Squidkid Jr.

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Squidkid Jr.
Squidkid Jr. (manga).png
Species Inkling
Hair color Sun yellow
Eye color Sun yellow
Gender Male
The other teams can’t match up with us.
— Squidkid Jr. in Volume 4 of the manga.

Squidkid Jr. is a male Inkling from the Splatoon manga. He is a member of Team Emperor, and his ink is Sun Yellow. He first appeared in volume 4 and has been in volumes 5, 6, 9, 10, and can be seen at a table with Team Newperor in volume 11.


Squidkid Jr. has the "Buzz cut" hairstyle. He wears the Eminence Cuff, the Milky Eminence Jacket, and the Red & Black Squidkid IV. His jacket is shown unbuttoned most of the time, showing a black shirt underneath. His eye and ink color are Sun Yellow.


Squidkid Jr. is shown to be a very chill and calm character throughout most of the manga. He is also shown to be supportive of the team, and became less serious and started to enjoy battling more after Team Emperors match against Team Blue.



  • Squidkid Jr. gave a pair of his favorite shoes to Prinz, but he never wore them.
  • According to Splatoon 2 artbook, Squidkid Jr. (unnamed in the artbook) is the son of a legendary player, who has signature shoes, the Squidkid shoes.
  • He was on Team Chaos for the final Splatfest.