The Spirit Lifter: Steerage & First Class

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The Spirit Lifter: Steerage & First Class
S3 Deep Cut 2D Art.jpg
Artist Deep Cut
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in Splatoon 3 Rocket 04 The Spirit Lifter: Steerage
Rocket 05 The Spirit Lifter: First Class
Vocals Shiver (in-game)
Frye (in-game)
Length 1:43
BPM 170
Genre Pop
Key Signature B minor
Audio File First Class version:

The Spirit Lifter: Steerage & First Class (Spirit Lifter) (unofficial name) Often called "Spirit Lifter" and is a song performed by Deep Cut.


The Spirit Lifter: Steerage & First Class is an energetic pop song. The song starts with an instrumental intro, then a verse sung by both Shiver and Frye. The second verse is two solo parts, first by Frye, followed by Shiver. The first verse is then repeated. Afterwards, an instrumental bridge is played before looping back to the intro.

This song is played during two missions in Alterna Space Center of the Return of the Mammalians single player campaign in Splatoon 3, first during The Spirit Lifter: Steerage, then immediately followed by The Spirit Lifter: First Class. While the same song is played continuously throughout these two missions, it is worth noting that different percussion instruments are used separately for these missions. The transition to the different instrumentals happens after the player lands onto the latter mission.

Like in many other missions, when the player has been spotted by enemies, an additional percussion track is layered on top of the music.


  • This track is named "Mission Stage Rocket 04" in the game files.
  • The melody of Alterna "boss clear" fanfare can be heard in this song.