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English names for characters?

Straps-chan, Clip-chan, Half-Rim-kun, Squid Mask-kun, Choco Mask-chan, Punk Mask-chan, Piranha Mask-kun, Inkfall-kun, Hat-chan, Arrow-chan, Lyvader-kun, School Metry-chan (kun), School Long-chan (kun), School Dango-chan (kun), School Long-chan (kun), Tennis Headband-kun, Jogging Headband-kun, Squash Headband-kun, B-Ball Headband-kun, Emperor, Prince, Eging Jr., and N-Pacer?

Look inside the English version of the new Splatoon manga issue to see their English names.--Mint (talk) 23:21, 11 September 2018 (UTC)