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/ This user doesn't use any pronouns.


{{Pronoun|<icon pronoun(s)>|<info pronoun(s)>|<optional: pl>}}

This userbox uses up to three parameters:

  1. The first parameter will be shown as a shorthand in the icon section on the left. The userbox will not automatically process this parameter to be flexible, so use <br> to manually create a line break. If this parameter is left blank, displays "/".
  2. The second parameter will be inserted in the description. If left blank, the description will state that the user "doesn't use any pronouns."
  3. If pl is provided as the third parameter, the userbox will use "pronouns" instead of singular "pronoun". Requires the second parameter to be provided.


{{Pronoun|he/<br>they|he/him and they/them|pl}}
/ This user doesn't use any pronouns.
she This user uses she/her pronoun.
This user uses he/him and they/them pronouns.
This user uses she/they pronouns.