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This radar-like device can be dropped to give your team a jump point on the Stage. Squid Beakons appear on the GamePad’s map as radar icons. Simply select one of these icons to initiate a Super Jump toward the selected Beakon. Once a player lands on a Squid Beakon, it explodes—so don’t be stingy with these things. Keep deploying more Squid Beakons to give your team an advantage. For best results, place Squid Beakons in safe areas near the center of a stage. This gives your team quick access to hotly contested areas like Splat Zones. The GamePad’s map also shows enemy Squid Beakons. Use this intel to hunt down the enemy’s Squid Beakons—they can be destroyed by shooting them. Or simply camp an enemy Squid Beakon and ambush an opponent as they jump into view. Each player can place up to three Squid Beakons on a stage at a time. If all eight players have Squid Beakons, that means there can be up to twenty-four Squid Beakons on a stage at any given time.
— Splatoon Prima Guide
Judd's Advice
Meow! (Squid Beakons let you or an ally Super Jump to that position! They'll be displayed on all your maps once placed, so just tap to jump! Place up to 3 of them in strategic locations, then mount an offensive!)

Splatoon 2

This device emits a special signal that can be detected by Inklings.

Any of your teammates can Super Jump to a Squid Beakon's position by selecting it and pressing Button1 A.png.

It's single-use, so it'll break once sombody Super Jumps to it.

You can place up to three at once.

— Splatoon 2 Sub & Special Guide