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Latest comment: 18 October 2022 by Trig Jegman in topic Significant Template Overhaul

Significant Template Overhaul

Hello. I would like to propose upgrading this template to my TMWA version. Due to both file templates being just called File, I will be referring to the current version as "The Old Version/TOV" and my version as the TMWA version. Demonstrations of this upgraded file template use can be found here on my sandbox. Let's look at the reasons to do so:

  1. The existing File template is not well utilized as is. Moving to a new form and more strictly enforcing its use will ensure that all files actually follow the same protocol when on the site.
  2. The existing File template isn't that useful. Date and author are already generally pretty implied with the rest of upload page (revision history), and source is just a better version of author. Even then, there's not a lot of information that is necessary to describe the image. Description and Source are the only two important parameters to actually know about the image, and other versions can just be listed in a description as a part of it.
  3. TMWA File makes your job a whole lot easier. This is the main meat of the argument: TMWA File will automatically categorize and license files based off its parameters. Instead of having to remember a dozen or more categories offhand, or needing to search around, by entering the simple parameters, the template does it for you. Gone too are the days of needing to make a second header and section and template for licensing an image, where the file will automatically list it appropriately. Instead of having 10 to 12 templates to remember for files, get it done with just one.
  4. TMWA File is pretty easy to learn. My template is as straightforward as it can be. The "Game", "Description", and "Type" sections do not require much difficulty in explaining what they do. The game is X. The point of the image is Y. The form of the image is Z. Everything can be deciphered by looking right at the file itself.
  5. It's more text optimized. This is pretty minor, but fewer characters per file would add up a little bit over time.
  6. It's super customizable, and broad changes apply quickly. Is there a type or automatic linking that needs to be done? It can always be easily added and would therefore enable consistent use on all files. Furthermore, if an existing change needs done (say that a category name gets moved, instead of needing one massive text replace, a simple small tweak is made here instead.
  7. It's retroactive, to a good extent. I could just straight up change the template now and it would not break what already exists on files. That means if this update is implemented, it will be minimally invasive.
  8. Places a greater incentive to properly source and attribute files, and other maintenance. This will be a great opportunity to flag images that are of low quality, use unused files, remove or replace duplicate images, and to really nail down as many linked or attributed sources for files as possible.

There are a few minor inconveniences:

  1. It does get a little more complicated. Inkipedia's category tree is different than the other sites that TMWA File exists on already. Because of this, there are three available types instead of the standard two. While type and type2 will connect a game and type for its category, the creation of a typenocat was made for certain categories that do not need a game prefix, like wiki files (Category:Inkipedia images) or photos (Category:Real life images).
  2. You can't automate retroactively updating files. They're all going to need updated. Manually. I am happy to do every last one, and I know I can do it because I've done this several times already. I am still working to update StrategyWiki, which also use the template, as well. That said, it would be much cooler if people could help. I am happy to make resources to chip in, but it overall does create a lot more of Things To Do.

Overall, I would love to know your thoughts on this project and whether or not this template should be implemented. I am happy to answer any questions. Trig - 19:04, 17 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Seems ok to me. I don't have any concerns beyond what I said before in Discord: the upload page will need to be reconfigured to not create a separate Licensing section, and UploadWizard usage will generate more cleanup work needed if it creates a Licensing section as well.
Might be a good idea to wait a week or so for input since this is a major change. Some users that like to categorize files might have input on this.
I'm assuming we will also have to make categories more consistent? Like having them all like "Category:Splatoon 2 icons" instead of "Category:Icons in Splatoon 2". Heddy (talk) 01:41, 18 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Correct. It very specifically would need to be Splatoon 2 Icons in its current state. Trig - 02:09, 18 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]