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Place this template on editors' talk pages to inform them of being blocked for violating Inkipedia's policy. Keep in mind that one should avoid templating the regulars.

This template must be substituted. The template will also automatically place your signature, so do not sign this as you normally would a message.

For information about blocking, see the blocking guidelines. Also see the warning template, as users are generally warned and given a chance to improve before they are blocked.



Numbers or keywords can be used to quickly add a reason. Reason numbers are from the 7 NOs of Inkipedia. The following reason codes are available:


{{subst:blocked|3 days|vandalism of the [[Splatoon]] page}} produces:

Stop x nuvola.png The user, Blocked, has been blocked from editing the wiki for 3 days.

Reason for block: vandalism of the Splatoon page
Blocking administrator: ~~~~

While you are blocked, you can still read the wiki, but cannot make any changes.

Please do not remove this notice from your talk page.