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Displays an infobox for a Gear item. This template is a proxy that pre-evaluates parameters for Infobox/GearEx.


game The game the Gear item belongs to. Must be one of the following:
  • Splatoon
  • Splatoon 2
category The item's category. Must be one of the following:
  • Clothing
  • Headgear
  • Shoes
brand The English name of the Brand the item is made by.
rarity The item's rarity. Must be 1, 2, or 3.
color Optional. An RGB triplet to use as the base color for formatting. If absent, the color is determined based on the value of game.
style Optional. A list of CSS values to apply to the outermost container of the infobox.
name Optional The English name of the item. If absent, the page name will be used.
ability Optional. The primary Ability the item will have when purchased in shops.
amiibo Optional. The amiibo that unlocks the item. Must be one of the following:
  • Inkling Boy Inkling Boy
  • Inkling Girl Inkling Girl
  • Inkling Squid Inkling Squid
  • Callie Callie
  • Marie Marie
  • Inkling Boy 2 Inkling Boy 2
  • Inkling Girl 2 Inkling Girl 2
  • Inkling Squid 2 Inkling Squid 2
amiibo2 Optional. When two amiibos are available, the name of the second amiibo using the same values as above.
availability Optional. The special means by which the item can be obtained. Must be one of the following:
  • S2 Icon Octo Canyon.png Octo Canyon
  • S Icon Octo Valley.png Octo Valley
  • S2 Icon Grizzco.png Salmon Run
  • Splatfest Logo.png S2 Splatfest Logo.svg Splatfest
  • Octo Expansion Icon.png Octo Expansion
cost Optional. The numeric amount of Cash required to purchase the item from shops.
splatnet2 Optional. The numeric amount of Cash required to purchase the item from SplatNet 2.


Example 1

FishFry Visor

FishFry Visor

S2 Icon Headgear.png
Brand Firefin Firefin
Ability S Ability Special Charge Up.png Special Charge Up
Cost Cash 500
SplatNet 2
Rarity Star-full.pngStar-empty.pngStar-empty.png
|game     = Splatoon
|name     = FishFry Visor
|category = Headgear
|brand    = Firefin
|ability  = Special Charge Up
|cost     = 500
|rarity   = 1

Example 2

Splatfest Tee

Splatfest Tee

S2 Icon Clothing.png
Brand SquidForce SquidForce
Ability S2 Ability Ability Doubler.png Ability Doubler
SplatNet 2
Availability Splatfest Splatfest
Rarity Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png
|game         = Splatoon 2
|name         = Splatfest Tee
|category     = Clothing
|brand        = SquidForce
|ability      = Ability Doubler
|availability = Splatfest
|rarity       = 3