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In-game icon of a Sunken Scroll from Splatoon.
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A mystery rolled up and bound—
Oh, what's the use? It's too obtuse.
I'll dump it in the lost and found.
Agent 8 on the Sunken Scroll mem cake

Sunken Scrolls are items found in the single-player modes of the Splatoon series.

Each scroll has information about the world of the game and its history, such as the Great Turf War. There is one Sunken Scroll in each main stage. In Splatoon, there are 27 normal scrolls, five from boss missions, and three from amiibo challenges. In Splatoon 2, there are 27 normal scrolls and five obtained in the Octo Canyon overworld. Sunken Scrolls are usually hidden out of the player's way, except for Boss Scrolls, which are directly in front of the Zapfish after the battle ends. Scrolls are automatically collected in a book, which can be viewed from the overworld of Octo Valley or Octo Canyon.

Boss Scrolls award the player with blueprints for new multiplayer weapons, which are unlocked the next time the player goes to Ammo Knights. They must still be bought with cash and all level requirements apply.

List of Sunken Scrolls

For a list of scrolls, including images, descriptions, and locations, see:


SRL historian here. Behold these Story Mode morsels of history and mystery - the Sunken Scrolls! Work with your Smallfry to find the hidden ones. Then study to your heart's content! One moment... I'm being told "no one likes homework." This isn't homework! And... I like homework.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]


  • If a player gets the Sunken Scroll but gets splatted before they reach the next checkpoint, they lose it and have to pick it up again.
  • In amiibo challenges, the crates that would contain the Sunken Scroll in Octo Valley have ten Power Eggs in them instead.



Splatoon 2

Splatoon 3

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ミステリーファイル
Misuterī Fairu
Mystery Files
Netherlands Dutch Boekrol
Gezonken papierrol[2]
Sunken paper roll
France French (NOE) Document Document
Germany German Schriftrolle Scroll
Italy Italian Documento Document
Russia Russian Свиток
Spain Spanish (NOE) Pergamino Scroll