Spongy Observatory

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Spongy Observatory
~ More Ink, Less Shrink! ~ (NA)
- Don't Shrink! Don't Flinch! - (EU/OC)
OV Spongy Observatory beginning.jpg
Number 23
Area 5
Sheldon's Request
Items 1 scroll, 1 armor, 2 Inkzookas
Music Cephaloparade
amiibo challenges Inkling GirlInkling Girl (recolor)Inkling Girl 2S Weapon Main Hero Charger Replica.png Results Arrow.png Cash 1800

Inkling SquidInkling Squid (recolor)Inkling Squid 2Empty ink tank.png Results Arrow.png Cash 1800

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Spongy Observatory

Spongy Observatory is the twenty-third mission available in singleplayer Octo Valley. The mission is named as such because of its heavy use of sponges.

Octo Valley

Starting in the entry of Area 5, Head to the right, use the entryway, but it's blocked off by a grate, in which Agent 3 can simply clip through it in Squid form. There is a Propeller-Lift. Use it and get up the wall it stops at. Now get up the grate slope. there is an Inkrail but don't take it. There is a wall behind the Inkrail. Using the wall, there are 2 dry sponges. Use the sponges, and get up the small wall.



Spongy Observatory Stats
Area Enemies Armor Special Weapon Sunken Scroll
Beginning Area N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 1 2x Octostamps N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 2 1x Twintacle Octotrooper N/A N/A Yes
Checkpoint 3 4x Octotroopers
1x Twintacle Octotrooper
N/A 1x Inkzooka N/A
Checkpoint 4 1x Octobomber 1x Piece of armor N/A N/A
Checkpoint 5 2x Octobombers N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 6 2x Octobombers N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Final Checkpoint 2x Octolings N/A 1x Inkzooka N/A


Starting mission 23, there is a balloon fish, which can wet the 4 sponges, getting Agent 3 to another Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

There are 2 Octostamps to fight off. They're standing in sponges, so if they do attack, they'll shrink the sponge. Splat both of the Octostamps to reveal a Launchpad.

Checkpoint 2

An Octotrooper guards a platform which to get across, Agent 3 has to go through 2 sponges. If the Octotrooper starts shooting, the sponge will shrink. Be careful of staying up on the sponges to get across. Throw a Splat Bomb to the Octotrooper and it'll stop bothering Agent 3 from getting across.

Checkpoint 3

After wetting the 2 sponges to get to the next platform, Agent 3's is going to have to get across a sponge alley, guarded by 5 Octotroopers. There is an Inkzooka to help get across easier. Not using the Inkzooka can be challenging, due to enemy ink Shrinking a wet sponge. If chosen to not use the Inkzooka, take out the Octotroopers to make it easier, but be cautious they can shoot it at a high fire rate, making a wet sponge shrink faster.

Checkpoint 4

Another Balloon Fish can be used. There are also 3 crates on the right, one crate holds armor. Still going, another Balloon Fish can be found, and also an Octobomber. Take out the Octobomber, so that it won't shrink the sponges.

Checkpoint 5

Yet another Balloon Fish can be found wetting 4 sponges, it can also be used to take out the 2 Octobombers. Wet 2 more sponges to go to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6

Using another Balloon Fish, Agent 3 has to make their way up on the mission but will meet about 2 Octobombers. One is just flying around but will chuck a Splat Bomb if found, and one guarding an area, which can shrink a sponge if caught, toss a Splat Bomb at the sponge. Once Agent 3 passes them, the mission continues.

Checkpoint 7

Wet the sponge and get on it. Start putting ink on the wall to swim down and reach the Launchpad. It is also possible without putting ink on the wall, just perform a swimming squid jump off the sponge, and face toward the wall while still in Squid Form, Agent 3 will automatically activate the Launchpad, going into the final checkpoint.

Final Checkpoint

A small crate holds an Inkzooka, going into the area will trigger an Octoling fight. Using the Inkzooka, Agent 3 can Insta-splat the 2 Octolings. Once both of the Octolings are defeated, a Launchpad will appear. Take it to get the Zapfish.


Sunken Scroll

S Sunken Scroll 23.png
The customary chorus of Calamari County. Nowadays, this song and dance may as well be carved into the very DNA of all Inklings. It began as a way to celebrate and show respect for the bounty of the sea.
Spongy Observatory Checkpoint 1-Sunken Scroll Location.jpg

Location: At the first checkpoint underneath the starting platform. Upon reaching this checkpoint, proceed to the sponge, but do not inflate it. Look down past it to find two lower sponges. Inflate one of them and jump on it. From squid form, jump off of it onto the platform under the one that holds the checkpoint to receive the scroll.


Spongy Observatory Checkpoint 3-Armor -1.jpg

Location of Armor:

Special Weapon

Spongy Observatory Checkpoint 2-Inkzooka -1.jpg

Location of Inkzooka 1:

Spongy Observatory Final Checkpoint-Inkzooka -2.jpg

Location of Inkzooka 2:

Enemies and Mechanics

Previously Introduced


S Icon Agent 1.png
Agent 1's Quotes

Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Sponges! Watch for shrinkage...
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
An Inkzooka! Nice.
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Whoa! Watch out for that one!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Watch your step here!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Yippee! We found the Zapfish Zapfish!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Another Octoling!

S Icon Agent 2.png
Agent 2's Quotes

Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Just shoot the sponges! What could go wrong?
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Easy does it now...
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
That's the ticket!
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Bombs incoming!
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Don't let your guard down, now.
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Lookin' good, Agent 3!


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スポンジだらけ展望台
~縮むなひるむな! キモッタマ~

Suponji Darake no Tenbōdai
Chijimuna Hirumuna! Kimottama
An Observatory Full of Sponges:
Don't Shrink, Don't Flinch! My Nerve
Canada French (NOA) - Observatoire spongieux -
Percée en terrain poreux
- Spongy observatory -
Breakthrough in porous terrain
France French (NOE) - Observatoire spongieux -
Percée en terrain porceux
- Spongy observatory -
Breakthrough in porous terrain
Germany German Schwämme im Kreuzfeuer Sponges in the Crossfire
Italy Italian Percorso ad alto tasso
di spugnosità!
Route with a high level
of sponginess!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Observatorio esponjoso
~ ¡Que nadie se achique! ~
Spongy observatory
~ Let no one shrink! ~
Spain Spanish (NOE) La peligrosa ruta
de la esponja
The dangerous route
of the sponge