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id info


|id       = id text or image
|id-c     = id background color
|id-fc    = id font color
|id-s     = id text size
|info     = info text
|info-c   = info background color
|info-fc  = info font color
|info-s   = info text size
|border-c = box color
|border-s = border width in pixels
  • It is suggested that you limit the size of any images in the id box to 40 pixels.
  • For a list of colors and the Hex triplet (eg., 007BA7) codes for them, see this Wikipedia page.
  • This page is to active userboxes.


|id= [[File:Squidpromo.jpg|48px]]
|id-c= #74DF00
|info= This user loves Splatoon!
|info-c= #BCF5A9
|border-c= #088A08

Which will give:

Squidpromo.jpg This user loves Splatoon!