4-Koma Fest[note 1]
FlagFrance.svg French Splatoon - Histoires Poulpes Splatoon - Octopus Stories

Translation notes

  1. The word "イカす" (ikasu) can be a pun on "いかす" (ikasu) meaning "being fresh" and "イカ" (ika) meaning "squid".

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