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New Year's Day 2015 Inkling.jpg

Happy New Year! Wishing you a tentacular, squidtastic, cephalopoppin'-off 2015! Now let's get down to business. Check out the first photo we received this year from our research team. It looks like the crazy squids celebrate New Year's also! But...wait. Squids keep track of time?! I don't even...

#splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #happy new year #2015 #one watch on each tentacle?

5 January 2015

S Urchin Underpass.jpg

This just in! One of our senior research assistants just faxed over a fascinating new image. At first glance, this looks like a typical back alley, but word on the street is that it's a favorite battleground for these crazy squids. Apparently it's a popular place to hone one's skills in one-on-one duels. If fact, it looks familiar for some reason...

#Splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #deja vu

7 January 2015


Breaking news! One of our interns recently saw a squid guy fall into a creek during a turf war, and guess what?! The squid dissolved! This suggests that these creatures can't maintain a solid form when submerged in water. Does this mean that they're actually made of liquid? The mystery deepens...

#Splatoon #Squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #squids can't swim?

9 January 2015

S Stage Saltspray Rig.jpg

We just received a new photo upload from one of our junior field researchers! From the looks of it, this appears to be a floating oil rig. The open area on top sure looks like a good place to battle it out, but...it seems like a lot of work getting out here in the middle of the ocean just to throw down on a cool location. Just saying.

#squidlab #splatoon #wiiu #nintendo #mid-ocean throwdown showdown

14 January 2015

Splatoon Prerelease Roaming Inkopolis Plaza.jpg

Crispy calamari! Some new footage of our favorite squid creatures was just revealed via Nintendo Direct! It appears to show their home-base area, and also confirms the existence of other life-forms living there! This will no doubt lead our researchers to all sorts of tantalizing new breakthroughs. Such exciting times! http://youtu.be/t6zgkp1YBRw?t=15m20s

#splatoon #squidlab #wiiu #nintendo #nintendo direct

14 January 2015

Breaking news! We just received this urgent text message from one of our senior interns: OMG SPLATOON RELEASE MAY 2015! I'm not exactly sure what this means, but apparently it was announced in the most recent Nintendo Direct. It's really gotten our researchers in a tizzy! Also, the so-called "king of squids," the bigfin reef squid, tends to make appearances in May. What a great month for squid fans everywhere!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #OMG SPLATOON RELEASE MAY 2015 #bigfin reef squid #may is now squid month

14 January 2015

Inkopolis 2.jpg

This just in! We've now learned that most of the crazy squid creatures we've been studying call this city home. The central plaza is apparently a favorite hangout for all of the hip-and-happening squid folk. If this were Tokyo, the plaza would sort of be like Shibuya. I guess their cities aren't so different from our own!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #just some hip squids hangin' out

15 January 2015

Inkopolis Tower base.jpg

New info coming at ya! We've just received confirmation that this tower is a very important landmark in the plaza area. Our undercover interns have observed the squid creatures entering the base of the tower to play in turf-war battles online! Now it makes sense why so many squid folk are always hanging out in the plaza. How fascinating!

#splatoon #squidlab #wiiu #nintendo #squidfolk

15 January 2015

Booyah Base Exterior.jpg

Hot new nugget! Our researchers have identified four shops in the squid plaza's shopping district: a weapons shop, a headgear shop, a clothing shop, and a shoe shop. The items in stock at the clothing, headgear, and shoe shops apparently change from day to day, so be sure to check back frequently!

#splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #squid fashion #hot nugget

16 January 2015


Breaking news! We've now learned that the amount of in-game currency these crazy squids get from each match is tied to how much turf they cover with ink. So if you want the hottest fashions, you'd better get busy during battle!

#splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #squid fashion

16 January 2015

Splatoon Prerelease Ammo Knights Screenshot.jpg

This is the shop where squid fighters buy new weapons to use in battle. Apparently this place is known for excellent customer service, but word on the street is that they won't sell you certain weapons if you aren't ready to use them. Sounds like racking up experience in battle is the key to earning the shopkeeper's approval!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

20 January 2015

S Sheldon Artwork.png

We've just confirmed that this horseshoe crab dude is the owner of the weapons shop. He's reportedly obsessed with all types of military gear. This love has come at a cost, though, as cleaning and polishing his gear all day every day has apparently made him extremely nearsighted. No wonder his glasses are so thick. What a nerd!

#Splatoon #Squidlad #Nintendo #WiiU #Horsehoe Crab Dude #Seriously how thick are those glasses?

20 January 2015

Main sub and specials.jpg

Check this out! Squid fighters can take a set of three weapons into battle: a main weapon, a sub weapon, and a special weapon. Turf wars are considered a serious sport in the squid world, and as such, the weapon manufacturers are constantly competing to outdo one another with new innovations to help these athletes gain the upper hand...er, tentacle.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Getting the upper tentacle

20 January 2015

Splash Wall in Walleye Warehouse.jpg

New report! We've just received intel on a sub weapon that appears to be some sort of ink shield. Activating it apparently blocks enemy attacks and progress for a short time. This is a great example of how sub weapons can be used not only for attacking purposes, but for defense and team support as well.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Ink Shield

20 January 2015


Breaking news! One of our interns just texted over this new image of one of the special weapons. Apparently when this thing is ready to use, if you tap a location on the GamePad, you'll launch a missile to that spot, creating a veritable swirling maelstrom of ink when it hits. Apparently it's not super difficult to dodge, but we're hearing that there's no finer way to scatter opponents and drive them back.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #Wii U #Veritable Swirling Maelstrom of Ink #How many interns do we have?

20 January 2015

Shop Headgear EN.jpg

New intel just in! We've identified this shop as the place where squid fighters come for all of their headgear needs: hats, helmets, glasses, goggles...you name it! Sounds like this is definitely the place to visit if you want to get ahead of your competition.

#splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #squid fashion #anemone afro

21 January 2015

S Annie Moe background twitter.jpg

Check it out! We've identified this sea anemone gal as the clerk who works at the headgear shop. We hear that she's pretty shy and mostly keeps to herself, which sort of makes you wonder why she'd even want a job in the service industry. Oh, and see that little fish dude hanging out in her hair? He apparently talks tough but never does anything on his own. Maybe these two actually have a lot in common?

#splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #squid fashion

21 January 2015

Red Hi-Tops with Ink Saver (Main).jpg

New report! We've learned that headgear, clothing, and shoes all have different attributes that benefit those who wear them into battle. For example,this item comes equipped with "Ink Saver (Main)," which cuts down on the ink needed to fire your main weapon. There are apparently a whole lot more perks like this!

23 January 2015

Unlocking sub ability on Red Hi-Tops.jpg

Here comes a follow-up to the previous report!
Each piece of gear comes with one perk, but can gain new ones the more it's used. Each item also contains one top-class perk, just waiting to be unlocked! I guess practice really does make perfect!

23 January 2015

Shop Clothing EN.jpg

This store in the plaza is a one-stop shop for all your clothing needs. If our intel is reliable, it offers a wide selection of threads that are both functional and fashionable. Although, they never seem to have any pants in stock. Probably because jellyfish prefer to go au naturel.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Down with pants! #squid fashion

26 January 2015

S Jelonzo Artwork.jpg

This is Jelonzo, the charismatic clerk that runs the clothing shop. With his uncanny sense for the hottest trends, he's viewed as a fashion god of sorts by all the young squids in town. He hails from distant waters and has a strange way of speaking that can make it difficult to understand him, but that may be one of the secrets of his success.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU

26 January 2015


Not cool enough to buy clothes.jpg

Breaking news! In this crazy squid society, "coolness" is apparently a pretty big deal. So much so, in fact, that the shopkeepers won't even give you the time of day if you're not cool enough. Battle it up to make sure you're as fresh and fly as possible before trying to buy the latest gear.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Coolness #Pretty Fly for a Squid Guy #squid fashion

6 February 2015

Cool enough to buy gear.jpg

Participating in battles seems to be the key to earning experience and raising your rank. This rank is the yardstick by which your "coolness" will be measured!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Coolness #Squid Fashion #Moe can be a little tempura-mental...

6 February 2015

Shrimp Kicks.jpg

From sandals to boots and everything in between, Shrimp Kicks has the hottest selection of Inkling footwear. With such a delicious...I mean, uh, professional-looking salesman, it's no wonder the store is so popular! If you see a pair of kicks you like, snap 'em up before they're sold out!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Shrimp Kicks #Squid Fashion

6 February 2015

S Crusty Sean Artwork.jpg

This is Crusty Sean, the owner and proprieter of Shrimp Kicks. He's got a mean shoe game and plenty of feet that he uses to model all of the hottest new styles. He might look like he's fried to golden-brown perfection, but his breaded exterior is actually a slightly morbid designer jacket.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Crusty Sean #Plenty of Feet

7 February 2015


You may notice some jellyfish wandering among the Inklings in the plaza. Jellyfish are the second-most common creature in the city, but they can't speak the Inkling language. "Oh yeah? Then why can Jelonzo speak Inkling?!" you might ask, rather annoyingly. Well, Jelonzo is a special jellyfish from distant waters. No one knows how he learned Inkling, but the way he botches the language is kinda cute!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Jelonzo

7 February 2015

S Judd Artwork.png

This is Judd. He's a cat, if you can't tell. Long shrouded in mystery, details about Judd are just now beginning to trickle in. Firstly, we can confirm that he's (probably) not a dog. Also, Judd was born with the incredible ability to judge turf area at a glance to separate the winners from the losers. And it may look like he's wearing a snazzy cat tuxedo, but that's actually just the naturally occuring pattern of his fur. Some cats have all the luck.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Probably not a dog #Definitely not a real tuxedo

13 February 2015

Charger picture description.jpg

Squid Research Special Report:
Our findings indicate that Charger weapons are capable of firing blasts of ink over long distances. They can be used to snipe distant targets, but they also leave long trails of ink on the ground, making them useful for quickly creating ink paths for allies to swim through.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Special Weapons

13 February 2015


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! We at Squid Research Lab have an important research question to ask you: Will you be our valentine? No pressure to say yes, but we got you this really sweet and expensive card.

Hmm... I wonder if Inklings give sweets to each other on Valentine's Day. Do you think they like chocolate-covered shrimp?

#Splatoon #Squidlab #WiiU #Nintendo #Inklings #Chocolate Shrimp #valentines day #valentines card #wallpaper

13 February 2015

Cuttlefish in manhole.jpg

It's time for another hot info nugget from Squid Research labs! The manhole you'll find tucked in a corner of the plaza has been confirmed to lead to Octo Valley, the location of our campaign against the Octarian threat. It may be a lonely and desolate place, but such is the path a hero walks...

#Splatoon #SquidLab #WiiU #Nintendo #Octo Valley

16 February 2015

S Cap'n Cuttlefish art grey background.jpg

This unreasonably attractive gentleman goes by the name of Cap'n Cuttlefish. He's a decorated hero who fought in the Great Turf Wars of legend between the Inklings and Octarians. He now keeps solemn vigil over Octo Valley, watching for any fishy behavior. Though his clothes may be tattered, his heart is pure and nothing escapes his razor-sharp gaze. He also TOTALLY didn't write this post.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #WiiU #Nintendo #Cap'n Cuttlefish #More like Cap'n Cutiefish!

16 February 2015

Roller picture description.jpg

Squid Research Labs Special Report:
Our findings indicate that roller weapons excel at inking territory while on the move, but they can also fling ink in a wide arc. Flinging ink is a short-range attack to be sure, but it can be quite a powerful tactic. Interestingly enough, a statistically significant percentage of test subjects reported that switching between flinging ink and rolling ink on the ground is more satisfying than one might think!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Wiiu #Nintendo #Special Weapons

18 February 2015


This just in! Apparently there are a lot of highly reputable fashion brands in Inkling society. Some Inklings like to wear gear that's all the same brand, while others like to mix and match to create their own custom style. Whatever sinks your boat!

#SquidLab #Splatoon #Nintendo #WiiU #squid fashion #OMG SHOES

24 February 2015

Another slow day here in the lab, so in lieu of any breaking news, I thought of a sweet squid knowledge bomb to drop on y'all! Back in the day, people used to use squid ink to write letters and such, but sunlight would fade the ink and cause it to turn light brown in color. Photos with a similarly faded-brown palette are called "sepia tone," but the word "sepia" actually refers to a type of squid! The idea of sepia-toned memories sure sounds romantic, but faded-squid-ink-colored memories doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it...

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Sepia

24 February 2015

S Splattershot promo render.jpg

Boom! We've got some breaking news about one of the weapons used in Turf War battles. This here is the Splattershot! We've heard that it strikes the perfect balance between power, range, and rate of fire, making it the ultimate all-arounder. Easy to use but highly effective, it's apparently the gold standard against which all other weapons are measured!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

25 February 2015

Cap'n Cuttlefish1.jpg

This is Octo Valley, the jumping-off point for Splatoon's single-player story mode. It's also where Cap'n Cuttlefish has been keeping a solitary watch on the growing Octarian threat! Not the most social of pastimes, but the path walked by heroes is often a lonely one. To that end, it sounds like his grandkids haven't been visiting as much lately. Not that I asked, but he told me anyway...

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

27 February 2015


Word on the street is that the Octarians' secret lair is somewhere beneath Octo Valley. In fact, Cap'n Cuttlefish told one of our undercover interns that he's fairly certain these teakettle-like thingies are the way in! He also told Meghan that he's convinced the Octarians are planning some kind of trap, to never let her guard down, and that if he was only a few years younger, he'd take care of those Octojerks himself...

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #IT'S A TRAP

28 February 2015


These Octarian fighters were discovered a while ago, but we've just now learned their real name: Octolings! Like Inklings and their squid powers, these tricksters can switch between octopus and humanoid form at will. They apparently make up an elite corps of the Octarian forces. We've seen footage of them heavily armed with bombs and ink guns, so don't go messing around with these suckers unless you have to!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Octolings #Tentacle Hair

28 February 2015

Two Octo Shots Screenshot.jpg

We've received new intel confirming that Octolings can appear in pairs or even larger teams from time to time. The thought of facing a solo Octoling makes me weak in the knees, so taking on two or more sounds like a one-way ticket to the danger zone! I had one of our undercover interns ask Cap'n Cuttlefish about this situation, and he said that back in the day, he took out a few Octoling squads by focusing his fire on one at a time. Seeing as he lived to tell this tale, sounds like some good advice!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Octolings #Better Call Kenny Loggins

28 February 2015


S .52 Gal promo render.jpg

This is the .52 Gal shooter. Each shot uses a LOT of ink, so it packs a serious punch. It has a low rate of fire, but if you aim carefully you can splat your foes before they know what hit 'em.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

5 March 2015

Judd sleeping on box.jpg

When he's not officiating a Turf War, Judd the cat can often be found sleeping at the base of Inkopolis Tower. They say cats sleep more the older they get, but just how old is this guy?

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Judd #Cat Nap

5 March 2015

Attention science lovers! We've received GROUNDBREAKING research footage of...Judd taking a catnap. Our camera crew has captured over 200 hours of video of this never-before-seen phenomenon. After analyzing this footage, we've discovered that, uh, Judd's tail has a really weird shape! So don't worry—your tax dollars are hard at work solving the mysteries of...cat stuff.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #Wiiu #Judd #Cat Nap #SCIENCE

6 March 2015

BREAKING NEWS! The Octarian threat is real! Thank goodness that brave soul was there to contain the invasion!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #Wiiu #Octarians #Threat Containment #Should have used the Splattershot

6 March 2015


We've learned that a number of different fashion brands compete for the hearts and wallets of Inkopolis's youth. Zekko brand streetwear is but one of those brands. Zekko's clothes are known for a rough-around-the-edges look that's popular with the skate-punk crowd. A lot of up-and-coming Turf War players wear this brand into battle!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #inkling fashion #He was a skater squid #She said see you later squid

9 March 2015

S Splat Roller promo render.jpg

This weapon here is the Splat Roller. Its ability to ink the ground while on the move sometimes classifies it as a melee weapon, but you can also swing it to fling ink, making it effective at medium range too! It's all about knowing when to roll and when to fling!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #You got to know when to roll 'em #Know when to fling 'em

10 March 2015

This just in! One of our undercover interns captured some video footage of a Splat Roller being used in battle! Watching this should give you a pretty good idea of how these bad boys can be used in a Turf War. Check it out!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Have you guys noticed how many interns we have?

10 March 2015

Octarians and Agent 3.jpg

This just in! These guys are called Octotroopers. Word on the street is that they're the foot soldiers of the Octarian army. They seem to come in a variety of types, from hovercraft-riding attackers to sentries who guard specific spots!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Octotroopers #Octarians

24 March 2015

Splatoon art - inkzooka boy + squid.jpg

Our design intern just finished up this sweet card, which is apparently the other half of the one we posted on Valentine's Day. Sorry it's a bit late (he's pretty lazy), but any day is a good day to spread the love, right? Happy Tuesday!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Valentine's Day #Another Intern

24 March 2015


We've just confirmed that this weapon is called a Blaster. It shoots special ink rounds that burst like fireworks once they've traveled a certain distance! Apparently these bursts can deal damage in a pretty wide area, so this weapon is great for exposing hidden foes.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Blaster #Sweet paint job

24 March 2015

One of our interns just uploaded this video of a Blaster in action! This footage shows just how its special exploding rounds work. It looks like direct hits will also take out enemies in a single shot. Check it out!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Blaster

25 March 2015

Shielded Octotrooper.jpg

This here is a Shielded Octotrooper! The name's a bit of a mouthful, but you guessed it: it's an Octotrooper with a shield! These suckers will block any attacks from the front, so stay focused and do your best to outwit them. Hide out for a bit and then attack from behind, or maybe try and distract them with something!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Enemies #Octotroopers

25 March 2015


This big boy is none other than an Octobomber! These pesky pelters flutter through the air tossing bombs at anyone and anything they don't like. Hide out and wait for a chance to strike, and then take 'em out right quick!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #octarians #Nice lipstick!

26 March 2015

Splatoon paper experiment3.jpg

Special report! We mentioned in a previous report that stuff written in squid ink tends to change color over time, but we failed to provide solid proof. Well, we tested it out ourselves, and here's the results! This picture was taken right after we wrote these characters...

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Ink

26 March 2015

Splatoon paper experiment4.jpg

And here's a picture of the same characters a month later! Viewing it here in the lab, I can definitely see some fading. But in the picture it hardly looks different at all... Let's check back in on this after some more time has passed before drawing any conclusions.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Ink

27 March 2015

Super slow day here in the lab, but I didn't wanna leave you guys hanging, so I've got a special treat: a squid joke! Why did the squid cancel its camping trip? It couldn't find its tentacle!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Jokes #Dad Jokes

27 March 2015

Splat Charger.jpg

News flash! We've just confirmed that this weapon is called a Splat Charger. Apparently ink is pressurized in the tank and then fired off in powerful blasts that are super effective at hitting long-range targets. Sooo sweet!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

28 March 2015

Ohhh, baby! We've just acquired some undercover footage of the Splat Charger in action. You gotta check this out! It looks like getting a feel for the timing of firing off maxed-out charges is the key to using this bad boy effectively.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

28 March 2015


Call the fashion police! Because this Inkling is killing it in this down vest and these hiking boots by outdoor clothing label Inkline. While this brand specializes in high-quality all-weather gear, their look is also highly sought after by even the most fashionable squids, shrimp, and jellyfish.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Fashion Police #Inkling Fashion

31 March 2015

Twintacle ocot.jpg

Octarian alert! One of our mail guys (he does some recon on the side) just confirmed that these bad dudes are called Twintacle Octotroopers. Sounds like they're advanced Octarian troops who pack more of a punch than standard Octotroopers. If you look closely, you'll notice (like Fred did) that these suckers use one tentacle to work their little steering joystick thingy and the other to mash their ink-shooting button. Wonder how many button presses these guys can fire off per second? Probably not as many as me! (I'm an old-school button-masher the likes of which you've probably never seen. Don't step!)

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Mail Guy Espionage

31 March 2015


April Fools 2015 Splatoon-themed snack.jpg

So...this whole time I thought "Splatoon" was going to be the name of the game, but it's not. Splatoon is actually a hot new snack that's coming out in May! You gotta be squiddin' me! Now you can have your squid and eat it too! Unless you're a squid, then...maybe don't because that's weird and kinda creepy. Maybe just eat a quesadilla. Yeah... Now you can have your squid and eat it too unless you're a squid then just eat a freakin' quesadilla!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Snacks #But not for squids because that's weird

1 April 2015

So...bad info. Splatoon is not a hot new snack product. Splatoon is a video game. The interns thought it would be "funny" to send me some "breaking news" because it was "April Fool's Day." Lesson: never trust an intern. Seriously, don't ever.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #WiiU #Nintendo #It's a video game #Not a tasty snack #april fools

1 April 2015

Shielded Twintacle Octotrooper close-up.jpg

Mail guy Fred is on a serious roll now, as he's identified yet another new Octarian baddie. This here is a Shielded Twintacle Octotrooper! Now that's an enemy name. Try saying it five times fast. I dare you! (Seriously, try it.) Tryyy iiit. Impossible, right? Yup.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Octarians #Mail Guy Espionage

1 April 2015

Booyah! Our squid buddies were featured in the latest Nintendo Direct! Sounds like there was some exciting news about a variety of Inkling-related topics, from intense ranked battles to local 1-on-1 Battle Dojo matches to a bunch of other tasty squidbits! Be sure to check it out!

#Splatoon #squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Nintendo Direct #Squidbits... see what we did there?

1 April 2015

Splatoon key art.png

BREAKING NEWS! I know I've said it before, but seriously you guys. Seriously. SERIOUSLY! This is some BREAKING. FREAKING. NEWS. Splatoon will be released on May 29th! THIS IS NOT A JOKE. BOOYAH, BABY! That's less than two months away!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #May 29

1 April 2015

S amiibo Inkling Girl.png
S amiibo Inkling Boy.png
S amiibo Inkling Squid.png

Splatoon amiibo! Splatoooooooooon amiibooooooooooo! I can't even. Looks like there's gonna be three of these beauties, an Inkling boy, an Inkling girl, and an Inkling squid. I'm gonna need at least three of each. One to open, one to keep sealed, and one for..."research purposes." I can not wait. Can't wait!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #amiibo #Why is research purposes in quotation marks?

1 April 2015

Splatoon for Wii U - Official Site

I've just gotten word that there's some new footage available on something called the "official website." I feel pretty official here in the lab, but apparently we're not the only squid-news game in town (I guarantee we have better dental insurance, though. Seriously, we have a free in-house dentist here in the lab. You wouldn't believe how much gummy candy and energy drinks these interns put away!). Anyway, this new footage apparently reviews all of the Splatoon information that's been announced so far, so be sure to check it out!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

1 April 2015

S Splattershot Jr. promo render.jpg

This here is the Splattershot Jr. It's the first weapon new arrivals to Inkopolis get their hands on when getting their feet wet in Turf War. While not the greatest in terms of range or power, this bad boy has excellent rate of fire and solid ink efficiency. As the "Jr." indicates, it's a well-rounded weapon that's just perfect for noobs.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

1 April 2015

New footage just in! Check it out if you wanna see the Splattershot Jr. in sweet, sweet action. Just because it's great for beginners doesn't mean it's wimpy. In the right hands, it can go toe to toe with any weapon on the market. Don't sleep on it! Maybe "Jr." actually stands for "just right"...

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

2 April 2015

S Lobby pre 2.0.0.jpg

Ranked battle report! Sounds like "ranked battle" is an intense multiplayer mode for Inklings who are super serious about tracking wins and losses and trying to improve their rank. We've also gotten word that the Turf War matches we've been talking a lot about will be officially classified as "regular battles." Ranked or regular, both sound really rawesome to this researcher! Roo hoo!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Battle

9 April 2015

Splat Zones Arowana Mall.jpg

Splat Zones report! We've gotten some new intel about the ranked battle mode called Splat Zones. Apparently the goal is to splatter set areas, or "zones," with enough ink to gain control (unlike Turf War, in which you're fighting to ink everything in sight!). As the two teams fight for control of a stage's Splat Zones, it sounds like things can get pretty intense! Sounds kinda like us here in lab fighting over the good stapler!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splat Zones #We love a good stapler!

9 April 2015

S Inkling Girl amiibo view.jpg

Inkling girl amiibo report! This amiibo is just...so...beautiful... Look at her "hair" flowing in the breeze... Her mischievous eyes... Those sweet shoes... That stylish pose... The way she holds that Splattershot... Be still my heart!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #amiibo #Splatoon amiibo #Inkling girl #Splattershot

9 April 2015

S Inkling Boy amiibo view.jpg

Inkling boy amiibo report! This amiibo is just...so...cool... Look at his focused gaze... Those rad shoes... His dashing good looks... What detail, what poise. I can't wait to bring this dude home!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon amiibo #Inkling boy

10 April 2015

S Inkling Squid amiibo view.jpg

Inkling squid amiibo report! This amiibo is just...so...exquisite... Look at those crazy eyes... The way it's powering out of the ink... Those beautiful ink blobs... This thing is inkredible! Squid forever! Squid for president!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon amiibo #amiibo #Squid

10 April 2015

Splatoon amiibo box in Inkopolis Plaza.jpg

Splatoon amiibo box report! So...check this out. This is kinda crazy. One of our interns discovered this amiibo box off in the corner of Inkopolis plaza! From what we're hearing, using an Inkling amiibo in front of this thing will bring it to life in the game! Apparently each amiibo will offer 20 challenges that will really put your Octo Valley skills to the test! Oh, it's on, amiibo. It. Is. ON!

#Splatoon #squidlab #Nintendo Direct #wiiu #amiibo #Splatoon amiibo

10 April 2015

S Amiibo Girl ingame.jpg

Splatoon amiibo challenge report! We've just confirmed that completing enough challenges will unlock a special challenge, and if you beat it, the amiibo will reward you with some exclusive in-game gear! Sounds like you can earn different weapons, headgear, and clothing from each Inkling amiibo. Brb gotta go take some deep breaths, this is way too exciting!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #amiibo #Splatoon amiibo #Current Status: Breathing into a paper bag

11 April 2015

Splat Zones Blackbelly Skatepark.jpg
Splat Zones Teaser.jpg
Splat Zones Saltspray Rig.jpg

Splat Zones exposed! Our IT guy's daughter recently "hacked" into the Inkopolis mainframe and "illegally downloaded" a bunch of new intel about Splat Zones. In this ranked battle mode, players compete to ink specific zones, rather than splattering every last bit of ground with ink like in Turf War. These Splat Zones tend to be in the middle of the multiplayer stages, and teams need to ink the majority of a zone's surface area to gain control!

Each team starts a Splat Zones battle with a 100-second counter. Once a team takes control of all of a stage's zones (each stage can have one or two), its timer will start to count down, and the first team to tick their timer down to zero will claim victory! However, if neither team's counter gets down to zero at the end of five minutes, the team with the lower counter will win.

Once a team has taken control of a zone, they'll need to do everything in their power to defend it! Meanwhile, the other team will need to throw everything they've got at trying to neutralize the zone and seize control for themselves. Focusing the action into these hotly contested areas means there's never a dull moment when you're...IN THE ZONE!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splat Zones #The password was admin

11 April 2015

Splatoon rank increase.jpg

Ranked battle rank report! One of our interns recently dug through the trash cans behind Inkopolis Tower and found some interesting nuggets of info about how ranked battles work (he also found some actual nuggets of chicken!). It sounds like there are nine ranks you can earn, from C- to A+, and this rank will go up or down depending on your wins and losses. So basically, the higher a player's rank, the more of a boss they are (either that, or they're terrible but have their older brother play online for them a lot). Not to worry, though, it sounds like players of a similar rank will be grouped together on the battlefield! I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna shoot for a solid B minus.

#Splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #Wiiu #Ranked Battle #B minus ain't bad

12 April 2015

Splatoon reaching level 10.jpg

Ranked battle report redux! We've just intercepted a flurry of Jelonzo's text messages (fyi he uses A LOT of emoji) that confirm, without a doubt, that Inklings must earn the right to fight in ranked battles by reaching Level 10. It sounds like the points required to raise one's level are earned in both regular and ranked battles by one's accomplishments and results on the battlefield. So new splatters with their sights set on ranked battles will need to hone their skills first in regular battles and get that level up! (As for me, it's time to level up my sandwich with some of this spicy mayo I found in the office fridge.)

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Battle

12 April 2015


Inkling fashion report! Check out this Inkling girl's outfit. Cool, right? I told you fashion was paramount in Inkopolis! See how her hair color matches both her skirt and gun? That is some serious attention to detail! And look at how blinged-out her weapon is. Sooo cool! I'm suddenly questioning all of my own fashion choices. Maybe it's time to move on from my usual sweatpants and Hawaiian shirt look...

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #inkling fashion #I heart my sweatpants

14 April 2015


Octodiver report! Look at this doofus. As the name suggests, these suckers can dive into Octarian ink. So when you come across enemy ink in Octo Valley, be careful. One of these dudes could be waiting to pounce! Also, octopi can breathe underwater as far as I know, so...why the snorkel? Man these guys are dorks.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Octarians #Dork Snorkel

15 April 2015


Splatoon Hat StreetPass report! Hey—it's our favorite squid buddy, and he's making an appearance in StreetPass Mii Plaza! I can't wait to get my head on this hat! I mean...this hat on my head! (My Mii's head, that is.) Man, I would definitely buy one of these in real life if I could. Might have to talk to my gramma about knitting me something like this, actually...

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #StreetPass #Mii Hat

16 April 2015


Classic Squiffer report! We've got some hot new info on a cool new weapon! This charger-class gun comes equipped with a miniaturized ink compression tank. Apparently the charge time is short, but it still packs a serious punch! Sounds like the range leaves a little to be desired, though. Also, despite the fact that the ink tank looks like a recycled cleaning-spray bottle, we haven't been able to confirm whether or not this weapon is good for attacking household surfaces. I'm guessing not, but who knows... Maybe it can cut grease and shine your kitchen counters in addition to blasting Turf War opponents!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

16 April 2015

Classic Squiffer exposed! One of our undercover pizza delivery guys recently used his "thumb drives" to "download" this video of the Classic Squiffer into his "pockets." Compared to the Splat Charger, you'll see a noticeable difference here in both charge time and splat range. And while this may not seem like much at first, it can make all the difference when things get crazy on the battlefield! Squiffers unite!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Mmm pizza

17 April 2015

S Octosniper screenshot.jpg

Octosniper report! These suckers are apparently notorious for posting up and blasting powerful ink shots at enemies from long distance. If you find yourself under heavy Octosniper fire, find some cover and then try to advance your position by swimming in your own ink. I'm not sure if I'm a bad enough dude to take these guys down, but I bet some of you folks out there will master the art!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Who's bad? #octarians

20 April 2015

Splatoon paper experiment1.jpg

Squid ink report! Remember our little experiment? Well, after a month or so, the color has faded a bit, but there's still not much of a change. It looks like this is gonna take a while... I'd better order another pizza.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Ink #Mmm pizza

20 April 2015

Splatoon paper experiment2.jpg

Squid ink report redux! I started thinking, hey...squid ink is an oil-based liquid, so does that mean it's also waterproof? Well, I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it. So check it out: I tried spilling a little water on my squid-ink writing, and...nothing happened! These colors don't run! It smelled pretty funky until it dried up, though...

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Ink

21 April 2015

Splatoon Wii U bundle.jpg

Splatoon bundle report! Omg, you guys. Splatoon is getting a Wii U bundle! And it looks like this sweet baby will only be available at Best Buy and BestBuy.com. I guess I know where I'm stopping on the way home from the lab on May 29th! Booyah! I can pick up some new CDs for my car, too. And some new rechargeable batteries for the squidtrifuge! In addition to the Wii U system and Splatoon, looks like it also comes with Nintendo Land, all for just $299.99! Inkredible! Somebody pinch me! (Except you, giant crab locked up in our research cage. You stay put!)

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Best Buy #That giant crab has no regard for personal space #The Octarians' favorite Nintendo Land game is probably Octopus Dance

21 April 2015

Hero Suit.png

Splatoon ART CONTEST report! So...turns out our senior squid artist quit like two months ago and didn't tell anyone. And now we need a bunch of sketches ASAP for our quarterly report, but when I checked his old desk drawers, all I found was a snorkel and a bunch of those little red sticks that come with the cheese-and-cracker packs that you use to spread the cheese. Remember those things? Anyway, I was in a full-blown panic until I thought of you guys! I bet some of you can draw some cool Splatoon art. Squid Research Lab needs your help!

Here's what I'm thinking: Post your awesomest, most squidtastic Splatoon-themed artwork on Tumblr and tag it with #Splatoon, #GetInked and #NintendoContestEntry so we can find it. We'll even give out some cool prizes for the ones we like best! The report is due on May 29, so you've got until then to show us what you've got. Y'all are the best! Oh, and the contest starts...RIGHT NOW!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Must be a legal resident of US (incl. DC) or Canada (excl. Quebec) 18+. Deadline: 5/29/15. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) Wii U system and one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $359.98). 5 First Prize winners each receive one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $59.99 each). Additional terms and conditions apply.Click here for official rules. Sponsor: Nintendo of America Inc.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Art Contest #Contest #GetInked #NintendoContestEntry #Fanart #Splatoon Fan Art

27 April 2015


OV Octotroopers artwork.jpg

Those Octarians look all emo with their swooping head tentacles. But darn if they don't make fascinating artistic subjects. I mean, we're still gonna splatter their octo-hides with ink.

What part of Splatoon do you think makes for a compelling piece of artwork? Create something, post it to Tumblr with #Splatoon, #GetInked and #NintendoContestEntry and you might win some prizes.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Must be a legal resident of US (incl. DC) or Canada (excl. Quebec) 18+. Deadline: 5/29/15. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) Wii U system and one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $359.98). 5 First Prize winners each receive one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $59.99 each). Additional terms and conditions apply. Click here for official rules: http://Ninten.do/6139A9PF Sponsor: Nintendo of America Inc.

#Squid Lab #Nintendo #Splatoon #WiiU #Get Inked #art contest #content #NintendoContestEntry

4 May 2015

So, be honest—how inkredible was that Splatoon Direct the other day? It felt great to present the results of our research. I think it's safe to say we now have a pretty good understanding of these mysterious squid creatures. Make sure to check out the Nintendo Direct if you haven't already!

#SquidLab #Splatoon #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Direct #Nintendo Direct

8 May 2015

Splatoon May 8th Global Testfire dates.png

If you haven't heard, we're hosting an upcoming Splatoon Global Testfire demo event! Those of you with a Nintendo Wii U can join us, the Squid Research team, as we ink it up today and tomorrow (May 8th and 9th)! Scientifically speaking, it will be most splatacular!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Global Testfire

8 May 2015

Splatoon Global Testfire Alert!!!

We've received word that the Splatoon Global Testfire demo can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop, like, RIGHT NOW! Make sure to get it early to maximize your splatting once the Testfire goes live!

The first session of the Splatoon Global Testfire will take place Friday, May 8th from 8:00-9:00 PM (PDT). At the same time, you can tune into Twitch for a live broadcast of the event. For those without a Nintendo Wii U, this broadcast will be a great way to tune catch all of the hot splatting action. Oh, and Squid Research will be there in full effect!

Nintendo Treehouse Live Splatoon Global Testfire.jpg

#squidlab #Splatoon #nintendo #wiiu #splatoon global testfire #nintendo eshop #nintendo treehouse live

8 May 2015

Walleye Warehouse battle.jpg

We've learned which locations will be available in the Splatoon Global Testfire. First, we've got Walleye Warehouse, which has been previously explored by our colleagues in an off-site lab called the Treehouse. The second stage is called Saltspray Rig. Our research indicates that the stage you play will be chosen at random.

#SquidLab #Splatoon #nintendo #wiiu #splatoon global testfire #walleye warehouse

8 May 2015

Saltspray Rig.jpg

Saltspray Rig features multiple levels of verticality and a network of tight corridors. The central high ground tends to be a hot spot for battles, but it also has a number of paths that lead to it, so keep an eye on where the action is when choosing your strategy. That said, our research also shows that ignoring the lower areas is a quick way to lose the lead to your opponents!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #splatoon global testfire #saltspray rig

8 May 2015


Sorry for the avalanche of information, but we've just learned so much about tonight's Splatoon Global Testfire!! This just in! There'll be four weapons available for use during the Splatoon Global Testfire:

  • Splattershot Jr.
  • Splattershot
  • Splat Roller
  • Splat Charger

That's a good selection of well-rounded weapons right there. That Splattershot Jr. in particular is a good choice for first-timers.

The four weapons you'll be able to use in the upcoming Testfire event are just the tip of the ink-gun iceberg. The full game will feature a dazzling array of inkredible armaments. The different speeds and strengths of these weapons make for a huge variety of play styles as well. Check out the Weapon Shop section of the Fresh Gear page on the official Splatoon website to see what I mean!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #weapons #splatoon global testfire

8 May 2015

S Judd Artwork.png

It's common knowledge that when Inkling factions go to war, the only one who can remain impartial is an oversized cat. Like, duh. Judd here always has to tell it like it is, but you're allowed to get creative. Create something artistic, post it to Tumblr with #Splatoon, #GetInked and #NintendoContestEntry and you might win some prizes. Note: Judd will not be judging your artwork.

Splatoon is rated E 10+ with Cartoon Violence.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Must be a legal resident of US (incl. DC) or Canada (excl. Quebec) 18+. Deadline: 5/29/15. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) Wii U system and one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $359.98). 5 First Prize winners each receive one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $59.99 each). Additional terms and conditions apply. Click here for official rules. Sponsor: Nintendo of America Inc.

#Splatoon #Squid Lab #Nintendo #WiiU #NintendoContestEntry #GetInked #art contest #fanart #fan art

11 May 2015

Splatoon May 23rd Global Testfire date.jpg

THIS JUST IN! The Splatoon Global Testfire is returning for one final splatterrific round! Turf War fans around the world will have a single hour to test their skills, starting at 3PM PDT on Saturday, May 23rd. This second Testfire will feature the same weapons and stages from the first Testfire event. We encourage any aspiring squid researchers that may have missed the first event to splattend!

#Splatoon #Squid Lab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Global Testfire #IT'S HAPPENING

15 May 2015

S Annie and Moe Artwork transparent.png

Don't make an enemy of an anemone! Whew! We need to go rest our tongues! But don't rest your artistic fingers. Time is running out! Enter your creative artwork in our contest by May 29. Just post it to Tumblr and use hashtags #Splatoon, #GetInked and #NintendoContestEntry. Simple!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Must be a legal resident of US (incl. DC) or Canada (excl. Quebec) 18+. Deadline: 5/29/15. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) Wii U system and one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $359.98). 5 First Prize winners each receive one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $59.99 each). Additional terms and conditions apply. Click here for official rules: http://Ninten.do/61307CVG Sponsor: Nintendo of America Inc.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #NintendoContestEntry #GetInked #Art Contest #fanart #contest

18 May 2015

Iwata Asks

It appears that a squid research report has been published online in something called "Iwata Asks." I think the guy in the suit is a squid researcher, and all those guys wearing the same T-shirt are developers who showed us those amazing squid snacks earlier. There are some inkredible stories here about how the squids we know and love came to be. A must for squid fans!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #iwata asks

22 May 2015

7 Days Until Splatoon.jpg

We've just received a new research image.
I'm all for new squid pics, but what's the deal with the number?

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

22 May 2015

S Battle Dojo Live from Squid Research Lab.jpg

This building here is the Battle Dojo. In the Battle Dojo, two players can face off in a 1 vs. 1 battle using a Wii U GamePad and Wii U Pro Controller! The rules are different from those in online battles, but it's a great place to practice your skills. Or so we're told.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Battle Dojo #Fear does not exist in this dojo does it?

22 May 2015

Battle Dojo balloon battle.jpg

The goal of Battle Dojo is to pop more balloons than your opponent before time runs out. Balloons will appear at set locations in each stage as the match progresses. Players can see the location of the upcoming balloons before they appear though, so expect a fight if you get there early!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Battle Dojo #Pain does not exist in this dojo does it?

22 May 2015

Battle Dojo balloon battle 2.jpg

Pop one balloon in Battle Dojo to earn a point. But watch out—evidence suggests that you can lose a ton of points if you get splatted by your opponent. This can be splatastrophic...unless you're the one doing the splatting, of course. In the final minute, each balloon is worth two points, so keep on poppin' until the battle is over!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Battle Dojo #Defeat does not exist in this dojo does it?

22 May 2015

6 Days Until Splatoon.jpg

In a follow-up to yesterday's report, we've received another mysterious research image. From the look of it, this image has less numbers and more squids... What does it all mean?!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

23 May 2015

So, I bought some dried squid snacks at the corner store. They're pretty delish, but they're too tough for most peoples' taste. Here's a pro-tip: dried squid is pretty hard to chew with your molars, so try grinding it up with your front teeth until it gets softer. How is this going to help you in Splatoon? I dunno, but it tastes great!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Tips #Squid Snacks

23 May 2015

5 Days Until Splatoon.jpg

And here we've got another cryptic image. It appears to be a rendering of a Turf War battle in progress...but just what is the meaning of these mysterious numbers?

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU

24 May 2015

Miiverse post to Graffiti.jpg

Here's some graffiti we discovered on a wall in Inkopolis Plaza. From what we can discern, this is actually an image posted in something called Miiverse. If you drop a handwritten note in the mailbox outside of Inkopolis Tower, your note just might show up in someone else's plaza. Better brush up on those art skills!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Miiverse

24 May 2015

4 Days Until Splatoon.jpg

Another mystery image has arrived, and this one is just as—

Oh, wait! I'VE GOT IT! There are four squids, so the number is 4! Or...wait. Maybe not.

Whatever the case, somebody must be really motivated to send us this image on a holiday.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU

25 May 2015

Zooming in on Graffiti.jpg

Pressing the ZR Button while in the plaza will zoom the camera in. Try zooming in on a piece of Miiverse "graffiti" and you'll be able to give that post a "Yeah!" Be a good squidizen and give a "Yeah!" to images you like. Also, we're told the zoom-in camera may also have another use...

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Miiverse

25 May 2015

3 Days Until Splatoon.jpg

We received another image. They just keep coming!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU

26 May 2015

S Inkling with Splat Roller artwork.jpg

You amazing artists are on a roll! Get it? Because there's a big Splat Roller!

But seriously, check out all the amazing Splatoon artwork people have dreamed up. If the contest slipped your mind, don't worry – just hurry! May 29 is the last day to post it to Tumblr with hashtags #Splatoon, #GetInked and #NintendoContestEntry. And then the prizes shall flow like saltwater.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Must be a legal resident of US (incl. DC) or Canada (excl. Quebec) 18+. Deadline: 5/29/15. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) Wii U system and one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $359.98). 5 First Prize winners each receive one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $59.99 each). Additional terms and conditions apply. Click here for official rules: http://Ninten.do/6135CL47 Sponsor: Nintendo of America Inc.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #NintendoContestEntry #Fanart #Fanart contest

26 May 2015

2 Days Until Splatoon.jpg

Another one? This is just getting silly.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU

27 May 2015

1 Day Until Splatoon.jpg

You've gotta be squidding me! Splatoon is apparently coming out for the Nintendo Wii U on May 29th! So THAT's what these countdown numbers are all about! Whew, glad I was able to crack the case.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #TOMORROW #We just realized Splatoon is a video game #Probably should have googled that sooner

28 May 2015

Dear Journal,

I fear my heart's been squidnapped by these lovable creatures. They'll soon abandon me to star in that Splatoon game, but my love for them still grows with each passing day. And thus I vow to continuing researching these squids, and I'll proudly relay my findings to the public, even after the game comes out. I only hope the world won't turn their backs on us.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #Wiiu #Stay tuned for more updates from us #...and also more squid puns

28 May 2015

Release Day of Splatoon.jpg

I can't believe it's here. Today is launch day for Splatoon, available for the Nintendo Wii U! The game retails for $59.99 plus tax. The game is also available for digital download from the Nintend eShop for Wii U.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #I'm so excited! #And I just can't hide it!

29 May 2015

S Lobby pre 2.0.0.jpg

Ranked Battles are objective-based game modes that only the freshest squids can handle. You'll earn the right to join in the fun once you've reached level 10, but there's also a global condition that must be met—Ranked Battles won't be unlocked until enough players around the world have reached level 10!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Only the freshest squids #Trying really hard to think of a Fresh Prince pun to use here #Reblog and add your own pun!

29 May 2015


Players with mad squid skills will want to jump into Ranked Battles as soon as possible, but they'll need to wait until enough players worldwide have reached level 10. I've got an inkling that we'll see regular updates on the progress of this meter. With all the skilled splatterers out there, I don't think it will take long.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Stop reading tumblr and start inking so that we can play ranked battle already!

29 May 2015


The Ranked Splatometer is getting fuller by the minute! Now that the game is out in North America and Europe, the meter's really starting to jump!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Splatometer #Stop reading tumblr and start inking so that we can play ranked battle already!

29 May 2015


One of our scientists has made a rather stunning discovery! From early reports, it appears to be a means of adding motion control to the controller of the player playing on the TV screen in Battle Dojo. On the controller selection screen for Battle Dojo, press and hold down on the +Control Pad, press and hold B, and then press ZR and ZL.

It seems a Wii Remote Plus is necessary to perform this incredible feat. This technique also appears to be possible when using a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro! When using a Wii U Pro Controller, first press ZL and ZR to select that as your controller, and then press the 2 Button on the Wii Remote Plus to activate it.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Battle Dojo #PROTIP: It's a shoelace

29 May 2015


With players from around the world joining in now, the Ranked Splatometer is filling at blazing speed! It's already passed half way! If you haven't reached Level 10 yet, get busy this weekend and do your part!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Splatometer #HALFWAY THERE

29 May 2015


S Port Mackerel.png

A new stage called Port Mackerel has been added to Splatoon! When viewed from above, the pathways in this stage look a bit like a graph. The three main parallel routes afford great visibility, but if you get carried away and blaze trails down them, you're liable to get ambushed from one of the side paths. Think carefully about your plan of attack before diving into the inevitable inkstorm.

Port Mackerel will open tonight at 7 PM PT!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Maps

1 June 2015

N-zap 85 promo.jpg

A new weapon called the N-ZAP '85 has been added to Splatoon! It's apparently based on the design of something called the NES Zapper that was released in 1985? Doesn't ring a bell. While it's not the most powerful weapon out there, it's got a great rate of fire and it comes in a set with Splat Bombs and the Echolocator.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #NES Zapper #1985? We were all born in 1998

1 June 2015

S Lobby pre 2.0.0.jpg

BREAKING NEWS from the Ranked Splatomter! IT IS FULL! I'm frankly surprised about how quickly it happened! Who knew there were so many skilled splatterers out there!?

Sounds like Ranked Battle will be available to play tonight after 7 PM PT!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #We got the skills to pay the krills

1 June 2015


Holy Smokes, Splatfans! The Squid Research Lab just received an anonymous tip that a new weapon called the Inkbrush has been discovered. It's apparently similar to a paint roller, but a bit quicker to use. It's not the strongest offensive weapon but it comes with Sprinklers and Inkstrikes to maximize inking.

And to think I JUST mastered the art of the N-ZAP '85. Oh well, I'll still be giving the Inkbrush a try when it comes to Inkopolis tonight at 7 PM PT.

#squidlab #splatoon #wiiu #nintendo #weapons

5 June 2015

Splatoon art contest art.jpg

We are getting ready to announce the winners of the Splatoon art contest. Take a look at this sneak peek of the judging process sent over by our very special guest judges – the Splatoon development team! We'll be back later today to announce our winners!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #NintendoContestEntry #GetInked #Splatoon art #Splatoon Fan Art #We have about 17 more photos just like this of all the entries printed out. #Good luck everyone!

5 June 2015


Introducing the first of our five runners up! The Splatoon Dev Team chose this entry because:

"This piece has great use of color, and it puts Splatoon's distinctive style on full display. The technique used to show light being reflected off of the various surfaces is fantastic, and the unique shiny quality of the game's ink really comes through.
Looking at this, your eye naturally lands on the inkling out in front, follows the ink they're shooting, circles upward to the green squid, and then back to the original inkling. That circular structure, combined with bright colors almost makes you feel like you're floating!"

Congrats to frogbians! We're looking to share more of our winners, but are still waiting on a few users to respond. Don't forget to check your Tumblr Inbox if you entered!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest

5 June 2015


Congrats to stupjam for being a runner up in our Splatoon Art Contest! Here's what the Splatoon Dev Team had to say:

"The atmosphere of Turf War is expressed perfectly here. Anyone who's played Splatoon before can look at this painting and feel the tension of a fierce Turf War match.
The slightly slanted composition and the coarse bush strokes are very effective.
It would be easy to talk about what strategies the players in this piece may be taking in this moment, and we can guess what might happen in the next few moments of this incredibly dramatic piece."

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest

6 June 2015


Congrats to bluegenesis123 for being a runner up in the Splatoon Art Contest!

"The vibrant colors and dramatic lighting of this picture of Annie and Moe help convey how truly and effortlessly fresh the pair are. We also love the Nintendo easter eggs hidden throughout the shop!"

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest

6 June 2015


Congrats to Nelnel-chan for being a runner up in our Splatoon Art Contest! Here's what the Splatoon Dev Team had to say:

Of all of the pieces submitted, this drawing showed the most love for Splatoon. Besides showing an inkredible knowledge of various details of the game, it shows everything through a completely unique point of view. It's a drawing that inspires me as a creator. This is a work with depth where the artist kept an open mind and hit all the right points.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest

7 June 2015


Our final runner up in the Splatoon Art Contest is cowsgomoose!

We can't help but love and respect the amount of work that was put into animating this entry's billboards! This gifset is such a unique entry, and it's perfectly suited for a Tumblr contest!

Check back tomorrow to see our grand prize winner! Stay fresh!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest

7 June 2015


Congrats to funkgamut for being the grand prize winner in our Splatoon Art Contest! Here's what the Splatoon Dev Team had to say about this masterpiece:

Even though it doesn't show a scene from the game, our first prize goes to this masterful drawing which tells a story that could have come from the game itself.
This story portrayed here is one that all teenagers can probably relate to. After looking at it for a bit, the viewer starts to wonder about the relationship between the characters and what happened before and after the scene took place.
There are many elements found in this piece, but it's the wide-angle composition and the elegant use of color that really make the scene come to life. The concept combined with the technical aspects of this piece make it an extremely high-quality work of art.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest. We were blown away by all the beautiful entries. You're all A+ Squid Researchers in our book!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest

8 June 2015

S Lobby pre 2.0.0.jpg

So, anyone played Ranked Battles yet? You might have to switch up your gear loadout if you wanna raise that rank. If you're level 10 and have the skills to pay the bills, get your splat on!

Let's take a closer look at the rules for Ranked Battles:

  • You'll earn more points in Ranked Battles when your team is victorious. Simply inking turf won't get you points here!
  • Earn even more points by reducing your team's counter to zero before the end of the match.
  • You won't earn any points if your opponent reduces their counter to zero before the end of the match!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Battles

8 June 2015

Ranking up to A-.jpg

Next, let's talk a little bit about Rank:

  • Team victory or defeat causes each player's rank to go up or down.
  • Players who tend to lead their teams to victory will wind up with a high rank.
  • The higher your rank, the more points you'll earn as a victory bonus!

Now let's break down the rules for the Splat Zones mode:

  • Achieve victory by capturing and holding the one or two splat zones in a stage and reducing your team's counter to zero.
  • Ink a certain amount of each Splat Zone to capture it.
  • Your team's counter will start ticking down once your team controls all of the Splat Zones in a stage.
  • You can neutralize a Splat Zone that the enemy team controls by inking some of it.
  • Once a zone is neutral, you can capture it for your team by inking the whole thing!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Battles

8 June 2015

Splat Zones Arowana Mall.jpg

And now for some nitty gritty Ranked Battle details:

  • A penalty counter will be added to your team if a Splat Zone you captured is taken back by your opponent.
  • You won't be able to reduce your regular counter until you've reduced your penalty counter to zero.
  • The longer your team has held a Splat Zone, the larger the penalty will be if your opponent captures it.
  • Once your team captures a Splat Zone, do everything you can to defend it!
  • The time limit in Splat Zones is five minutes.
  • If neither counter reaches zero by the time limit, The team with The lower counter wins.
  • The match time will be extended if the losing team has the Splat Zones captured when time runs out.
  • Don't give up until it's over!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Battles

9 June 2015

S Kelp Dome Live from Squid Research Lab.jpg

A new stage, Kelp Dome, will be added to Splatoon today at 7 PM PT! Viewed from above, this stage takes the shape of a nearly perfect square. You can either make your way to the center by circling around the perimeter of the dome, or you can take the high road on the grated catwalks to get straight into the action. The boundaries of the dome and the inner, maze-like structure of the facility are covered in ink-resistant glass.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Kelp Dome

10 June 2015

Inklings riding a subway - 2015 art contest.jpg

You may remember our grand prize winner in the Splatoon Art Contest depicted a scene of Inklings riding a subway. The Splatoon developers were kind enough to send over this piece of art, which they say shows the moment one second after the original art. Again, thanks to all of you for being fantastic squid researchers!

We'll see you all in Kelp Dome tonight!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Art Contest #SPLATATATATATA SPLATOON

10 June 2015


Time for an official Squid Research Lab Research Poll for, uh, RESEARCH: What's your favorite weapon to use in Splatoon so far?

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #weapons #Splatoon Fan Art

11 June 2015


Listen up! At 7 PM PT, a new weapon enters the fray—the Splash-o-matic! Its shots don't spread much, and it has excellent rapid-fire capability. It could be said to be a bit lacking in attack power, but zero in on a target and they'll burst in no time flat. Plus, this bad boy comes equipped with Suction Bombs as a sub weapon, and Bomb Rush as a special weapon.

#splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #wiiu #weapons

12 June 2015

We've received some new video in the run up to next weekend's Splatfest. This track is the hottest thing in Inkopolis right now, and it's sung by the legendary squid sisters!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #WiiU #Nintendo #Splatfest #Dogs vs Cats #Squid Sisters #Callie and Marie

13 June 2015

Custom E-liter 3k.jpg

Today at 7 PM PT you'll see the Custom E-liter 3K added to the weapon list. You won't find many charger weapons with a longer shot range than this puppy, and the Squid Beakon makes it easy for your team to back you up. Throw in the Kraken special for good measure and you're looking at a well-rounded weapon set!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Squid Beakon. Beak-on. Like a squid beak. GET IT?!

16 June 2015

S L-3 Nozzlenose promo render.jpg
L 3 Nozzlenose.jpg

Because one new weapon just doesn't seem like enough, the L-3 Nozzlenose is being added to the ink gun arsenal today at 7 PM PT! This shooter squeezes off three ink blasts in one rapid burst! It takes some getting used to, but in the right hands it's inkredibly accurate and efficient. It comes with Disruptors for a sub weapon, and the Killer Wail for a special weapon.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

16 June 2015

S Stage Bluefin Depot.png

Tonight at 7 PM PT, a new stage called Bluefin Depot will enter the rotation. The "valley" in the middle is separated into two islands, making it difficult to come and go as you please. You'll have to do some wall climbing to make it into your opponent's side of the map. Keep an eye on the tide of battle, and choose your attack route wisely!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #One fin #two fin #red fin #BLUEFIN DEPOT

19 June 2015

Outfit SplatFest Tee Team Cat and Team Dog.jpg

Unfortunately, a matchmaking issue was discovered in the first Japanese Splatfest that resulted in long wait times and players unable to join matches. We have been working on a solution but will need a little more time to resolve the issue. In order to ensure that fans have the best possible experience and can enjoy the fun they've come to expect from Splatoon, we have decided to postpone the first North American Splatfest. We'll have details on a new date soon!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest

19 June 2015


It appears the Octarians are attempting to infiltrate by becoming so gosh-darned adorable that we are rendered defenseless by their cuteness. STAY STRONG, SQUIDKIDS!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

22 June 2015


The Luna Blaster weapon will be added to Splatoon today at 7 PM PT! What it lacks in range, it more than makes up for in fire rate and explosive impact. This blaster-type weapon is perfect for getting up close and personal. For far away foes, build up that special gauge and blast 'em with an Inkzooka, or ruin their day with a surprise Ink Mine!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Would you say that the Luna Blaster.... is OUT OF THIS WORLD?

23 June 2015


Live every week like it's Cephalopod week!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Like you guys haven't noticed our puns #How do you make an Octarian laugh? TEN TICKLES!

23 June 2015

S Splatfest Cats vs Dogs.jpg

The CATS vs. DOGS Splatfest is back on!

Sorry for the delay—we experienced some...tentacle difficulties with the Splatfest matchmaking. The first Splatfest will now begin on July 4th at 12:00 AM PT and will end on July 4th at 11:59 PM PT. That's 24 hours of pure patriotic splattitude! Celebrate your inkdependence with nighttime Turf War battles and fireworks!

#Splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #Splatfest #cats #dogs #Patriotic Punnery

25 June 2015


Today at 7 PM PT, the Carbon Roller will be added to the weapon roster. This lightweight roller excels in the mobility department. It's fling attack doesn't toss a ton of ink, but it's coupled with Burst Bombs for ranged splattage. Throw an Inkzooka in the mix and it's on like Crusty Sean!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #It's on like Crusty Sean is totally going to catch on faster than Fetch

26 June 2015

Custom Dual Squelcher.jpg

Also being added to the mix today at 7 PM PT is the Custom Dual Squelcher. It's got range, rapid fire, and Squid Beakons to give your squid buds a place to Super Jump to. And with the Killer Wail special you can zone your enemies for days!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

26 June 2015

S Tower Control promo screenshot.jpg

Tomorrow, on 7/1 at 7 PM PT, a new Ranked Battle will be added to the game! This new mode is called Tower Control. Hop aboard the tower placed in the middle of the map, and ride it to your opponent's goal. stay sharp—you'll have to protect whoever's riding the tower from enemy attacks!

Once someone jumps onto the tower, it starts moving along a set path toward the other team's goal. If the tower doesn't arrive at either goal before time runs out, the team that's moved it closest toward their opponent's goal wins. Ride the tower all the way into the other team's goal though, and you'll get a decisive knockout victory.

Oh, and if you want a little early look at Tower Control, you can join the intrepid researchers of Nintendo Treehouse as they go on a fact finding mission in Nintendo Treehouse: Live with Splatoon Tower Control this afternoon at 3 PM PT. Tune into twitch.tv/nintendo for your early look at the new Ranked Battle!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Nintendo Treehouse #Nintendo Treehouse Live #Ranked Battle #Tower Control

30 June 2015


S Band Squid Squad.jpg

This group of squid punks is the Squid Squad. They're one of Inkopolis's hottest acts, and their tracks can be heard as background music during many of the Inkling Turf Wars. Sadly, their shows sell out instantly and they're always being mobbed by fans, so they don't make public appearances very often.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Squad #Squid Punk is Best Punk #Inklings love to slam dance

1 July 2015

Squid Squad Ichiya Artwork.jpg

This guy handles lead vocals and guitar in the Squid Squad, and he writes most of the music and lyrics, too. Welll, he never actually learned to read music, but he's got a gift for rippin' phat guitar riffs, and most importantly he's got that rockstar charm to inspire the other members to greatness.

#Splatoon #Nintendo #WiiU #SquidLab #Squid Squad #Look at those smoldering rockstar eyes

1 July 2015

Squid Squad Syn Artwork.jpg

The keyboardist is the group's only girl. The melodies she weaves reveal a foundation in deep-sea squid funk that's truly on another level.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Lab #Funk ROCK or FUNK rock?

1 July 2015

Squid Squad Ba Artwork.jpg

The bass player is the group's oldest member. He's one cool customer who doesn't show much emotion, but make no mistake, he's the backbone of this band. He's always the first one at soundcheck, and the last one to leave the stage at the end of the encore.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Slappin da bass

1 July 2015

Squid Squad Dr Artwork.jpg

The dummer's a bit rough around the edges. They call him wild child for a reason. This youngster's sense of rhythm is uncanny, and when it matters most, his sticks are always there to lead the way with a wicked beat barrage. He really gives his all on stage—if you look closely you might catch him weeping during a drum solo.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Squad #1234!

1 July 2015

Cats vs Dogs Miiverse post1.png
Cats vs Dogs Miiverse post8.png

Saturday splatterday is almost here! At 12:00 AM PT on July 4th, the first Splatfest begins! The theme is "Which do you prefer—Cats or Dogs?" Cast your vote and get ready to splat anyone foolish enough to vote for the other team! During the Splatfest, Regular and Ranked Battles will take a brief hiatus. YAY SPLATFEST!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Cats vs Dogs #Miiverse

1 July 2015

Outfit SplatFest Tee Team Cat and Team Dog.jpg

When there's a Splatfest going on, you'll be able to take part in Splatfest Battles. The rules for Splatfest Battles are the same as Turf War Battles, but you'll play on a team with three others who voted for the same team you did. There are also five levels of Splatfest Rank you can earn. The more you raise your Splatfest Rank, the more rewards you'll receive in the end!

Your Splatfest Rank increases as you rack up Splatfest Points. You can earn up to two points just by inking the ground during a match, and an additional three points if your team wins. That means you've gotta be a team player and play to win if you want to raise that rank! Best of luck, Spladets!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Cats vs Dogs

2 July 2015

Team Dog Win.jpg

The first Splatfest results are in and WOOF! Dogs have won it! Despite Team Cat squeaking out a tight victory in head-to-head competition, Team Dog's numbers were too much to overcome.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #TEAM DOG

6 July 2015

Sploosh-o-matic Official.jpg

Tonight at 7 PM PT, the Sploosh-o-matic will join the arsenal of Splatoon! It's range is super short, but it gobbles up foes in close-quarters combat. Take them by surprise and there's no escape! The Squid Beakon subs will help you get in there, and the Killer Wail special will let you wreck shop once you do.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Sploosh

7 July 2015


Also arriving tonight is the .96 Gal Deco! It's a more sparkly version of the original .96 Gal, but this one comes with a Splash Wall sub and a Kraken special to strike a perfect balance between defense and attack.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Bedazzler

7 July 2015

For those of you that missed it, last week the intrepid kraken clinicians of the Squid Research Lab fired up a bit of Tower Control and played a few matches of the new Ranked Battle Mode. We've recorded our findings in this video. Please enjoy and look for Tower Control in rotation for Ranked Battle Mode!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #nintendo treehouse live #Nintendo Treehouse

7 July 2015

S Splatfest Roller Coasters vs Water Slides.jpg

Announcing the 2nd Splatfest for the Americas! This time, Splatfest is all about summer fun. ROLLER COASTERS vs. WATER SLIDES: Which would you rather ride?

The Splatfest will begin on Friday, July 17th at 9:00 PM PT and will end on July 18th at 9:00 PM PT. Thrill seekers rejoice!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #splatfest #Roller coasters #Water slides

9 July 2015

S Stage Moray Towers.png

The new stage Moray Towers will be joining the rotation tomorrow at 7 PM PT! That verticality though! Jump down through all the hairpin turns in a single go, and BOOM—you're right on the front lines! You'll have to make your way up a series of sloping paths to get into enemy territory. Look for spots to swim up walls to flank your foes and take them by surprise!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Maps #Moray Towers

9 July 2015

Nintendo Gaming Lounge Splatoon winners3.jpg
Nintendo Gaming Lounge Splatoon winners4.jpg

These 16 brave souls won in the Splatoon tournament at the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at SDCC today, earning themselves the honorary title of Squid Researcher!

We'll have more Splatoon tournaments on Sunday - check out http://comic-con.nintendo.com for details and rules!

#SquidLab #Splatoon #Nintendo #Wii #SDCC #comic-con #San Diego Comic-Con

9 July 2015


Need a brush that packs a powerful punch? The Octobrush is a brush with denser bristles that fling even more ink with each swipe! Use that mobility to scatter Squid Beakons everywhere, giving your whole team free rein of the battlefield! No need to hesitate—you can always use the Kraken to run away in a pinch. Your team will love you! Grab the Octobrush now!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

17 July 2015

N-ZAP89 1.jpg
N-ZAP89 2.jpg

Ah yes, the N-ZAP '89. This is quite simply an N-ZAP '85 that was redesigned for... well, definitely not legal reasons. No siree. Nothing to see here. Lawyers definitely did not have anything to do with this. It includes a Sprinkler to rapidly increase your turf, allowing you to fire off remarkably fast Inkstrikes! This set is excellent at striking where the foe least expects it. Good for lone wolves and those nostalgic for the good ol' days! The N-ZAP '89 is available now!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

17 July 2015

Roller Coasters Water Slides Tees.jpg

Here in the Squid Research Lab, we've been using all of our free time this summer to play Splatoon. Well, we've been using the majority of our time to play Splatoon, and the rest of our time at the local theme park. Last time we were there, we got into a pretty heated debate about if water slides are better than roller coasters and let me tell you – some very intense words were exchanged. Tears were shed. We're still torn up about it to this very day.

We've decided to let this weekend's Splatfest be the ultimate decider so grab your GamePad and start fighting for the team of your choice tonight at 9 PM PT! We'll settle this once and for all!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #roller coasters #water slides #those ghosts look like they're having fun

17 July 2015

Team Roller Coasters Win.jpg

The results from this weekend's Splatfest are in, and it looks like Roller Coasters win!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest

20 July 2015


Start your week off right with these splatastic Callie and Marie costumes!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon Cosplay #Callie and Marie #Squid Sisters #Stay Fresh

20 July 2015

S Neo Splash-o-matic promo render.jpg

New weapon incoming! Check out this bad boy, the Neo Splash-o-matic. Now, this here Neo Splash-o-matic may look a lot like the Splash-o-matic, but it's got different sub and special weapons, enabling you to use a whole new fighting style. Enemies incoming? Pick 'em off with Burst Bombs. Enemies in the distance? Take 'em out with the Inkzooka.

Get your hands on the Neo Splash-o-matic when it goes live tonight at 7 PM PT.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

21 July 2015

E-Liter 3K Scope1.jpg
E-Liter 3K Scope4.jpg

The E-liter 3K Scope is coming tonight at 7 PM PT! Now, I'm not sure you amateur squid researchers are able to gather this from the name, but this here's an E-liter 3K fitted with a scope. (Don't worry. As you guys work your way up to Squid Researcher status, this stuff will start to come naturally.) The scope narrows your field of view, but you can acquire and snipe targets from extremely far away.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #You can also make a bunch of no scope jokes!

21 July 2015

S Camp Triggerfish2.jpg
S Stage Camp Triggerfish.jpg

Pack your knapsack because we're going to camp. Camp Triggerfish, that is!

When the Inklings aren't busy making s'mores or boondoggle key chains, they enjoy the majestic scenery afforded by camping the best way they know how – Turf War! Battles here play out across a series of bridges, which you'll have to cross to reach your opponents' turf.

Each team base at Camp Triggerfish is outfitted with a set of floodgates. When the gates are down, it's easier for the other team to come and go as they please. In Turf War, the gates lower with one minute left on the clock, leading the way for late-game assaults. In Ranked Battle, they stay down so players can come and go as they please. Watch out in Tower Control! The tower's path is almost always over water and you'll need to show off your best squid skills to avoid getting dunked.

Starting tomorrow at 7 PM PT, Camp Triggerfish will be added to the stage rotation. Maybe after we're done battling we can gather round the fire and sing some jaunty campfire tunes!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Maps

23 July 2015

S Octoling no visor.jpg

We've received a sketch from one of our researchers. Looks like an Octoling... Hey! We've seen this before. Looks like a false alarm. Wait a minute. Something's different here... Whoa! WHOOOOA!

#splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #octoling #guess she got lasik

23 July 2015

Urchin Underpass August 2015 Changes.jpg

SAFETY NOTICE: Urchin Underpass will be undergoing important construction work. Entry will be strictly forbidden from August 2-5.

We're looking into what could have caused this construction notice, but word on the street is lots of new content is about to hit Inkopolis, including two new weapon types, all sorts of new gear, level cap increases and even new matchmaking options!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

27 July 2015

Catchy tune, ain't it?! This song is the work of a piano rock group called Hightide Era. They've seen a recent surge in popularity with Inkling youth. This is a sneak peek of their latest single, "Hooked" that's featured in the upcoming Splatoon update!

The band name Hightide Era refers to both the full and brimming nature of the group's sound and also the ecological realities of the world they live in. Let's not worry too much about whether Inklings actually understand English or not, 'kay? Kay.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Hightide Era #I wonder if it's harder or easier to play piano with tentacles.

29 July 2015

Squad Battle Menu.jpg

Squad Battle is one of the new multiplayer modes being added in Splatoon's August update. From what we hear, it'll allow friends to play together in Ranked Battles, like they've been doing so far with in Regular Battles. Form a squad of two or four players, and get into the action!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squad Battles

29 July 2015


When forming a two-person squad, you'll be paired with two more players who've done the same, and face off against a team of two two-person squads. That's a lot of twos! The other pair you and your opponents are matched with are random, but they should be a similar rank.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squad Battles

29 July 2015


If you form a full-on four-person squad, you'll be matched up against another foursome of similar rank.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squad Battles

29 July 2015


What's more, you can also form squads of three players, but these will work like four-person squads. You won't get a handicap, but this is a great challenge for a group of three who think they've got what it takes. Oh, and by the way, you'll still earn points and have your rank affected during Squad Battles. Just a lil something to think about before heading out with a team of three!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squad Battles

29 July 2015

Private Battle Lobby.jpg

Private Battle is a mode in which a group of friends can get together to enjoy online multiplayer to their heart's content. This mode is for two to eight players, and allows customization of match rules, stages, and team composition.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Private Battles

29 July 2015

Private Battle Password Screen.jpg

In Private Battle you won't earn points, and your rank won't be affected by wins or losses. You can also set a password on your lobby to ensure you'll be playing with only your closest friends.

This gets a bit technical, but you can also arrange a Private Battle with eight Wii U systems connected to a router that's in turn connected to the internet.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Private Battles #Maybe pick a stronger password that 0123...

29 July 2015

S Inkling with Slosher.jpg

BREAKING NEWS FROM THE SQUID RESEARCH LAB! Our sources say that the "Slosher" is a new main weapon category being added with the August update. Weapons in this category look like buckets and deliver huge blasts of ink with each shot. Their shots also fire in an arc, making them useful for hitting opponents that are above you or behind obstacles.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

29 July 2015

This just in - our sources were able to capture this footage of sloshers in use. Give it a look! https://youtu.be/xWQfyi9E1vo

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

29 July 2015

Inkbrush Nouveau.jpg

Sometimes, a kid just wants to get up close and POW! Introducing the Inkbrush Nouveau, which brings the same abilities as the Inkbrush but has a different sub and special! You'll be able to lay Ink Mines to catch your foes off guard, and then use the Bubbler when you're ready to go in for your attack!

The Inkbrush Nouveau will be available tonight at 7 PM PT.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

31 July 2015

S Range Blaster promo render.jpg

BREAKING NEWS - Good things must come in twos (that's a thing, right?), because also coming to Splatoon tonight is the Range Blaster! As the name suggests, the Range Blaster is a Blaster with shots that travel farther before exploding. It has a lower rate of fire, but who cares when you're taking people out from clear across the battle field!? The Range Blaster comes complete with the Splash Wall and Inkstrike.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

31 July 2015

August 6th Level Cap Increased.jpg

THIS JUST IN - With the August update, the level cap appears to be increasing from level 20 to 50! For level 20 onward, both points you earn from inking and points from winning a match will go toward raising your rank. Also, you'll earn a bit of a reward for every 5th level you earn, so get ready to battle!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

31 July 2015

S Splatfest Marshmallows vs Hot Dogs.jpg

Greetings from the great outdoors! As soon as Camp Triggerfish was discovered, we just knew that we needed to take a Squid Research Lab company camping trip. We've all been in agreement about how great camping is, but have run into one little problem: we can't seem to decide what to roast over the campfire.

Intern Milton is all like, "HOT DOGS!" and Intern Stephenie all like, "MARSHMALLOWS." We only have so many pointy sticks to use to roast things so we're going to need to come to an agreement on this. We've decided to let the next Splatfest decide for us! Head to the Pledge Board and vote Marshmallow or Hot Dog and then fight for your team from 8/7 at 9 PM PT to 8/8 at 9 PM PT.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Hot Dog vs Marshmallow #Team Hot Dog #Team Marshmallow

31 July 2015

Max rank changes.jpg

Ranks for Ranked Battle are also getting an upgrade! While A+ is the current highest rank, you'll now be able to reach the rank of S and S+. You'll still need victory points to raise your rank, but keeping S or S+ once you're there is no easy feat! Keep in mind that wins and losses in Squad Battle won't affect your rank when you've reached S or S+ - it's every squid for himself!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Ranked Battle

31 July 2015


S Inkling with Splatling render.jpg

More breaking update news! The Splatling is a new main weapon type. After charging up Splatling weapons, they can spray a rapid-fire barrage of ink at blinding speed. While this charge time can be tricky to account for, few can compete with their attack power and shot range.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapon #Splatling

3 August 2015

SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIE– Er, I mean, check out this footage of a Splatling Weapon that Intern Jared was able to capture.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Splatling

3 August 2015

The intrepid squid researchers at GameXplain were able to capture this amazing footage of the Splatoon updates coming tomorrow. The construction on Urchin Underpass seems to be coming along quite nicely!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #GameXplain

4 August 2015


Attention aspiring squid researchers! We've just been informed that there's a Splatoon-themed drawing contest taking place in the Art Academy Miiverse community! You can get the full details on Miiverse.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #wii #miiverse

4 August 2015


Whodda thunk we'd have so much to post the day before the August update hit?! All of you? Oh. Fine then. Regardless, we're happy to report that there will be about 40 new pieces of gear added in the August update.

From what we're hearing, some of these items will be found in the shops at the Booyah Base, while others can only be acquired by meeting certain conditions. You can dress yourself from head to toe in new gear, or mix some of the new items in with old favorites. We can't wait to see everyone's fresh new get-ups. Just look at the swag the Inkling in the middle is bringing to the table. If you traveled back in time to before I made this post and told me that one day a fashion visionary would successfully combine a bucket hat, a vest, and a look that screams "blue steel," I wouldn't have believed you.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Gear

4 August 2015

S Heavy Splatling promo render.jpg

HAPPY UPDATE DAY, SQUIDS! Tonight at 7 PM PT, the Heavy Splatling enters the game! This baby packs six barrels full of ink. Charge it up and let your enemies have it! Need some cover? Not a problem. Throw down your Splash Wall! This bad boy also comes with the Inkzooka Inkstrike (Sorry squidfriends, I am too excited to read properly) as a special weapon. It might just be the best weapon for squids that have watched too many 80′s action movies!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Splatling

5 August 2015

S Slosher promo render.jpg

Also entering the game at 7 PM PT tonight is the Slosher. This might look like an ordinary bucket, but it's actually a weapons-grade bucket! Hurl ink straight ahead over an impressive range, and adjust your angles to hit opponents above you or behind walls. The Slosher comes with Burst Bombs and the special is a hot pastrami on rye! Er, wait. Sorry. I mean Inkstrike. Got a little excited about today's lunch delivery.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Slosher

5 August 2015

S Inkling with Aerospray RG promo.jpg

GATHER ROUND, KIDS AND/OR SQUIDS! Let's have a quick huddle to talk logistics for the update. The Splatoon servers will be offline from 5:50 PM PT - 7:00 PM PT for a bit of maintenance and to, ya know, add the update! You won't be able to play online during this period. Once the servers are back up, you'll be able to play the update! Let's go over what's coming tonight, shall we?

I don't know about you, but this squid researcher is jumping for joy about all the new things coming tonight.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

5 August 2015

These guys are the Chirpy Chips. With their sea anenome lead singer and a sparkling electronic sound, this unique four-piece has been setting the Inkopolis Top 40 on fire! Take a listen to their latest single, Shellfie, which is also the background music you'll be hearing during battles now!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Music #Shellfie #Chirpy Chips

6 August 2015

Squid Girl and Inkling Girl art.jpg

It appears that Squid Girl gear has shown up in Splatoon! From what we're hearing, this new Squid Girl gear will show up in the Booyah Base now that the August update is live!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Girl #ika musume

6 August 2015

Squid Fashion Contest 2015 Traditional Gear.png

The Japanese branch of the Squid Research Lab recently informed us that a Squid Fashion Contest was held in Famitsu Magazine. The winning outfit, a sushi chef outfit, is available in the Booyah Base as part of the new update!

This was the illustration of the sushi chef outfit for the Squid Fashion Contest. It's an image overflowing with Japanese aesthetics and sensibility as seen in the calligraphic brush style. The headband gives the look a festive appearance, and the whole thing comes together so well.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Gear #Sushi #I bet octoling sushi is delicious

6 August 2015

Marshmallows and Hot Dogs Tees.jpg

The time to make a decision is now! The next North American Splatfest starts TONIGHT at 9 PM PT, and we're going to need to know if you're Team Marshmallow or Team Hot Dog. Common sense tells us that food cooked on sticks just tastes better, but only one food can be the BEST.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Team Hot Dog #Team Marshmallow

7 August 2015


Introducing.... Rainmaker! In Rainmaker, both teams compete to snag the, uhhh, Rainmaker. Once you've got it, the goal is to carry it into the other team's base!

How's it work, you ask? As soon as the battle begins, grab onto that Rainmaker! It's guarded by a shield, though, so you'll need to bust it out first. Once you snag it, head for the other team's base. And be quick about it!

If you run out of time or get splatted, the Rainmaker will be dropped and its shield will also reactivate. The Rainmaker is crazy heavy, so you can't Super Jump while carrying it. Hopefully your teammates will watch your back!

But don't think the Rainmaker is just some shiny object - it can shoot ink like an Inkzooka. You can even hold to charge the Rainmaker up for an extra-powerful shot! The closer you get to the enemy base while holding the Rainmaker, the lower your goal distance will drop. If you retreat too far while holding the Rainmaker, it'll explode sooner! If the battle ends without anyone carrying the Rainmaker to the goal, the team with the lowest goal distance will win.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Rainmaker #I dare you to make it through your first battle without yelling MAKE IT RAIN!

13 August 2015

WiiU Splatoon charset 01.png

Happy Monday, Squids! It's come to our attention that some of our junior squid researchers (that's you guys!) might not actually have their very own copy of Splatoon yet. Imagine a poor, poor junior squid researcher staring longingly at their Wii U and letting out a sad sigh. If this is a scenario that you're familiar with, boy howdy have we got a proposition for you!

Visit the Nintendo eShop and download the Splatoon Testfire demo to your Wii U. Launch the demo from 3-5 PM PT on August 21-23 and get ready to get inked!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

17 August 2015

North American Splatfest Autobots vs Decepticons.jpg
North American Splatfest Autobots vs Decepticons 4.jpg

Inklings... Roll out! The next Splatfest is just around the corner, and this time we're pitting Team AUTOBOTS versus Team DECEPTICONS! From 9 PM PT on 8/28 through 9 PM PT on 8/29, join the fun, choose a TRANSFORMERS faction and start inking to support your team!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Transformers #Autobots #Decepticons

18 August 2015

S Stage Flounder Heights.jpg

Flounder Heights has joined the map rotation! Try as you might, you can't ignore the apartment building in the middle of the map. It stands like a gigantic wall, looming over the battlefield like an ominous, erm, an ominous... apartment building, I guess.

Will you make your stand in a hail of ink on the rooftop? Will you try and sneak your way through the middle? Whatever your strategy, there's no getting into enemy turf without getting past this monolith.

#splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu #maps

19 August 2015

S Splatfest Autobots vs Decepticons.jpg

Are you team AUTOBOTS or team DECEPTICONS? Head to the plaza in Splatoon and make your choice! The next Splatfest starts at 9 p.m. PT sharp!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #TRANSFORMERS #AUTOBOTS #DECEPTICONS

28 August 2015

Bamboozler 14 MK I.jpg

The Bamboozler 14 Mk I is a reissue of a weapon used during the Great Turf War. It charges up extremely quickly and boasts great range even when not fully charged. If you're looking for a weapon that your great-great-great-great-great-great grandsquid would have been comfortable sportin', check it out in Sheldon's shop tonight at 7 PM PT.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

28 August 2015

S L-3 Nozzlenose D promo render.jpg

The L-3 Nozzlenose D is a specially designed L-3 Nozzlenose with an adorable logo on it. The sub weapon lets you finish off opponents who are still standing, and the special allows you to strike from up close. It'll be available tonight at 7 PM PT.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

28 August 2015


This just in - Inklings have been spotted in Seattle, presumably to stop by the Nintendo booth at PAX to play Splatoon!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #PAX

28 August 2015

Splatoon PAX Prime cosplayers.jpg

Dispatch from PAX Prime - check oh these amazing cosplayers! If this isn't the definition of staying fresh, I don't know what is!

#Splatoon #squidlab #Nintendo #Wii #Judd the cat #Callie and Marie #cosplay #Splatoon cosplay #PAX prime

28 August 2015

Autobots Decepticons Splatfest Tees.jpg

Inklings... Roll out! The next Splatfest is just around the corner, and this time we're pitting Team AUTOBOT versus Team DECEPTICON! From 9 PM PT on 8/28 through 9 PM PT on 8/29, join the fun, choose a @TRANSFORMERS faction and start inking to support your team!

28 August 2015


BREAKING NEWS: An update to Splatoon is coming at 7:00 PM tonight. (Ver. 2.1.0). Accompanying the release of this new data, the server will be undergoing maintenance from 5:50 PM until 7:00 PM PT, preventing online play during that time. For details, please see the following pages:



There are further updates planned for Splatoon, so keep your eyes out!

1 September 2015

The Splatoon servers are back up, but unfortunately Callie and Marie were misinformed that it included new gear. Sorry for any confusion!

#Splatoon #squid lab #Nintendo #wiiu #we forgot to update the teleprompter before we went to dinner

1 September 2015


The Mini Splatling has a short charge time and easy handling. Also, everyone knows that mini things are cute. Look at how cute that Mini Splatling is. You know what's better than just a Mini Splating? A Mini Splatling with Suction Bombs and an Inkzooka!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

4 September 2015


Check out the winners from the Splatoon art contest on Miiverse! Our own squid research team couldn't have drawn these better ourselves! Head over to Miiverse to find out what the Splatoon dev team had to say about the winning entries. https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHkaYYYonQ

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Miiverse

8 September 2015


Listen up squids! This here is the H-3 Nozzlenose. You want a weapon that packs a wallop and also kind of looks like a garden hose rolled up? This here's your pick. A long interval between shots is made up for by high attack
power. With the H-3 Nozzlenose, a one-hit kill is a real possibility.

I think by now you guys know the drill - talk to Sheldon after 7 PM PT tonight to get your hands on it!

#Splatoon #Splatfest #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #You guys should be thankful I resisted the opportunity to make a bunch of krill puns in this post #One-hit krill #krill possibility #you guys know the krill

11 September 2015

S Splatfest Art vs Science.jpg

The next Splatfest draws near! Next week, we pit art against science! Now, we here at the Squid Research Lab know that you're a talented bunch of artists. We've seen what you can do in art contests, on Miiverse and, not to mention, all the rad fan art uploaded to Tumblr! It seems at first glance that art will have no problem taking it all. BUT! When you think about all the greats hanging out on the science side (Bill Nye! Neil deGrasse Tyson! Beakman!), it's not hard to see how science could win this one!

Pledge your allegiance tomorrow in game, and we'll see you on the splattlefield 9/18 at 9 PM PT. You'll have 24 hours to ensure victory for your team!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Team ART #Team SCIENCE #Are you kids even old enough to remember Beakman's World?

11 September 2015

S Stage Hammerhead Bridge.jpg

Tonight at 7 PM PT, the new stage Hammerhead Bridge will be added to the rotation. Verticality is a feature of the stage, with the terrain split into two distinct layers. Ink assaults can come from any direction, but watch out for attacks from above or below gratings in the floor or ceiling in particular. Battles here are sure to be dynamic affairs playing out in all corners of the stage.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU

17 September 2015

Art vs Science Miiverse post1.png
Art vs Science Miiverse post11.png

Splatfest starts tonight!!! Check out some of the great art from Miiverse.

Team ART or Team SCIENCE?

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Team Art #Team Science

18 September 2015

Team Art Win.jpg

In one of the closest Splatfests in the history of Splatoon, Art emerged victorious this weekend.

When reached for comment, all Einstein would say was "E = mc 2," refusing to comment on the fierce but ultimately futile showing from Team Science. Sure, we were talking to an Einstein cut out in the local museum, but it still seems fishy that he wouldn't have a comment on Splatfest.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Team Art #Team Science

21 September 2015

Nintendo World Splatoon display1.jpg

Happy Hump Day, Squidfans! Did you know that you can visit Nintendo World in New York City to check out a display about the art of Splatoon?

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Nintendo World

23 September 2015

S Inkling with Tri-Slosher 3.jpg


A new weapon launches tonight at 7 PM PT! The Tri-Slosher is a Slosher-type weapon with three angles of attack! The individual splashes lose a little bit of power, but the wide spread makes it very handy in a tight spot! The Disruptor sub and Bubbler special make this set perfect for in-your-face splatting.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #I has a bucket

25 September 2015

Art vs Science screenshot4.jpg

During last week's Splatfest, squid researchers were asked to post their highlights from the Art vs. Science Splatfest. Check out some of their findings!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Miiverse #Splatfest

25 September 2015


Inktober Art2.jpg

Happy Squid Inktober, everyone! One of our Senior Squid Researchers provided us with this super fresh sketch to kick off the month of October. If you're participating in Inktober and draw anything Splatoon related, tag it with Squid Inktober so that we can see!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Inktober #Squid Inktober #Inktober2015 #Inklings #sketch #art #ink

1 October 2015

S Weapon Carbon Roller Deco Splatoonus Tumblr Image.jpg

Have you ever looked at your Carbon Roller and through to yourself, "Hey, I wish this looked jazzier!"? Well your prayers are about to be answered when the Carbon Roller Deco goes on sale tonight! The Carbon Roller Deco comes with not one, but TWO ways to use Seekers - as a sub, or as a special that unleashes a whole swarm of 'em.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

2 October 2015

S Splatfest Cars vs Planes.jpg

The next Splatfest is almost upon us! This time we ask: how would you rather travel, by car or by plane?

On one hand, you can stop whenever you want in a car but you also spend more time getting to your destination. Air travel can be a bit more stressful but you get free snacks!

We'll settle this once and for all when the next Splatfest starts on Friday, 10/9, at 9 PM.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #TEAM CAR #TEAM PLANE

2 October 2015


YOU GUYS!!! So many of you have already made splatastic drawings for Squid Inktober! <3

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober #Inktober #inktober 2015

2 October 2015


#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober #Inktober #Inktober2015

3 October 2015


4 October 2015


We're loving this Halloween inspired Squid Inktober drawing!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #Wii #Squid Inktober #Inktober #inktober 2015

4 October 2015


5 October 2015


One of our interns was checking out our Google alerts and found a brand new Splatoon research portal at splatoon.nintendo.net! Login with your Nintendo Network ID to recruit friends for Splatoon battles, view rankings and equipment, and more! This site can be viewed on desktop or mobile devices and has a whole slew of handy dandy features:

Check the online status of your friends or see who you're battling with!

Set Battle Plans - If you're playing Splatoon at the time you set, you'll automatically tweet to your followers to let them know you're playing.

Check Your Rank - Win battles to raise your weekly rank.

Check out the gear and weapons you have equipped while playing online!

View the current and upcoming stage info to guide your weapon selection and battle strategy!

#Splatoon #squidlab #nintendo #wiiu

5 October 2015


Inktober? More like OCTO-ber!

Pssst... Don't forget to keep tagging your drawings with Squid Inktober!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober #Inktober #Inktober 2015

6 October 2015



#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober #Inktober #Inktober 2015

7 October 2015


#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober #Inktober #Inktober 2015

8 October 2015


Did you know that today is World Octopus Day? Don't forget to hug an octopus today! Maybe don't hug an Octarian though. These two look pretty cuddly, but I think we've all seen how they act on the battlefield!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober #Inktober #inktober 2015

8 October 2015

Custom rb.jpg

The Custom Range Blaster comes with a versatile sub weapon - Splat Bombs - and a special weapon that excels in close-quarters combat - the Kraken! Grab a Custom Range Blaster tonight and get ready to UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

9 October 2015

Splatoon Custom E-liter 3K Scope Promo.jpg

Check out the Custom E-liter 3k Scope! The range and zoom are impressive, but the viewfinder is so narrow that it's easy to leave yourself open to attack while aiming. If you're using this bad boy, you'll need to learn to watch your back, lest ye get splatted from behind. Talk to Sheldon tonight after 7 PM PT to pick one up for yourself!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

9 October 2015


We'll take six treats. Actually, make it 7. Intern Morgan always eats double snacks.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober

9 October 2015

Cars vs Planes Miiverse post1.png

Splatfest be like Vroom Vroom vs Shoom Shoom.

Truer words have never been spoken. Don't forget to fight for your team starting tonight at 9 PM PT!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #Miiverse #Team Cars #Team Plane

9 October 2015


#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober

10 October 2015


The Squid Research Lab formally endorses highlighters.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Squid Inktober #Inktober #Inktober 2015 #Nintendo #WiiU

11 October 2015


A Jelly Dance Off: now there's something we like to watch.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober #Inktober #Inktober 2015

13 October 2015


Lookin' fresh, Crusty Sean!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober #Inktober #Inktober 2015

15 October 2015

Ver2.2.0 annie + sheldon.jpg

Listen up kids and squids! The Splatoon technicians will be sending out update data (Ver.2.2.0) starting at 6 PM PT on 10/20. They will also be performing server maintenance from 5:50 to 7:00 PM PT on the same day. During that window, service will be unavailable. The Ver.2.2.0 update consists mainly of weapon and rule adjustments and balancing. An overview of the changes can be found here.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #ERMAHGERD URPDATES

15 October 2015

Rapid blaster pro.jpg

News of the update gotcha all riled up? Can't possibly wait that long for something new? Check out the Rapid Blaster Pro, launching tomorrow night at 7 PM PT!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

15 October 2015


TBH we're kind of surprised there aren't as many Judd doodles as we thought there'd be... But Devil Judd's priceless face makes up for it.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Squid Inktober #Inktober 2015 #Inktober

16 October 2015

S Splatfest Pirates vs Ninjas.jpg

Hocus or Pocus.

Trick or Treat.

Ghosts or Goblins.

These are some of the impossible decisions that have plagued Halloween fanatics since the dawning of time. However, the most heated debate has always been Pirates vs. Ninjas.

Join us on for a very spooky Splatfest that aims to settle the score. Is it better to dress like a pirate? (You can use your new parrot friend to justify getting two pieces of candy.) Or is it better to be a ninja? (You can sneak up and steal your own candy! They'll never see you coming - or going.)

Join us at 9 PM PT on 10/30 to settle this score the only way we know how - BY GETTING REALLY, REALLY INKY.

BEE TEE DUBS, beginning with this Splatfest the multiplier for wins has updated from 4 to 6. Good luck, Inklings!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #TEAM PIRATES #TEAM NINJAS

23 October 2015

Luna Blaster Neo.jpg

We like to mix things up here at the Squid Research Lab. Right when we've got you thinking that weapon updates always come on a Friday - POW - weapons coming out on a Thursday.

Tonight you can get your hands on the Luna Blaster Neo. This blaster comes with Splat Bombs so we got you a blaster pro-tip: use the Splat Bombs to force your foes closer so that you can hit 'em with your Luna Blaster Neo.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

29 October 2015

S H-3 Nozzlenose D promo render.jpg

Love your H-3 Nozzlenose but wish that it had a sweet whale sticker on it? Look no further than the H-3 Nozzlenose D! It comes with a Point Sensor and Inkzooka and also we're pretty sure that the D stands for "Dang! That's a cool whale sticker!"

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

29 October 2015

Inkling Halloween.jpg

The Squid Research Lab just received this dispatch from HQ! We believe that it's meant to wish a Splatty Halloween to all of our Splatfest participants this weekend!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Halloween

30 October 2015

Pirates vs Ninjas Miiverse post1.png
Pirates vs Ninjas Miiverse post5.png

Har har, me hardies! (And whatever Ninjas say?)

Splatfest draws near! Don't forget to pick your team and get to splatting tonight! It's a Halloween Splatfest - spooky scary!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #TEAM PIRATES #TEAM NINJAS

30 October 2015

Squid Research Lab Carved Pumpkin.jpg

Happy Halloween! May all your treat bags overflow with calamari!

#...and maybe actual candy. #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatoon #Halloween

31 October 2015


Heavy Splatling Deco.jpg


Listen up, squids! Due to Daylight Saving Time, today's weapon update will go live at 6 PM PT. Grab the Heavy Splatling Deco then!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

6 November 2015

S Weapon Neo Sploosh-o-Matic Splatoonus Tumblr Image.jpg

Talk to Sheldon at 6 PM PT today to get your hands on the Neo Sploosh-o-matic!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

10 November 2015

Check it out Squid Kids! We just received this "Nintendo Direct" from one of our field researchers! Looks like there's new Splatoon updates on the horizon, including one at 5 PM PT today!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Nintendo Direct #SHINY NEW THINGS

12 November 2015

Splatournament logo.jpg

This just in! The fine squid researchers in the Nintendo Treehouse will be competing in a Splatoon Tournament - a Splatournament if you will - on December 2nd! Stay tuned for details on how to watch!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatournament

12 November 2015

S v2.3.0 gear 3.jpg
S 2.3.0 gear promo 1.jpg
2.3.0 gear 2.jpg
2.3.0 gear 4.jpg

As seasons change, so to do fashion trends. To keep your inklings looking as fresh as possible, new gear will be added to Splatoon this evening.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

12 November 2015

S Stage Museum d'Alfonsino.png
S Museum d'Alfonsino promo 4.jpg

Word on the street is that Museum d'Alfonsino is being added to Splatoon as a new stage tomorrow at 6 PM PT! This time, the battlefield is the courtyard of a modern museum, characterized by a number of revolving doors. Time your jumps well across high platforms to reach the most strategic turf! With a little bit of luck, you can turn each and every painting into a Jackson Pollock and claim victory for your team!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Contemporary Art #Hopefully you dudes know who Jackson Pollock is #I wasn't sure so I resisted the urge to make a Splatson Mollusk joke

12 November 2015

Bamboozler 14 Mk II teaser 3.jpg


Grab it at 6 PM PT!

#Splatoon #squidlab #Nintendo #wiiu #weapons

17 November 2015


You get a Hydra Splatling. And YOU get a Hydra Splatling. EVERYONE GETS A HYDRA SPLATLIIIIIIING*

*tonight at 6 PM PT. The Hydra Splatling is slow to charge but powerful, so avoid using in close combat. Every Hydra Splatling comes with Splat Bombs and an Echolocator.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

20 November 2015


#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Fan Art

20 November 2015

One of our field researchers just submitted his findings - take a look!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU

20 November 2015

Slosher deco 4.jpg

Things we're thankful for:

  • The musical stylings of Callie & Marie
  • All the fresh new gear in the shops
  • Meatball Subs (Not related to Splatoon, we just eat a lot of meatball subs here in the Squid Research Lab)
  • The fact that the Slosher Deco will be available tonight at 6 PM PT!

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons #Meatball Subs

24 November 2015

Sloshmachine 2.jpg
Sloshmachine 1.jpg
Sloshmachine 3.jpg

You want a Black Friday deal? We've got your Black Friday deal! The Sloshing Machine goes on sale tonight at 6 PM PT.

#Splatoon #SquidLab #Nintendo #WiiU #Weapons

27 November 2015

S Splatfest Burgers vs Pizza.jpg

Welcome back from Turkey Day break, Squids! As you might have noticed, a new Splatfest was announced while we were slacking off over the break. This one's a real doozy and we're predicting that friendships will end over this one: Burgers vs. Pizza!

Head to the Inkopolis plaza to vote, and then head to your nearest restaurant for a snack - this Splatfest is gonna make you hungry!

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatfest #TEAM BURGER #TEAM PIZZA

30 November 2015

Splatournament bracket format.png

Are you guys getting pumped up for the Splatournament?! The Squid Research Lab will be your source for info. You can tune into twitch.tv/Nintendo on Wednesday at 11 AM PT to watch the tournament go down.

We'll have info on the teams for you tomorrow so you guys can pick who to cheer for!

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30 November 2015

Splatoon-inspired dishes.jpg

And now for something completely different...

A budding squid researcher at the Food Network cooked up two Splatoon-inspired dishes! You can watch the episode of Foodie Call here!

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30 November 2015


Splatournament teams picture.jpg

We just finished seeding the teams for tomorrow's Splatournament! Don't forget to join us tomorrow at 11 AM PT - you can watch here - and keep your eyes glued to the Squid Research Lab to learn more about the teams!

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1 December 2015

Team Squid Jam.jpg

Team Name: Squid Jam

Team Members: Daniel, Yosh-ika, Ed, David, Dutch

Team Strategy: Get buckets.

Captain's Log: Dutch

Burgers or Pizza? Pizza!

Callie or Marie? Marie!

Favorite Map: Museum D'Alfonsino

Favorite Mode: Rainmaker

Favorite Weapon: N-ZAP '85

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1 December 2015

Team Splatterpunks.jpg

Team Name: Splatterpunks

Team Members: Lars, Galia, Rich, Mike, Terry

Team Strategy: Veni, vidi, squidi.

Captain's Log: Galia

Burgers or Pizza? Pizza!

Callie or Marie? Marie!

Favorite Map: Kelp Dome

Favorite Mode: Turf War

Favorite Weapon: Sploosh-O-Matic

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1 December 2015

Team Judd Dread.jpg

Team Name: Judd Dread (Editor's Note: Apologies for the previous misspelling. I'm apparently a bigger dork than necessary.)

Team Members: Dan, Morgan, Noriko, Erik, Nate?

Team Strategy: Ink Hard 2: Ink Harder

Captain's Log: Morgan

Burgers or Pizza? Cats! (Editor's Note: MOOOOORGAAAAAN!)

Callie or Marie? Waterslides! (Editor's Note: *shakes fist*)

Favorite Map: Camp Triggerfish

Favorite Mode: Tower Control

Favorite Weapon: Splattershot Jr.

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatournament #judd dread

1 December 2015

Team The Squidiots.jpg

Team Name: The Squidiots

Team Members: Rob, Eric, Ethan, Lindsey, JC (Not Pictured - or is he?)

Team Strategy: Brute force.

Captain's Log: Eric

Burgers or Pizza? Pizza

Callie or Marie? Callie

Favorite Map: Flounder Heights

Favorite Mode: Turf War

Favorite Weapon: Tentatek Splattershot

#Splatoon #squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatournament #The Squidiots

1 December 2015

Team Pain & Puffering.jpg

Team Name: Pain & Puffering

Team Members: Dan, Billy, Demetrius, Ali, Gil

Team Strategy: Stay fresh, have fun and love one another.

Captain's Log: Ali

Burgers or Pizza? Pizza

Callie or Marie? Marie

Favorite Map: Saltspray Rig

Favorite Mode: Splat Zones

Favorite Weapon: Carbon Roller Deco

#Splatoon #squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatournament #Pain & Puffering

1 December 2015

Team Tentacle Difficulties picture.jpg

Team Name: Tentacle Difficulties

Team Members: Bill, Corey, Ryo, Billy, John

Team Strategy: Git gud or dye tryin'.

Captain's Log: Corey

Burgers or Pizza? Whataburger

Callie or Marie? Marie

Favorite Map: Flounder Heights

Favorite Mode: Rainmaker

Favorite Weapon: Slosher Deco

#Splatoon #Squidlab #Nintendo #WiiU #Splatournament #Tentacle Difficulties

1 December 2015

Splatournament bracket format.png

The Splatournament starts in less than an hour! The Squidiots and Tentacle Difficulties head into the Splatournament as top seeds, but it's any kid's (or squid's) game today. Tune in at live.nintendo.com to watch the action and see who will come out as the cephalochampion!

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2 December 2015

S Stage Mahi-Mahi Resort.png

On Thursday, 12/3, at 6:00 PM PT, the new stage, Mahi-Mahi Resort is being added. Here, the turf wars unfold on floating pads in a resort hotel pool. Ninety seconds after the start of each match, the water level decreases, revealing new platforms to stand on. What's more, these platforms will appear in both Ranked and Regular battles. Also, I've gotta say, I found it weird that Inklings would have a pool at their resort when they can't swim... Maybe the jellyfish use it?

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2 December 2015

Burgers vs Pizza Miiverse post1.png
Burgers vs Pizza Miiverse post2.png

The time for Splatfest draws near. The squidizens of North America have been forced to pledge their allegiance, in some cases going against friends and family. Which team will emerge victorious - pizza or burgers? It's a cruel game we're playing. You could almost say it is...


( •_•)>⌐■-■


A hunger game.

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3 December 2015

Guys, not to brag but Splatoon IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Splatoon took home two awards at The Game Awards - let's all celebrate by reliving the glory of the Splatournament!

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4 December 2015

Team Burgers Win.jpg

This weekend Team Burger served up beef, lettuce, tomatoes, a slice of cheese and a heaping serving of triumph - all sandwiched between two buns.

We also received an anonymous tip on the one cell phone everyone here at the Squid Research Lab shares: word on the streets of Inkopolis is that the next Splatfest is coming up soon! Please tell all your friends to pick up their super sea snails from the Burgers vs Pizza Splatfest by Friday of this week!

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7 December 2015


Even though this intrepid Squid Researcher is still a bit salty that Team Pizza lost, I can't resist sharing this this celebratory drawing!

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7 December 2015



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8 December 2015

Burgers vs Pizza screenshot3.jpg

We recently asked the junior squid researchers of Miiverse to share their favorite moments from the Burger vs Pizza Splatfest. After crying loudly about the fact Team Pizza lost (Editor's Note: I'm still salty.), they submitted these fantastic findings.

Oh, and before I go: I hate to sound like a broken record, but please make sure to pick up your Super Sea Snails by Friday!

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9 December 2015

Splatoon-themed birthday cake.jpg

What do you do when the daughter of a squid researcher asks for a Splatoon cake for her birthday? YOU GET HER A SPLATOON CAKE FOR HER BIRTHDAY.

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10 December 2015

S Splatfest Naughty vs Nice.jpg

You better spray ink,
You better really try.
If your team loses,
You might cry:

Splatfest is coming to town!
Splatfest is coming to town!
Splatfest is coming to town!

We're making a list,
We're checking it twice.
Visit the plaza and vote
Who's naughty or nice.

Splatfest is coming to town!
Splatfest is coming to town!
Splatfest is coming to town!

Pull out your parkas and get ready for the hottest Winter Splatfest! Beginning tomorrow, head to the Inkopolis Plaza and let us know which list you're on: Naughty or Nice!

Also, please tell all your friends to pick up their Super Sea Snails from the Burger vs Pizza Splatfest today! You need to pick them up before voting starts for the Naughty vs Nice Splatfest!

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11 December 2015

Zink Mini Splatling.jpg

More good Splatoon news today? You betcha! The Zink Mini Splatling goes on sale tonight at 6 PM PT.

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11 December 2015


We're number eight! We're number eight! Thanks for being the nicest squid enthusiasts we could have possibly hoped for.

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11 December 2015


Who's ready for Splatfest?!?!

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16 December 2015

One of our field researchers just sent me this movie all of sudden. I can see locations we have never seen before... The filming locations are "Piranha Pit" and "Ancho-V Games"? Wow, look at these squids' groovy dance moves!

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16 December 2015


We've received these images of Piranha Pit and Ancho-V Games. We're not quite sure when they'll be ready for you squidkids, but we do know that there will be server maintenance tomorrow from 4:50 PM - 6:00 PM PT.

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16 December 2015

Naughty vs Nice Miiverse post1.png
Naughty vs Nice Miiverse post4.png

And now, let's check in with Miiverse to see where we stand on the Naughty vs Nice Splatfest...

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17 December 2015

Naughty vs Nice Twitter poll.jpg

If Twitter can be trusted, it looks like the Naughty vs Nice Splatfest might be an even split!

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17 December 2015


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18 December 2015

S Weapon Main Tri Slosher Nouveau SplatoonUS Tumblr Promo Image.jpg

The Tri-Slosher Nouveau features snazzy decorations selected by the manufacturers themselves. Combined with the Seeker sub weapon, this set's ability to apply pressure is its strongest selling point. Activate the Echolocator to support your team, and push the enemy back into their base! Grab the Tri-Slosher Nouveau tonight!

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18 December 2015

2015 Christmas Card.jpg


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25 December 2015

Rbp deco 1.jpg

HO HO HO! MERRY SQUIDMAS! You have been such good little squids this year that we talked Sheldon into releasing the Rapid Blaster Pro Deco today!

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25 December 2015


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25 December 2015


Mmm... lunch.

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25 December 2015


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25 December 2015


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25 December 2015


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25 December 2015