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Splatsville is the main hub of Splatoon 3. It is located in the Splatlands.


After the events of the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest, Splatsville's development increased rapidly as more Inklings and Octolings started to move to the Splatlands. The city is also known as the "city of chaos." The city is extremely crowded and different shops and apartments can be seen. Planes and trains occasionally pass by like they did in Inkopolis Plaza and Inkopolis Square from previous games. There is a large staircase in the area as well, but it cannot be visited by the player. Splatsville is larger than Inkopolis Square and Inkopolis Plaza, and lacks their clean geometric layout.

Shops & buildings


  • "Welcome to Splatsville! This is the place to see and be seen. The hottest spot on the map! If you wanna make it in THIS town, you gotta be your freshest. And how do you show off your extremely fresh self? Online battles! Just hit up the lobby. Seriously, if you start making waves in battles, everyone around here will know your name. Wait...WHAT?! You're new here, and I don't mean to alarm you, but...that dude is seriously scoping you from the sewer. Whatever. It's fishy, but we'll get to that later. So where were we? Oh, right. Time to sink into the ink! If you wanna get right to it, check out the lobby. Or...follow that wierdo down the sewer. Up to you. Go get 'em! Full splat ahead!" - When first entering Splatsville upon starting the game for the first time.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バンカラ街
Splatlands City. "Scruffy" or "rough" city; "Bankara" is a Meiji-era term meant as the opposite of "high-collar" (as in Inkopolis' Japanese name). Also a portmanteau of バンカー, "bunker" and カラー, "color" + 街, "city".
Netherlands Dutch Splatsville Same as English
France French Cité-Clabousse Splatlands City. Pun on eclabousse, "splash".
Germany German Splatsville Same as English
Italy Italian Splatville Similar to English
Russia Russian Плюхтон
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Tintelia Inkelia, shares the same name as the Splatlands region.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Urbe de Tintelia City of the Splatlands
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 蠻頹鎮
Mán tuí zhèn
Rough, Crumbling Town / Barbarian Town
South Korea Korean 카오폴리스 타운
Kaopolliseu taun
Chaopolis (Splatlands) Town
Portugal Portuguese Splatsville Same as English