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As named in Splatoon's fifth issue, one or more of a team's members' items or abilities used together is called a tactic. So far, the Blue, Orange, Pink, and Turquoise teams seem to have tactics of their own.

Stupid Sync Power

The power in action.

A tactic used by the Blue Team and was seen in Issue 4. While throwing insults at each other, Goggles and Specs end up perfectly in sync.

It can only be used by Goggles and Specs. It is unknown if this tactic can be used in another battle or if it can also be used by Bobble Hat and/or Headphones.

Its Japanese name is アホシソクロパワー (Aho Shisokuro Pawā). Aho translates to things like 'idiot' and 'fool'.

Operation: "If I Get Hit, Bad Things Will Happen to You"

A tactic used by the Blue Team when training with Rider to try to beat the Purple Team. It was used when they saw Goggles dodge all of Rider's S Weapon Main E-liter 3K Scope.png E-liter 3K Scope shots by thinking if he got hit, he would force himself to not any more pickled plums that day.

Each of the members had different circumstances if they got hit:

  • Headphones would think that if she got hit, she would get fat. She also believed she would not listen to music anymore.
  • Specs would think if he got hit, he would have to wear contact lenses instead of his S Gear Headgear Retro Specs.png Retro Specs.
  • Bobble would think if she got hit, she would not get to pet puppies anymore which shocks Specs. Other translations have her say she would go to hell, which Specs says is too scary.

Squid Lightning Jet Attack

A tactic used by Goggles that was first used when training with Rider. This was unintentional as he actually had to go to the bathroom and could not hold it in any more during the Turf War against the Yellow-Green Team, leaving him to dodge all of the team's attacks and Rider's E-liter 3K Scope. It was only named when he intentionally used it against a one-on+one with Rider.

Triple Inkstrike

A tactic used by the Yellow-Green Team. It has School Uniform, Bamboo, and Stealth fire their S Weapon Special Inkstrike.png Inkstrikes all at once. It was used in their first battle as well as when they were training the Blue Team to take on Skull.

Squid Net Manual

The tactic used by the Orange Team Army. They all read a manual by studying up on their previous Turf Wars and recording everything so they can anticipate future battles. It ends up failing as they started over-relying on it, leaving them confused when Goggles ended up eating curry with one of the residents in Flounder Heights.

The same tactic fails in the Splatoon 2 era where Army tries to use it to find weaknesses in Emperor's Team, but he could not find any and was quickly splatted by N-Pacer.

Disco Ball Dance

A tactic used by the Pink Team. They start dancing while shooting ink so they can attack enemies while dodging.

Blaster Gatling Gun

A tactic used by the Dark Green Team. One of them activates a S Weapon Special Bubbler.png Bubbler and all of them stack up in pairs and shoot their enemies with several S Weapon Main Blaster.png Blaster shots while the Bubbler is active. When it wears off, another one activates it and extends its longevity. The tactic eventually fails when Goggles picks one of them up and accidentally throws them with the other pair into the water.

Sub Weapon Armageddon

A tactic used by the Cyan Team. They all use sub weapons to take out their opponents without firing their main weapons which gave Mask his notoriety of never swinging his S Weapon Main Carbon Roller.png Carbon Roller.

Each team uses a different sub weapon that splatted one of the Blue Team:

The tactic fails when Bobble launches an Inkstrike on the stage, flushing out the whole team as well as destroying any Ink Mines and Sprinklers.

Absolute Firing Range: Skull Area

A tactic used by the Purple Team. Wherever the range of the E-liter 3K Scope can reach is the area that Skull can splat anyone.

4DS (Four Dandy Strike)

A formation used by the Hockey Team. The team surrounds their opponents and splats them from all directions, giving the opponent no time to splat them all. The tactic then fails when Goggles ends up Super Jumping into Hockey's crotch along with being distracted by Goggles' made-up formation.

Blue Squid Acrobatic Team

A made-up formation Goggles used against the Hockey Team. It is simply having him, Headphones, and Bobble stand on Specs with his S Weapon Main Octobrush.png Octobrush. The only good it did was distract the Hockey Team and Headphones was able to be the first one to get a splat.

Need to Stay Clean

A tactic used by the Inkfall Team. The Inkfall Team simply dodges all of their opponents' shots out of the need to stay clean from others' ink. Inkfall himself can be as fast as to dodge all of Goggles' shots and even his dango falling from out of his pockets. The tactic fails when Inkfall gets accidentally dumped with ink from Bobble's S Weapon Main Slosher.png Slosher due to the Blue Team knocking each other down and he gets angry with charging instead of a clear tactic.

Creeds of Seriousness

A tactic used by Team Outcasts. It is five rules that they all follow to win their battles. The rules include:

  • 1. We strive for battles with proper sportsmanship! - They bow their heads down in politeness during every start of a Turf War.
  • 2. Ink completely and thoroughly! - They ink every spot of the ground without leaving any uncovered.
  • 3. When comrades are in trouble, we rush to them without fail! - Whenever one of them signals a This Way!, all of the teammates Super Jump towards that teammate and splats whoever is attacking them.
  • 4. Utilize weapons carefully and responsibly! - They all use their weapons to the fullest potential seen by Squid Mask when he activates a S2 Weapon Special Curling-Bomb Launcher.png Curling-Bomb Launcher, he launches a row of S2 Weapon Sub Curling Bomb.png Curling Bombs without any gaps to dodge them.
  • 5. Cherish diligent hearts!

The tactic is eventually used against them when Specs signals a This Way! for Goggles and he splats them all with a Super Jump S2 Weapon Special Splashdown.png Splashdown along with earlier when Squid Mask signals a This Way! to his teammates when Goggles was stuck to the wall, giving the rest of the Blue Team a chance to splat them all and retake the ground.