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Tentakeel Outpost is the first sector of Octo Canyon in Splatoon 2. It holds three kettles and one boss kettle. It is the only sector to hold a small fort and an Ammo Knights Enhancifier with which to upgrade Agent 4's Main Weapons and purchase Sub Weapons. Starting from the Version 3.0.0 update, after the player beats the final boss of Octo Canyon and subsequently enters Tentakeel Outpost for the second time, Callie will appear at Cuttlefish Cabin, alongside Marie. Players can join the Squid Sisters' conversations, and hear their stats from the last 50 multiplayer battles from Callie. Players can also view the credits here by interacting with a small TV behind the entrance grate anytime after defeating the final boss.


Kettle location
Kettle location
  • Mission #3: Sunset Octocopter
    • Location: Near the further right corner blocked by crates. Shoot at the crates to reveal the path and there is a kettle sitting at the center of the octagon.
Kettle location
  • Mission 1B: Industrial Toast
    • Location: Passing the hallway, there is a Boss Kettle found in front of a ledge.



Climb up the wall to the left of the Boss Kettle. There will be a small platform with a grate. On that platform is a small crate. Break it to reveal the Sardinium.

Shoot the wall and climb up, then jump onto the grate
Sardinium location

Sunken Scroll

The sticker awarded for popping the balloons.

A Yellow Balloon can be found southwest of the Boss Kettle. When the game tells Agent 4 to follow the balloon, this means that this balloon is a Sunken Scroll Balloon. The second balloon is close to the small tower. The third and fourth balloons are near the Boss Kettle. The fifth balloon is next to the kettle to the first mission. The sixth balloon is between the second and third mission kettles, but at a high altitude. Climb the wall to reach the balloon. The seventh and last balloon is on the set of platforms adjacent to the wall. Once all seven balloons have been popped on time, the sunken scroll will appear on the set of platforms.



Marie's Quotes

The Octarians...
You showed up!
As soon as I saw you aimlessly wandering around the square, I knew you were the one.
I'm Marie. I know you're a bit starstruck, but I need you to get over it.
Yes, I'm THAT Marie. You know...from the Squid Sisters.
You've never heard of me? For eel?
Well, you obviously aren't very cultured, but you'll have to do.
See, I've got a little...thing I need some help with.
By now you've heard that the Great Zapfish that powers Inkopolis Square is missing.
Well, it's not just missing - it's been squidnapped by the Octarian menace!
How do I know this? On the surface, I may just look like an absurdly talented pop star...
But in truth...I'm Agent 2 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, a secret society of heroes who save the world from Octarians!
Now, I've been trying to keep an eye on the Octarians in my downtime, but I'm a busy girl.
(If only Callie was around to lend a hand...) Ahem...
I need YOU to go get the Great Zapfish back from those slimy Octarians! What do you say? Are you in?
I'll take your awkward silence as a yes.
Welcome aboard! You are now Agent 4 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon.
I even bought you a brand-new Hero Suit as a signing bonus.
And look at that-it fits like a glove! (Not bad for an old hand-me-down.)
Now, let's go tear those Octarians limb from limb from limb from limb from limb from- Well...you get the picture.
Oh, yeah-the entrances to the Octarian realm are invisible, so you'll have to ink them to reveal them.
Returning after defeating the final boss:
Ah, Agent 4...
I've been waiting for you.
Thanks to you, both the Great Zapfish and Callie are back, and peace has returned to Inkopolis.
That being said, no one except us knows what truly happened, so don't expect the city to throw a parade or anything.
It's like they always say: "The path of the hero is a lonely one."
Wait... They don't say that?! But "they" say all sorts of things!
Well... Whatever.
I was able to confine DJ Octavio in this snow globe. I'm keeping an eye on him to make sure he stays out of trouble.
I'm gonna slow roast him until Grandpa- I mean... Uh...
Until the leader of the New Squidbeak Splatoon comes back.
Bahaha! Love it.
Anyway, you've really impressed me. I can't thank you enough.
Hm? Ah, you're wondering about that? I had Sheldon put that there.
It'll allow you to listen to the latest single from the Squid Sisters, "Fresh Start," anytime you want!
Hope you like it! Stay fresh!

DJ Octavio's Quotes

Trapped in the snow globe:

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Marie's Quotes

"O nee... De Octarianen komen... O, hallo. Daar ben je! Zodra ik je doelloos over het plein zag lopen, wist ik dat jij bijzonder was. Ja, ik ben het, Marie. Je hoeft me niet zo aan te staren, hoor. Ik ben alleen maar beroemd. Ja, echt, DIE Marie. De betere helft van de Squid Sisters."

"Wat?! Dat zegt je niets? Neem je me nou in de paling? Nou, je culturele opvoeding laat wel wat te wensen over... Maar daar is nu niets aan te doen. Ik kan namelijk wel wat hulp gebruiken... Je hebt ondertussen vast al gehoord dat de Megavoltvis die het Inkopolisplein van stroom voorziet, is verdwenen. Nou, die is niet zomaar verdwenen... De Octarianen hebben hem ontvoerd!"

"Hoe ik dat weet? Ik zie er misschien uit als 'n belachelijk getalenteerde popster... Stiekem ben ik agent 2 van de nieuwe Kraakcommando's, een verbond dat strijdt tegen de Octarianen! Al kan een drukbezette griet niet altijd een oogje in het zeil houden... (In mijn guppy, zonder Callie om te helpen...) Ahem... Daarom zul JIJ de Megavoltvis terug moeten halen uit de tentakels van die slijmerige Octarianen! Wat zeg je ervan?"


"Ehm... Duuuuuuuuus... Wie zwijgt stemt toe, zeggen ze toch altijd? Welkom bij de club! Vanaf nu ben je agent 4 van de nieuwe Kraakcommando's. Ik heb zelfs een vloednieuw heldenpak voor je als inschrijfbonus. En kijk toch eens... het past precies! (Niet slecht voor een gejut tweedehandsje.) Zo, laten we nu die Octarianen eens een poot uitdraaien! Of twee. Of drie. Of... Nou ja... je snapt me wel. O, dat is waar... De schuilplaatsen van de Octarianen hebben onzichtbare ingangen. Met een likje inkt kun je ze onthullen! Als je iets tegenkomt wat er raar uitziet, beschiet het dan met inkt! Altijd uitkijken dat je nergens inktstinkt, zeg ik maar."

(Oh no... The Octarians are coming... Oh, hello. There you are! As soon as I saw you walking aimlessly around the square, I knew you were special. Yes, it is me, Marie. You don't have to stare at me like that, you know. I am only famous. Yes, really, THAT Marie. The better half of the Squid Sisters.

What?! That tells you nothing? Are you squidding me?[Dutnote 1] Well, your cultural education does leave something to be desired... But there is nothing that can be done about that now. As it happens, I could use some help... By now you have probably heard that the Great Zapfish which provides Inkopolis Square with power, has disappeared. Well, it didn't just simply disappear... The Octarians have kidnapped it!

How do I know that? I may look like a ridiculously talented pop star... Secretly I am agent 2 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, an association that fights against the Octarians! Although a busy chick can't always keep an eye on things... (All by myself, without Callie to help...)[Dutnote 2] Ahem... Therefore YOU will have to retrieve the Great Zapfish from the tentacles of those slimy Octarians! What do you say?


Um... Soooooooooo... Silence is consent, they always say, right? Welcome to the club! From now on you are agent 4 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon. I even have a brand new Hero Suit for you as a sign-up bonus.[Dutnote 3] And look at that... it fits exactly! (Not bad for a beach-combed secondhand.) So, let's get those Octarians pay an arm and a leg.[Dutnote 4] Or two. Or three. Or... Well... You know what I mean. Oh, that is right... The lairs of the Octarians have invisible entrances. You can reveal them with a lick of ink! If you come across something that looks weird, shoot at it with ink! Always watch out that you won't be fooled by anything, so to speak.[Dutnote 5])

Talking to Marie
Zone-specific quotes:
"De Megavoltvis gaat zichzelf niet redden! (Al zou het best stoer zijn als hij dat wel deed.)"
(The Great Zapfish is not going to rescue itself! (Although it would be quite tough if it did.))
"Agent 4, probeer in een gevecht altijd eerst de bewegingen van een nieuwe vijand vast te stellen."
(Agent 4, in battle, always try to determine the movements of a new enemy first.)
"Ik kan nog steeds niet geloven dat je nooit van de Squid Sisters gehoord hebt... Dat is een grapje, toch?"
(I still can't believe you have never heard of the Squid Sisters... That is a joke, right?)
"Rustig aan, agent. Maar zorg wel dat je de vaart erin houdt..."
(Take it easy, agent. But make sure you keep the momentum going...)
"Waarom kijk je zo naar me? Heb ik inkt op mijn gezicht?"
(Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have ink on my face?)
"De Octarianen gebruiken onzichtbare ingangen. Je moet je inkt gebruiken om de openingen te onthullen."
(The Octarians use invisible entrances. You must use your ink to reveal the entrances.)
"Dit hutje? Dat noemen wij 'het Kraakkot'."
(This little hut? That we call 'the Cuttlefish Cabin'.)
"Het Kraakkot kan wel een renovatie gebruiken..."
(The Cuttlefish Cabin could use a renovation...)
"Jij bent nogal dol op hoogtes, nietwaar?"
(You are quite fond of heights, are you not?)
"Hmm, daar staat iets in het Octariaans... Kun jij dat toevallig lezen?"
(Hmm, there is something written in Octarian... Can you read that by chance?)
"Ik kan vanaf hier de Deca-toren zien."
(I can see the Deca Tower from here.)
"Deze zone heet blijkbaar de Weekdierenwachtpost."
(This zone is apparently called the Tentakeel Outpost.)
General quotes:
"Weet je, voltvissen zijn de bron van alle energie in Inkopolis."
(You know, Zapfish are the source of all power in Inkopolis.)
"Huh? Sorry, ik was een beetje aan het dagdromen over het verleden."
(Huh? Sorry, I was daydreaming a bit about the past.)
"Je doet me denken aan agent 3... Als agent 3... twee jaar ouder zou zijn... en zich wat vaker zou wassen."
(You remind me of Agent 3... If Agent 3... would be two years older... and would wash themselves more often.)
"Ik heb gehoord dat kinderen tegenwoordig in de ban zijn van baantjes die visseneieren opleveren."
(I have heard that children these days are under the spell of jobs that result power eggs.)
"Pfff, Octarianen zijn zo raar met hun enge vliegende plateaus overal."
(Pfff, Octarians are so weird with their scary flying plateaus everywhere.)
"Ik zou je kunnen vragen wat je online rang is, maar ik wil je niet demotiveren voor je missie."
(I could ask you what your online rank is, but I don't want to demotivate you for your mission.)
"Ik vraag me af of de baas het erg zou vinden als ik mijn post even verlaat om me op te frissen."
(I wonder if the boss would mind if I leave my post for a bit to freshen up.)
"Ik moet zeggen dat je echt een MOOT frisser ruikt dan de vorige agent die ik heb opgeleid. Agent 3 was minder scherp bij het wassen..."
(I must say you really smell a CHUNK fresher than the previous agent I have trained. Agent 3 was less alert when washing...)
"Wat is je favoriete wapen, agent 4? Ik ben zelf nogal een laderjuffertje."
(What is your favorite weapon, Agent 4? I am quite a charger damsel myself.)
"Echt... Ik kan de Octarianen niet vergeven voor wat ze hebben gedaan."
(Really... I can't forgive the Octarians for what they have done.)
"Druk op als je van wapen wilt wisselen!"
(Press if you want to swap weapons.)
"Verander van zone door op te drukken en te kiezen waar je heen wilt."
(Change zone by pressing and choosing where you want to go.)
"Druk op en kijk dan Prestaties om je voortgang te bekijken."
(Press and then check Achievements to check your progress.)
"Druk op en dan op om meteen terug te keren naar het Inkopolisplein."'
(Press and then to immediately return to the Inkopolis Square.)
"Verbeter je wapens met de Armada-Optimatron."
(Improve your weapons with the Ammo Knights Enhancifier.)
"Als je gewond bent of overweldigd, kun je je beter terugtrekken om op krachten te komen."
(If you are hurt or overwhelmed, you better withdraw to regain your strength.)
"Beklim muren sneller door herhaaldelijk op te drukken!"
(Climb walls faster by pressing repeatedly!)
"Denk eraan dat je om je heen kunt kijken met . Goed om te onthouden tijdens missies."
(Remember that you can look around with . Good to remember during missions.)
"Pas op voor bommen uit onverwachte hoeken!"
(Watch out for bombs from unexpected corners!)
"Tip: zorg dat je altijd een plek hebt om je terug te trekken voordat je aanvalt."
(Tip: make sure that you always have a spot to retreat to before you attack.)
"Blijf alert, ook als je de top bereikt!"
(Stay alert even if you reach the top!)
"Als je niet verder komt, is het misschien beter om een stapje terug te doen."
(If you don't get any further, it might be better to take a little step back.)
"Kijk rechts, links, en dan weer rechts... Zo hoort het op het slagveld."
(Look right, left, and then right again... That is how it should be on the battlefield.)
"Hou altijd oog op je ontsnappingsroute. Dat is een vaste regel op het slagveld."
(Always keep an eye on your escape route. That is a hard rule on the battlefield.)
"Win zonder te vechten! Dat is de ultieme regel van het strijdtoneel."
(Win without a fight! That is the ultimate rule of the theater of war.)
"Op een surfrail ben je even snel als inktvis of als Inkling."
(On a ride rail you are as fast as a squid or as an Inkling.)
"Als je blijft schieten op de schilden van de vijand, zullen ze toch echt een keer breken!"
(If you keep shooting at the shields of the enemy, they will really break eventually!)
"Duik onder in je inkt om snel te herstellen wanneer je heldenpak beschadigd is."
(Submerge in your ink to recover quickly when your Hero Suit is damaged.)
Quotes unlocked after defeating the final boss
"Nu je het zegt, Callie is weer de hort op..."
(Now that you mention it, Callie is off gallivanting again...)
"En Opa... Ik vraag me af waar hij uithangt..."
(And Grandpa... I am wondering where he is at.)
"Agent 4, kom eens naar ons concert als je tijd hebt."
(Agent 4, come to our concert when you have time.)
"Het gaat een stuk beter nu DJ Octavio verslagen is."
(Things are much better now that DJ Octavio is defeated.)
"Bedankt voor alles, agent 4!"
(Thanks for everything, Agent 4!)
Marie's thoughts
Zone-specific thoughts:
"(Agent 4 blijft maar met me kwebbelen. Zeker bang voor die Octarianen...)"
((Agent 4 keeps chattering with me. Surely afraid of those Octarians...))
"(Agent 4... Zo traag als wier...)"
((Agent 4... As slow as kelp...))
General thoughts:
"(Wat een spraakwaterval, die agent 4...)"
((What a waterfall of words, that Agent 4...))
"(Wanneer snapt een snapper dat al dat gesnap te veel wordt?)"
((When gets a talkative person that all that chattering becomes too much?))[Dutnote 6]
"(Mmm, ik zou nu best een stuk ananasvrije pizza uit de toekomst lusten...)"
((Mmm, I would quite like a slice of pineapple-free pizza from the future now...))
"(Kom op... Hou op met dat geblub en ga aan de slag!)"
((Come on... Quit that blubbing and get to work!))
"(Soms mis ik agent 3...)"
((Sometimes I miss Agent 3...))
"(Operatie Ongemakkelijke Stilte wordt uitgevoerd...)"
((Operation Uncomfortable Silence is being executed...))
"(Wie had gedacht dat agent 4 zoveel aandacht nodig had?)"
((Who would have thought that Agent 4 needed so much attention?))
"(Misschien moet ik anders alvast een agent 5 gaan zoeken...)"
((Maybe I should start looking for an Agent 5 already...))
"(Vakantie zou nu niet gek zijn...)"
((Vacation wouldn't be crazy now...))
Quotes unlocked after defeating the final boss
"(Ik kan niet aan mijn grappige opmerkingen werken als Callie er niet bij is...)
((I can't work on my funny comments if Callie isn't there with me...))
"(Zou agent 4 veel vrienden hebben? Ik zou het best willen weten...)
((I wonder if Agent 4 has many friends? I would quite like to know...))
"(Hihi, agent 4 is zo schattig...))
((Hihi, Agent 4 is so cute...))
Arriving after defeating the final boss:
"Hm... Ah, agent 4... Ik was al op je aan het wachten. Dankzij jou zijn zowel de Megavoltvis als Callie terug en is de vrede weergekeerd in Inkopolis! Natuurlijk weet niemand daar wat er allemaal gebeurd, dus verwacht niet dat ze je bedanken, of zo. Maar je weet wat ze zeggen: "Helden volgen een eenzame stroming."

"Huh?! Dat zeggen ze niet?! Neem je me in het bootje? O... nou... Laat dan maar varen. Het is me gelukt om DJ Octavio op te sluiten in deze sneeuwbol. Ik hou hem in de gaten zodat hij ons geen nieuwe ellende bezorgt. Ik zal hem op zijn kop blijven zitten totdat opa... o, uh... ...totdat de leider van de nieuwe Kraakcommando's terugkomt."


"Ik ben hoe dan ook enorm onder de indruk van je. Ik kan je niet voldoende bedanken. Hm? O, je vraagt je af wat dat is? Ik heb Krabbert gevraagd om dat neer te zetten. Daarmee kun je wanneer je maar wilt naar 'Fresh Start' luisteren, het nieuwe nummer van de Squid Sisters! Ik hoop dat je het een leuk nummer vindt!"

(Hm... Ah, Agent 4... I was already waiting for you. Thanks to you both the Great Zapfish and Callie are back and peace has returned to Inkopolis! Naturally, no one there knows what even happens, so don't expect them to thank you, or something. But you know what they say: "Heroes follow a lonely stream."

Huh?! They don't say that?! Are you squidding me?[Dutnote 7] Oh... well... never mind then. I managed to imprison DJ Octavio in this snow globe. I will keep an eye on him so he can't cause us any more misery. I will keep messing with him until Grandpa... oh, uh... ...until the leader of the New Squidbeak Splatoon returns.


Either way, I am extremely impressed with you. I cannot thank you enough. Hm? Oh, you wonder what that is? I asked Sheldon to put that down. With that, you can listen to 'Fresh Start' whenever you want, the latest track of the Squid Sisters! I hope that you like the track!)

Translation notes
  1. From in de maling nemen ("to fool") and paling ("eel")
  2. From in zijn uppie ("all by oneself") and guppy ("guppy")
  3. From vloed ("flood") and gloednieuw ("brand new")
  4. Een poot uitdraaien is a Dutch saying equivalent to the English saying "to pay an arm and a leg"
  5. From inkt ("ink") and instinken ("to fall for, to be fooled by")
  6. Snappen ("to get, to understand"), snapper ("talkative person," "someone who gets something, understands something" and "snapper"), and gesnap ("chattering")
  7. From in het ootje nemen ("to fool") and the diminutive of boot ("boat")

DJ Octavio's Quotes

Trapped in the snow globe:



"Ikavision" and "abcdefg" below it
  • There are a couple of parabolic antennae around Tentakeel Outpost with the text "Ikavision" written on them, being one of the few in-game appearances of any written human language outside Splatfests.
  • The caged pet from Marie's Grasshopper vs. Ant Splatfest artwork can be seen next to Cuttlefish Cabin.[1]
  • On the side of Cuttlefish Cabin there is a phone that resembles Commander Tartar from the Octo Expansion.


Tentakeel is derived from "tentacle" and "keel", the bottom-most element of a ship hull that is often the first part of a ship to be constructed.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese アシサキ前線基地
Ashisaki Zensen Kichi
Feet (Tentacle) Tip Frontline Base
Netherlands Dutch Weekdierenwachtpost Mollusc guard post
CanadaFrance French Base Tentacule Tentacle base
Germany German Tentakel-Vorposten Tentacle Outpost
Italy Italian Avampolpo Tentacolo From avamposto ("outpost") and polpo ("octopus")
Russia Russian Форпост «Тентакль»
Forpost «Tentakl'»
Tentacle outpost
SpainMexico Spanish Base Tentáculo Tentacle base
Translation needed
The section or page is missing non-English translations or material from other localizations edit
Cuttlefish Cabin
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シオカラ亭
Calamari Cottage
Netherlands Dutch Kraakkot Kraken Shack
CanadaFrance French Cabane de Macalamar Cuttlefish's Cabin