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Opens a table element for lists of Gear items. Intended to be used in conjunction with GearList/Item and GearList/Footer.


title Unnamed. Text to display at the top of the table.
collapsed Optional. Determines whether the collapsible region of the list is collapsed by default. Must be "true" or "false". If absent, the list will not be collapsible.
game Optional. The game that the list belongs to. Used to determine the base color for formatting. If absent, the table's base color will be 0, 153, 255, defined in SiteColor as "Generic".
color Optional. An RGB triplet of the base color to use for formatting. If absent, the color is determined based on the value of game.
style Optional. A list of CSS values to apply to the outermost element.



{{GearList/Header|Example List|game=Splatoon 2|collapsed=false}}
{{GearList/Item|game=Splatoon 2|category=Headgear
  |name=Armor Helmet Replica|brand=Cuttlegear|amiibo=Marie|ability=Tenacity|stars=3}}
{{GearList/Item|game=Splatoon 2|category=Headgear
  |name=FishFry Visor|brand=Firefin|cost=500|ability=Special Charge Up|stars=1}}
{{GearList/Item|game=Splatoon 2|category=Headgear
  |name=Headlamp Helmet|brand=Grizzco|availability=Salmon Run|stars=3}}


Example List