Splatoon: Squid Kids Comedy Show

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Splatoon: Squid Kids Comedy Show
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 1.jpg
English front cover of Volume 1
Story and art Hideki Goto
Genre(s) Action, Comedy
Format Yonkoma

Splatoon: Squid Kids Comedy Show is a manga made by Hideki Goto.

It is published in CoroCoro Comic monthly magazines and collected later in volumes.[1] The volumes got translated to English by VIZ Media and to French by Soleil Manga.


The manga is based on Splatoon 2, featuring a pink male Inkling named Hit as the main character. He wears the Takoroka Visor, Takoroka Windcrusher, and Neon Delta Straps, and uses the Splattershot. He has a buzz-cut hairstyle and dark blue eyes. A pink female Inkling named Maika appears alongside him, wearing the King Flip Mesh, White King Tank, and Cyan Dakroniks, and uses the Splat Dualies. She sports the "haircut" hairstyle and has pink eyes. Both characters' appearances are based on the Inklings used in promotional screenshots for Splatoon 2.

The manga features four-panel gags, where Hit usually does something absurd to which Maika reacts and scolds him for it. Another Inkling called Kou appears later in the series. He sports the bowl cut hairstyle and uses the Undercover Brella.

The issue of the manga that appeared in CoroCoro's August 2018 began its focus on the Octo Expansion, with Agent 8 appearing as a male Octoling with pink ink and orange eyes.


Image No. Release date Blurb Contents
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 1.jpg
JP: 27 December 2017
EN: 14 July 2020
FR: 2 September 2020
New Inklings take center stage as they and their friends embark on hilarious escapades in the world of Splatoon, the hit video game series from Nintendo! Cool Squid Kid Time!
Time to Stream Online for Popularity!
Special Weapon Training Time!
Time to Get the Special Certification Card!
Summer Festival Time!
Time to Launch the Fireworks!
Exciting Sports Day Time!
Time to Be Careful Not to Paint Too Much!
Time to Use the Ink in a Cool Way!
Turf War Challenge Time!
Time to Use All Kinds of Weapons!
Time to Aim for Victory with the Special Weapon!
Time for a Cool Multipurpose Weapon!
Extra Manga: Jellyfiiiiish
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 2.jpg
JP: 28 November 2018
EN: 10 November 2020
FR: 24 March 2021
In these new stories from the world of Splatoon, Hit and Maika meet an elite boy named Ko[sic] who joins them on their crazy adventures. Time to Clean Up and Start a Fresh New Year!
Time to React to the New Year's Jokes!
Time to Warm the Winter Chill with the Hottest Jokes
Time to Enjoy Barbecue!
Time for an Exciting Battle on the Soccer Field!
Time for a Part-Time Job with Salmon Run!
Time to Enjoy the Sea!
Time to Have Cool Fun with Unique Weapons!
Time to Enjoy Camping and Battles!
Time to Challenge Clam Blitz!
Time to be a Cool Spy!
Time to Play at the Supermarket!
Time to Play Some Basketball for a Change!
Time to Wreak Havoc at Inkopolis Square!
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 3.jpg
JP: 28 May 2019
EN: 13 April 2021
FR: 7 July 2021
Can you believe it's already our third volume of the Squid Kids Comedy Show? Drop in to see the awesome new battles featuring the coolest Inklings ever, Hit, Maika and Kou! Time for Autumn
Time for Halloween Mischief!
Time for Splatoon Cards!
Time for Hay Fever!
Time for a Cruise Ship Battle!
Time to Enjoy the New Stage!
Time for an Exciting Clam Blitz at a Mine!
Time to Win Against the Octoling Team!
Time for a Dangerous Pool Battle!
Time to fight with a Bathtub!
Time to Protect the Zones!
Time to Save the Jellyfish!
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 4.jpg
JP: 28 April 2020
EN: 13 July 2021
FR: 17 November 2021
Fourth time around is the charm! Inklings Hit, Maika and Kou return for even more silly stories and fun adventures in the world of Splatoon! Time for Some Exciting Adventures and battles!
Time to Visit Hit's Hometown!
Time for Some Art and Some Battles!
Time for a Brawl at the Turf War!
Time to be Introduced to Some Nice New Weapons!
Time to Tear Things Up with the Superpowerful Weapons!
Time to Cross Your Fingers and Hope for the Best!
Time to Play Some Cool Games!
Time to Harvest the Crops During the Battle!
Time to Take Care of the Exhibits!
Time to Chill with Some Cool Music!
Time for a Baseball Battle!
Time to Participate in the Final Splatfest!
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 5.jpg
JP: 26 June 2020
EN: 9 November 2021
FR: 16 February 2022
Hit, Maika and Kou are back in the high-spirited fifth volume of stories from the world of Splatoon! Time for Christmas, Finally
Time for a Cherry-Blossom Turf War!
Time to Enjoy Some Exercise!
Time to Play in the Pool!
Time to Enjoy the School Festival!
It's Samurai Time!
Time for a Bicycle Race!
Time for a Tricky Snow Battle!
Time to Make Candies with Weapons!
Time to Move Out Using Weapons!
Time to Play Indoors!
Time to Get the Gold in Track-and-Field!
Time to Try Out the New Weapon!
Time to Work Part-Time and Fire Up the Food Truck!
Squid Kids Comedy Show Vol 6.jpg
JP: 27 August 2021
FR: 21 June 2022
EN: 9 August 2022
This sixth volume of the hilarious adventure of Hit and Maika is bound to even make their archenemies, the Salmonids, burst out laughing! Time for a Seriously Scary Haunted House!
Time to Go Camping on a Deserted Island!
Time to Show Off Some Cool Musical Instruments!
Time for a New Year's Shrine Visit!
Time to Show How Much You've Improved!
Time to Get an Incredible Pair of Shoes!
Time to Try Taking Care of Li'l Judd!
Time to Test Your Splatfest Knowledge!
Time to Start a Part-Time Job with Everyone!
Time to Gather Power Eggs!
Time to Enjoy a Trip to the Hot Spring!
Time to Use a Certain Item to Become Invincible!
Time to Wait for the Perfect Photo Opportunity!
Time to Win the Splatoon Quiz Show!

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スプラトゥーン イカすキッズ4コマフェス
Supuratūn Ikasu Kizzu 4-Koma Fesu
Splatoon Ikasu Kids 4-Koma Fest[note 1]
CanadaFrance French Splatoon - Histoires Poulpes Splatoon - Octopus Stories

Translation notes

  1. The word "イカす" (ikasu) can be a pun on "いかす" (ikasu) meaning "being fresh" and "イカ" (ika) meaning "squid".

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