Team Inkfall

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Team Inkfall
Splatoon Manga Team Inkfall.jpg
Species Inkling
Hair color Light blue
Eye color Light blue
Gender Male/Female

Team Inkfall is a team in the Splatoon manga. Team Inkfall is made up of four Inklings, named Inkfall, Knit Hat, Arrow, and Vader.



Inkfall is a character in the Splatoon manga with the "Hipster" hairstyle. He wears the Squid Hairclip, Inkfall Shirt, and the White Norimaki 750s and uses the Splattershot Pro. He also constantly uses Ink Storm.

Knit Hat

Knit Hat is a character in the Splatoon manga with the "Wave" hairstyle. She wears the Knitted Hat, Half-Sleeve Sweater, and the Arrow Pull-Ons and uses the H-3 Nozzlenose.


Arrow is a character in the Splatoon manga with the "Double Bun" hairstyle. She wears the White Arrowbands, Short Knit Layers, and the Squid-Stitch Slip-Ons and uses the L-3 Nozzlenose.


Vader is a character in the Splatoon manga whose hairstyle is unknown. He wears the Jellyvader Cap, Positive Longcuff Sweater, and Turquoise Kicks and uses the Jet Squelcher.


All of Team Inkfall are clean freaks, getting exceptionally upset when they get ink or other dirtying materials on themselves. Ironically, they all enjoy soaking their opponents in ink. They have exceptional dodging skills, in which they claim is because they don't want to get dirty.



  • Inkfall hates getting dirty, but likes pasta with tomato sauce.