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Provides a way of visualizing the ink shape on a Tableturf Battle card without images. The first parameter is the size of the squares, in pixels. The second parameter is ignored. The rest of the parameters represent the colors of the squares in the 8-by-8 grid. They can be:

  • 0 or ⬛ for empty squares
  • 1 or 🟨 for common ink squares
  • 2 or 🟧 for special ink squares

Squares are treated as empty by default, so you usually don't need to specify all 64 squares.

Usage Example

{{TableturfShape|10| |0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0 |0|0|1|2|1}}


{{TableturfShape|10| |⬛|⬛|⬛|⬛|⬛|⬛|⬛|⬛ |⬛|⬛|🟨|🟧|🟨}}

both yield: