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A Crust Bucket Ticket

Tickets are a collectible in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3, obtained through various means, such as finding them in single-player or receiving them in Salmon Run bonuses.

Splatoon 2

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A sample of Meal and Drink Tickets.

Crust Bucket Tickets are coupons to be used at the Crust Bucket in exchange for meals or drinks. Upon using a ticket, the player gains a boost to rewards gained from Regular Battles, Ranked Battles, and League Battles, lasting a total of twenty matches. These boosts can affect either Cash received or level experience gained (for Meal Tickets), or gear experience gained and the chance of rolling a certain ability (for Drink Tickets). Meal Tickets multiply the earnings by a factor of either 1.5, 2 or 2.5, depending on the ticket used, whereas Drink Tickets always multiply by 1.5.

When using a Drink Ticket, there is always a 30% chance of rolling the ticket's favored ability, no matter what brand the gear is from.


Salmon Run

Tickets are available as rewards for participating in Salmon Run and Salmon Run Next Wave. Orange capsules have a 40% chance of giving a 2× ticket, and a 10% chance of giving a 2.5× ticket, both boosting either level experience or Cash. Otherwise, the player receives Cash 4,000. Likewise, blue capsules have a 40% chance of giving one random Drink Ticket and a 10% chance of giving three random Drink Tickets.


Octo Canyon

Tickets can be found in various Octo Canyon missions as pickups. Once a ticket has been taken, it cannot be obtained again; picking it up will grant the player one Power Egg instead.

After fully upgrading everything at the Ammo Knights Enhancifier, the player will also be able to purchase a random meal ticket for Power Eggs 1500 Power Eggs. This option is only limited by the number of Power Eggs gathered by the player.

Octo Expansion

It is possible to trade in a mem medal or 15,000 CQ Points at a vending machine located at the Central Station, after beating the final Turf War of the campaign, to get a random reward. These rewards include Drink and Food Tickets.

The Shoal

After completing one stamp page, the player is rewarded with a ticket. Unlike Octo Canyon, this reward may appear again with the completion of another page.

Splatoon 3

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  • The design of the tickets are based on tempura shrimp. The stub of the tickets is large and yellow, much like the main body of tempura shrimp, and the tearaway part has sharp frays in red and orange colors, similar to the tail ends.