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There is a problem with this page, their are two separate info boxes for these shoes, I don’t know how to merge them so that you can switch between the Splatoon and Splatoon 2 stats

Hi! A few things:
  • The gallery you deleted was for the Splatoon 2 images. Note on the page how there is a gallery for Splatoon images and another for Splatoon 2 images. This is the same way all across the wiki.
    • Even if the two galleries should have been joined into one, you outright deleted the Splatoon 2 image rather than adding it to the Splatoon gallery.
  • What you are asking about is the infoboxes, and they are joined by placing the wiki code {{InfoboxGobbler}} somewhere in the page - typically at the very start.
    • As you can see, that is already present in the page, so it should work (and does, actually!)
    • The InfoboxGobbler requires JavaScript in order to work, so if it failed for you it is either:
      • Due to JavaScript being disabled on your browser.
      • Due to The correct version of JavaScript not working on your browser.
      • Due to the page not fully loading yet, or due to loading being interrupted.
      • Due to a one-off bug or some server issue.
    Rest assured it works properly, and must have been a one-off issue.
  • When we add text on Talk pages, we usually sign by typing ~~~~ at the end of our text, just to make it more readable as to who wrote it. It automagically changes into your name, user page links, and the date, as you can see mine below.
Thanks for your willingness to contribute and welcome to the wiki! -Inkrid (talk) 14:38, 21 February 2018 (UTC)