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Produces a site-standard content container.


content Unnamed. The content of the container, or "open" to leave the container as an unterminated <div> element.
border Optional. An RGB triplet to use as the border color of the container. The default color is 0, 153, 255, defined in SiteColor as "Generic".
background Optional. A CSS color value to use as the background for the content portion of the container, or "bubbles" for the site-standard bubble background. The default color is rgba(border, 0.25).
style Optional. A CSS property list to apply to the container.
collapsed Optional. If present, the container becomes collapsible and two nested, unterminated <div> elements. content will appear before the collapsible region. Must be one of the following:
  • "true" - The collapsible region is collapsed by default.
  • "false" - The collapsible region is expanded by default.
tags Optional. If present, the given tag names will be added to the element. This is useful only for back-end JavaScript purposes.



{{BubbleBox|background=rgba({{SiteColor|Splatoon}}, 0.25)|border={{SiteColor|Splatoon}}|Sample text 1}}
{{BubbleBox|Sample text 2}}
{{BubbleBox|border={{SiteColor|Splatoon 2}}|Sample text 3}}
{{BubbleBox|open|background=stripes|border={{SiteColor|NIWA}}}}Sample text 4</div>
{{BubbleBox|collapsed=false|border=192,192,192|Static content}}Collapsible content</div></div>


Sample text 1
Sample text 2
Sample text 3
Sample text 4
Static content
Collapsible content