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The Inkrails featured in the Splatoon 2 trailer look interesting, huh. Slate Talk Contribs 11:23, 13 January 2017 (UTC)

How to handle Splatoon 2?

Now that Splatoon has more than one game, would this be a good idea on how to incorporate Splatoon 2 info into returning stages and weapons? Note the subtitles are separate for Splatoon and Splatoon 2 so it's clear which version you're writing about. I see similar approaches on other wikis with franchise games. KingAwesome467 (talk) 21:24, 17 January 2017 (UTC)

OK I'm going to add it in, and hope It's OK. KingAwesome467 (talk) 18:08, 18 January 2017 (UTC)

How to classify an inaccessible spawn platform

How exactly do we classify a spawn point as "inaccessible," anyhow? I mean, if we want to be very technical on this, every spawn point is inaccessible, because of the bubble surrounding it, but you know what I mean. Are we defining a spawn point being accessible as "you could hop on it if it weren't for the bubble?" Because if so, I'd like to make a case for Moray Towers having an accessible spawn point.

The raised platform which the spawn point is situated on is mostly glass. I say mostly, because there's slim areas on the left and right that are actually completely inkable! While probably impossible to ink with your main weapon, due to the force field, they are completely inkable with your sub, or at least certain subs, I was able to execute it with a Suction Bomb. While I can't reach the opponent's spawn point this way, again, because of the force field, by testing it on my team's spawn, I learned you are able to swim up that thin, inkable area, and make it onto the spawn. Note I did this test in Splatoon 2, I have yet to learn if it works in the first game.

I'm mostly bringing this up because I have no idea how to classify this. I mean, yes it's unreachable, but no more unreachable than say, Inkblot Art Academy or Walleye Warehouse, which we both classify as "Accessible." Does being on a raised platform make a difference, at least if the bubble prevents any attempts to climb it? I honestly don't know. Just hoping I can open up a discussion! ShinyCelesteela (talk) 20:21, 17 February 2019 (UTC)

I think of removing the bar for access to spawn because it is kind of a grey area which is not very clear to readers. Basically my point was to point out which maps your team can reach the platform of their spawn, that you can get there easily (stand, walk, swim near their spawn point with the bubble shield. In addition, it’s not very unified between the modes. For ex. On Wahoo World Tower Control you can hop from the tower to the platform where the enemy spawn point with the bubble shield is at and in Piranha Pit Rainmaker you can jump from the goal pedestal to the platform where the enemy spawn point is. Since it’s such a grey area and not very clear in what are the conditions and what can I use to get to the platform, it would be for the best to not confuse our readers with specific terms. Also to point out Inkjet can reach almost any platform when utilizing the special correctly to get over platforms. ShaharSig2.pngShaharSigtalk2.png 21:32, 17 February 2019 (UTC)

Trivia being needed?

So this piece of trivia is in the trivia

  • As of Version 2.6.0 of Splatoon, Moray Towers uses the Splat Zones version for Turf War which includes more platforms, ramps, and walls letting players have much more space to move around in the center, making sniping harder, and falling off the towers more preventable.

Do we need it there? It is already listed on the Splatoon section and it feels unnecessary. I want to check in with others because others may feel differently about it and I wouldn't want to start an edit war. ChessMaster [TALK] 17:21, 18 May 2021 (UTC)