Splatoon Community League

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The Splatoon Community League is a biweekly Splatoon tournament series. The Splatoon Community League, or SCL, has hosted a total of 28 tournaments.



SCL had originally began as a ladder for competitive Splatoon teams. Starting on 6 August 2015, the ladder had opened for teams to play one another. However, due to lack of teams who played matches, the ladder became a bust, and was eventually forgotten. On November 30th, the ladder had been officially shut down. Results can be found here.

Tournament Series

On Sunday 6 September 2015, SCL hosted SCL 1: Back to SCL which was a single elimination tournament designed to get SCL's ladder working and grow the new competitive scene. The tournament was a success, and another tournament, SCL 2: Supreme Edition, was planned two weeks from then on September 20th. Since then, it has been custom for SCL to host a tournament on the weekend every two weeks, with exceptions for lack of staff, holidays, or other reasons.

Tournament Champions

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