The Griller

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For the Boss Salmonid, see Griller.

The Griller, known as Griller in Splatoon 2, is a Known Occurrence in Salmon Run and Salmon Run Next Wave.


During this event, the only Lesser Salmonid that spawns is the Smallfry. Smallfry spawn in small groups, while Grillers show up one at a time. Later in the wave, multiple Grillers may appear at a time. Griller waves cannot occur during low tide.

Salmonid Field Guide

Salmonid Field Guide page detailing the Griller

The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.

What Happens
  • Armored vehicles called Grillers spawn one after the other. Grillers lock their sights on to a target and will pursue it relentlessly.
  • Smallfry are known for hitching a ride on the Griller and interfering with its targeting.
How to Get Golden Eggs
  • Attack the weak spot on the back of the Griller to stun it.
  • Stunning Grillers will reveal further weak points. Attacking these weak points is the key to taking down Grillers and getting Golden Eggs.
Advice from Mr. Grizz
  • If the Griller has you in its sights, you're better off running away and letting your friends handle it.
Supplementary Information
  • Operating costs for a single Griller would be enough to deploy 100 regular Salmonid fighters.


  • Grillers should be lured close to the Egg basket as they drop five Eggs each.
    • However, be careful when luring two Grillers toward the Egg basket at a time. They can instantly overwhelm players and may splat the whole crew.
  • Since Griller cannot step on or off ledges as players can, the targeted player should maneuver around walls and ledges to manipulate its path and the direction it is facing, taking care not to lead the Griller in the path of other players, so that the rest of the crew can attack its tail.
  • While staying on a wall when targeted may help the rest of the crew aim at the Griller's tail, beware that Smallfry may jump up and splat any player clinging on a wall for too long. They also can follow players on propeller platforms.
  • Weapons with high damage per second are the best for stunning Grillers.
    • A single shot from E-liter 4K will immobilize it.
    • A single charged slash from Grizzco Splatana will destroy a Griller in one hit and can be aimed in any part of its lid, not just in the tail.
    • Grizzco Slosher is able to pierce shot through Grillers, and one direct hit is almost enough to stun them.
  • There are some spots on some maps that allow you to roll over the Griller's weak point with a Roller.[Citation needed]
  • Always have at least one player who's focused on dealing with Smalfry. Weapons with a high fire rate or a wide ink spread are good for it.
    • Rollers and Brellas work well with this given that they can roll over or use the shield against a large group of Smallfry.
      • Rollers consume less ink the slower player moves while rolling, making it more favored to roll forward as slowly as possible to protect the teammates from Smallfry if the situation allows to safely do so.
      • It's not recommended to launch the Brella's shield, as the Brella player will stay vulnerable against Smallfry and the shield will break as soon as it touches a Griller.
    • Brushes, Sloshers and Blasters are good for splatting big groups of Smallfry due to their wide range.
  • Sting Ray, Booyah Bomb, Killer Wail 5.1 and Trizooka can pierce through Griller to stun it and deal damage, so it's recommended using these specials on two Grillers at once when they're close to each other if possible.
  • Splat-Bomb Launchers can be used on a stunned Griller to damage it further.
  • In Spawning Grounds, stand on the elevated platform near the Egg basket and splat Grillers while they're passing the basket from the left side. If Grillers are approaching from the right side, the targeted player should move down and lure Grillers near the basket where the rest of the crew can easily splat them.
  • In Marooner's Bay, locate the team on the middle platform north of the Egg basket from where you can splat Grillers with lower risk of a wipeout. Use the propeller lifts to take Griller away from the team if needed. Unless the quota is met, avoid splatting Grillers on the bottom floor, the crew will have a hard time trying to collect the Eggs.
    • In Salmon Run Next Wave, allow Snatchers to pick up the Golden Eggs if any were dropped at the bottom floor. There's a possibility that Snatchers will pass the Egg basket when flying away with the Eggs, where you can splat them and drop the Eggs much closer to the Egg basket, making them easy to collect.
  • In Lost Outpost, the targeted player can climb up the walls near the Egg basket to stall Grillers while other players can focus on stunning them and dealing with Smallfry. If the team struggles to survive or collect the Eggs, the targeted player can drop down from the right side of the platform to change the Griller's trajectory. They must be aware of Smallfry though, as they can drop down after the player as well.
  • In Salmonid Smokeyard, the group should position itself on one of the elevated platforms west or east of the Egg basket, preferably on the east one. Players may stay on a propeller platform to get themselves off Grillers' sights in a pinch, however, doing so will cause Grillers to target the rest of the crew not on the platform immediately, putting them at risk.
  • In Ruins of Ark Polaris, Grillers can predict where the targeted player will land when they jump on the ride rails, and will instantly move to that position. Hovewer, if the targeted player jumps off the middle of the rail, Griller will start moving to this player's current position, which can be used to manipulate the Griller's trajectory.
  • At Sockeye Station, the safest position is the spiral tower, from which it's easy to splat Grillers, taking the height advantage. Stalling Grillers is possible by moving up and down using the wall under the grate, but it's not recommended to stick to it long enough for a Griller to approach the targeted player since the wall is relatively low and there's a big risk to be splatted if the player isn't sticking to the wall high enough. If the team needs to run out of clock, the outer wall can be used instead.
    • At the higher levels of play where the quota is too big for tossing eggs from the spiral tower, the team should locate itself near the Egg basket and splat Grillers while they're trying to get around the elevation. The targeted player should move up and down to maneuver the Griller's trajectory. Long ranged Chargers and Splatlings can stay on the tower safe from Smallfry, but once they're targeted, they should move down to stun the Griller near the basket and let teammates deal with Smallfry.
  • In Gone Fission Hydroplant, the upper platform located north-east of the Egg basket is highly recommended. By standing near the angle close to the basket, the crew will have easy time splatting Grillers and Smallfry passing the Egg basket, taking the height advantage. If Griller approaches from the east, the targeted player can move down to lure the Griller near the basket, and then climb back up to safely splat it and deal with Smallfry.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese グリル発進
guriru hasshin
Griller Start-out[a]
Netherlands Dutch Grillers Grillers
CanadaFrance French Barbeurks From barbecue, barbare (barbarian), and beurk (yuck, as in disgust)
Germany German Killgrills Killgrills
Italy Italian Grill Grill
Russia Russian Жаровнер
From жаровня zharovnya (brazier)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Brasaletas From brazalete (bracelet) and brasa (hot coal, ember)
Spain Spanish (NOE) Chaparrillas From chapar (to plate) and parrilla (grill)
China Chinese (Simplified) 烤架鱼进发
kǎojiàyú jìnfā (Mandarin)
Griller Start-out[b]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 烤架魚出動
kǎojiàyú chūdòng (Mandarin)
Griller Start-out[c]
South Korea Korean 그릴 발진
geulil baljin
Griller Rush[d]
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Translation notes

  1. グリル guriru is Griller's Japanese name.
  2. 烤架鱼 kǎojiàyú is Griller's Simplified Chinese name.
  3. 烤架魚 kǎojiàyú is Griller's Traditional Chinese name.
  4. 그릴 geuril is Griller's Korean name.