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Produces an infobox for a character.


color Optional. An RGB triplet to use as the base color for formatting. The default color is {{SiteColor|<Generic>}}.
style Optional. A CSS property list to apply to the top-level container.
title Optional. The mode's title. If absent, the page name is used.
image Optional. The filename to display. If not specified, an example image is used.
caption Optional. Text displayed below the image.
species Optional. The species this character belongs to.
height Optional. This character's height (please format as 123cm (4'5") ).
hair Optional. The hair color of the character.
eye Optional. The eye color of the character.
age Optional. The age of the character.
gender Optional. The gender of the character.
location Optional. The location of the character.
shop Optional. The shop that the character runs.
members Deprecated. The members that make up the group.



|color   = {{SiteColor|Splatoon}}
|title   = Crusty Sean
|image   = CrustySean1.png
|caption = Crusty Sean
|gender  = Male
|species = Japanese Tiger Prawn
|shop    = {{shop|Shrimp Kicks}}
|location = [[Booyah Base]]


Crusty Sean
Crusty Sean
Species Japanese Tiger Prawn
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Male
Location Booyah Base
Shop S Icon Shrimp Kicks.png Shrimp Kicks