Template:Valid unused

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Use this template to remove unused files from the Special:UnusedFiles report. These files are added to the valid unused category.

Valid reasons for wanting to remove pages from the report could include:

  • A file is official and Splatoon related, but an article to use it in may never exist.
    • This could apply to extremely minor illustrations or other assets from the game. These images need to be assigned to an appropriate category before removing them from the report, so that they are accessible even if not used in an article. Categorizing is not the same as using, so categorizing the images will not remove them from the report.
  • The page is used, but the use is not detected by MediaWiki because it is not used directly in a page.
    • This could apply to images that are used in site styling, which should be tagged with Template:CSSImage.
    • Or pages linked by the software messages instead of other pages.



{{valid unused|The reason for the page being valid unused}}


Li'l Judd S2.png Even if it appears unused, this templateTemplate:Valid unused should not be deleted.

Reason: The reason for the page being valid unused