The Splatlands

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An Inkling in the Splatlands.

The Splatlands are the main setting of Splatoon 3.


Map of the Splatlands and Inkadia

The Splatlands are located far away west of Inkopolis and Inkadia, the main setting of the first two games in the Splatoon series. The region has its own unique culture that has been attracting many Inklings and Octolings in the years prior to the events of Splatoon 3. Splatsville, the main hub of Splatoon 3, is located in the Splatlands. It is said to be very hot and looks to have altered the appearance of Inklings and Octolings that have resided there for some time. It has a desert climate and is very dry and large.

A structure resembling the Eiffel Tower is seen upside down next to the Crater, beneath which is the lost human settlement of Alterna. A picture was shown in the single-player campaign trailer that shows the structure being turned upside down.

According to the Alterna Logs, the Splatlands were the first region colonized by the ancestors of the Inklings and Octarians after they reached the Earth's surface from Alterna.

It is implied that the Splatlands were not as greatly affected by the flooding that caused the Great Turf War as Inkadia was due to the three lights that appeared to prevent the disaster in the area as described in Sunken Scroll 2. As a result, Inklings and Octarians in the Splatlands appear to have maintained positive relations with each other, with Shiver being described as having grown up near and attended the same middle school as Frye years before the events of Splatoon 3,[1] as well as her clan being said to have represented the Splatlands for many years with no apparent relation to the Octarian military.





"Splatlands" may be a portmanteau of "splat" and "badlands".

Names in other languages

The Splatlands
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バンカラ地方
bankara chihō
Scruffy region / rough region [a]
Netherlands Dutch De Splatlands The Splatlands
CanadaFrance French Contrée Clabousse From contrée ("country") and eclabousse ("splash")
Germany German Distrikt Splatsville Splatsville District
Italy Italian Splattonia -
Russia Russian Плюхтония
SpainMexico Spanish Región de Tintelia Splatsville Region
China Chinese (Simplified) 蛮颓地区
Mán tuí dìqū
Mantui District / Scruffy district
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 蠻頹地區
Mán tuí dìqū (Mandarin)
maan4 teoi4 dei6 keoi1 (Cantonese)
Mantui District / Scruffy district
South Korea Korean 카오폴리스 지방
kaopolliseu jibang
Chaopolis Region
Portugal Portuguese Splatlands[2] -
 Internal Splatlands[3]

Translation notes

  1. Bankara is a Meiji-era term meant as the opposite of high-collar (as in Inkopolis's Japanese name). Also a portmanteau of バンカー ("bunker") and カラー ("color") + 地方 ("region")