Bomb Rush Blush (mission)

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For the song with the same name, see Bomb Rush Blush (song).
#27: Octoling Workout
Octo Canyon missions

Bomb Rush Blush
˜ Tide Goes Out ˜
Number B5
Area 5
Sheldon's Request Hero Shot
Rainmaker (Phase 4)
Items 1 Sardinium
Music Bomb Rush Blush (DJ Octavio)
Tidal Rush
Spicy Calamari Inkantation
amiibo challenges

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Bomb Rush Blush
DJ Octavio feat. Callie
Octobot King II
— intro to the final boss fight.

Bomb Rush Blush is the fifth and final boss mission in Splatoon 2's single-player mode, Octo Canyon.

Octo Canyon

A cutscene displays the location of the Boss Kettle and can be found on the map. The player must use a UFO and their ink to jump towards the kettle and enter it in squid form.

Boss Appearance

A brainwashed Callie in new gear.

DJ Octavio and the Octobot King II look similar to the final boss from Splatoon. The only exceptions are that a lot of areas on the weapon have changed from a silver color to gold and there is an extra platform on top of the weapon where Callie stands. The fists also have "OCTA" and "TACO" engraved on them, referencing "Octavio" and "tako", meaning octopus in Japanese. DJ Octavio still has stalks of wasabi next to his turntable, but also some takoyaki (octopus balls) in front of the turntable that are used in later attacks. Octavio now wears shutter shades and a kabuto helmet with spikes on it. Callie wears a short black tank top with black shorts and purple tights with sequins, giving them a "galactic" look, as well as gold octopus earrings, an octopus tentacle where her old headpiece sat, and the Hypnoshades that keep her under Octavio's control.



To defeat DJ Octavio, the player must shoot back flying fists sent by his Octo Weapon. In the final phase, this is done by a modified Rainmaker. After this is done, the player can shoot DJ Octavio, who falls out of his weapon, to proceed to the next phase.

Phase 1

DJ Octavio sends golden, flying fists at the player that must be shot to be sent back and cause damage to him. The hands rumble and glow pink just before they are shot to give the player a hint at when they are going to be launched, and turn green when shot with enough of Agent 4's ink. After four fists are shot back, Octavio will send out a spinning punch that cannot be hit by the player, with the only option being to avoid it. After shooting fists, Octavio can sometimes launch a Bomb Rush at Callie's call that sends out four large Splat Bombs. These are larger than usual but still work like ordinary Splat Bombs and should just be avoided. Octavio sometimes launches two fists at a time - the best choice is to focus on one, and if shot back successfully, the player should try ink the other, because their ink stays on the fists even when they retract. However, when a fist starts rotating for a spinning punch, it will clean off all the player's ink that is already on it. If neither fists are spinning and one of them is shot back at just the right angle, it will hit the other one, covering it in the player's ink and sending it back as well. After successfully shooting back four more fists, Octavio will fall off the Octobot King II and the player can shoot him.

Phase 2

The second phase begins with the Octo Weapon raising higher. The attacks such as the flying fists are the same in this phase. Octavio can sometimes send small balls with Octarian tentacles in that can be shot down in the air or when they fall on the ground. If a ball is not shot after a short period of time, it creates a tower of purple ink that will harm the player if touched. It is best to shoot as many balls as possible in this short time because if not, they can reduce movement whilst dodging other attacks. In this phase, Octavio can fire two spinning fists at a time and uses a Bomb Rush of large gold Suction Bombs. Just like before, the bombs are bigger than usual, but work the same as the originals. Another new attack in this phase is when the weapon turns its speakers into Ink Pistons and dashes across the arena with an ink shower pouring from the bottom of the weapon like the Octo Shower. This will splat the player if caught under it. After shooting back enough fists, Octavio will fall off the Octobot King II again and the player can shoot him to finish Phase 2.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, DJ Octavio is much faster and often dashes to the side before sending a fist towards the player. Aside from this, all his attacks are the same as the last phase.

Phase 4

The player being given the Rainmaker by Sheldon.

In the final phase, the player is given a modified Rainmaker by Sheldon. They then Super Jump to a set of Ride Rails above the arena to follow DJ Octavio in the Octobot King II. Whilst grinding, the player must shoot the normal flying fists with the Rainmaker and avoid the spinning fists by jumping. After eight fists are shot back, DJ Octavio will fall and the player must move to a new Ride Rail at the center to finish him off. At the end of the rail, Marie prompts the player to jump and land on DJ Octavio with the Rainmaker to defeat him, which however jumping is not mandatory.


The scene will then transition back to the title screen in Inkopolis Square, with Off the Hook finding out that the Great Zapfish and Callie have returned and with someone by the username "Freshly Fried Boy" requesting the song Fresh Start, which plays over the credits.

If the player replays the stage again and defeats the boss, instead of the cutscene showing, a Zapfish doll appears instead with the whole stage empty and quiet and the player will receive 100 Power Eggs, in an identical process to the other boss battles. The replayability of this mission is explained by Callie's decision to put the Hypnoshades back on because they "look good on [her]".

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced



Marie's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
Let's go, Agent 4! Wait... Is that... ? CALLIE?!
Callie... Why?
That's it, Agent 4! Show no mercy!
He's gonna hit you with his shower attack! Dodge to the side!
Octavio is exposed! This is your chance, Agent 4!
Callie! It's me. Your cousin Marie. Try to remember!
Don't hold back, Agent 4! He's raising up!
Another Bomb Rush!
Something's coming! Can you shoot it down?
Agent 4! I'll be there soon. Hold out just a little longer!
Octavio's down! It's all you, Agent 4!
I'm here! Hold on!
YES! That was a direct hit with my special low-tide ink!
Now, Agent 4! While Callie is stunned! Make DJ Octavio pay!
He's fast! Watch out for his dash punch!
Agent 4, keep it up! I'm gonna sing from here!
Octavio's down! Get him, Agent 4!
The low-tide ink is working! Callie! Remember! That heavenly melody!
Follow him, Agent 4! End this!
Agent 4! Jump to dodge the spinning punches!
Agent 4! Head for Octavio from the inner ride rail!
Now! Jump with and hit him with the Rainmaker!
Replaying the final boss:
Mess him up, Agent 4! Wait... Seriously? Why are you here, Callie?! WE ALREADY RESCUED YOU.
*sigh* Why would you put those stupid brainwashing sunglasses back on?
Octavio, stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!
Ohhhhh! I just realized that mine and Callie's names... Actually, now's not the time.
Now! Fry this shrimp!
Hmm... This fight reminds me of a certain Splatfest...
Don't let up, Agent 4! And now he's raising up into the air. I've heard this song before.
Oh, it's his... calamari bomb... things. I'm not sure what they're actually called.
I'm on my way, Agent 4. Just keep hitting him until I show up!
Dodge to the side when he uses his shower attack!
Fondue this fool!
I'm here!
Callie! Forget about those stupid sunglasses!
Now, Agent 4! While Callie is stunned! End DJ Octavio's career!
Yeah, OK. Dash punch, yadda yadda.
It's all you now, Agent 4! I've gotta sing!
CALLIE! You are NOT staying fresh right now!
And here come the suction bombs... Octavio needs a new set list.
Purée this punk!
The low-tide ink is working! Callie's coming to!
Callie! Remember! The world's reflected in our songs!
Look, I know you DJs recycle old content for a living, but at least get some new dialogue.
If you can't deflect the punch, jump over it!
Move to the inner ride rail!
Now jump with and finish him!

Sheldon's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
Watch out for his spinning punches. They can't be bounced back!
Agent 4! I brought you a modded version of the Rainmaker! Hold down to build pressure, then release it to shoot an ink missile. All right, Agent 4. Show me what you can do with that modified Rainmaker!
Hold to charge up the Rainmaker, and rain on Octavio's parade!
Replaying the final boss:
You've got to avoid his spinning punches!
Agent 4! That's the super-modded Rainmaker! You know how to use it, right? Hold to increase pressure, then let go to fire it! Now make it rain!
Hold down to charge up the Rainmaker, and let 'er rip!

Callie's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
I told you to leave...
Now you leave me no choice... Prepare to be rocked! Hey, DJ!
Time for our first song of the night: Bomb Rush Blush!
Spin it, DJ!
🎵Blushing faces covered in pink! Rushing bombs, exploding ink!🎵
HNNNNG! Come on, Octavio!
My... My head...
The one and only... I... I remember... YEAH!
Replaying the final boss:
You're just in time for the encore performance.
THEY LOOK GOOD ON ME, OK?! No one throws shade at my shades and gets away with it! Hey, DJ!
Let's hit 'em with our hit single: Bomb Rush Blush!
AHH! I just love these shades! They're so fresh!
🎵Faces blush, a rush of ink! Bombs explode, no time to think!🎵
Octavio! Turn 'em into calamari!
Hey, no fair!
Ow! You got ink RIGHT in my eye!
And our songs are reflected in the world... I... I remember! I'm back!

DJ Octavio's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
Octavio in da houuuuuuuuse! GYAH HA HA! I REMIXED CALLIE'S BRAIN!
Time to drop the beatdown!
GYAH HA HA! Comin' with that hotness!
NOOOOO! The hypnoshades!
Time to turn the tables! Spicy speed mode!
I CAN'T... RESIST THE GROOVE... ANY LONGER! Splat you, Squid Sisterrrrrrrs!
Guh... Not again... Cross-fade to blaaaaaaack...
Replaying the final boss:
GYA HA HA! I re-remixed Callie's brain! AND I'MA REMIX YOUR FACE!
GRAAAH! Double time! More beatdowns per minute!
I didn't wanna do this, but... IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-DROP THE SEA BASS!
BLGRRARGH! Again... So sad... Cross-fade to blaaaaaaaaaaack...

Japan Japanese

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ホタル's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time
  • "4号...行くよッ!"

(Let's go, Agent 4!)

  • ""あ, あれは..."
  • ""アオリちゃん?!"


  • "アオリちゃん, どうして..."

(Callie, why...)

  • "アオリちゃん! こらっ!"
  • "シャワー攻撃, 来るよ! 横によけて!"
  • "タコワサ出て来た! 4号,とっちめて!"

(Octavio came out! Get him, Agent 4!)

  • "アオリちゃん! アタシだよ...思い出して!"

(Callie! It's me...Remember!)

  • "4号,きばるんよ!"
  • "上から 来るっ!"
  • "なんか来るよ! うち落とせる?"
  • "またボムラッシュ... よけて!"

(Another Bomb Rush...Avoid it!)

  • "4号! アタシもそっちに行くから, ちょっとがんばっといて!"
  • "タコワサ, 落ちた! キメちゃって, 4号!"

Fighting the final boss for the first time:

ブキチ's Quotes

  • "まいどありがとでし
  • "グルグルパンチ! あれは打ち返せないでし!"

アオリ's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "コナイデッテ イッタノニ!."
  • "コーナッタラ..."
  • "チカラヅクデモ カエッテモラウヨ!"
  • "へイ, DJ!"
    (Hey, DJ!)
  • "Hey ヤッチャッテ! トキメキ☆ボムラッシュ!"
  • "ゴーゴー, DJ!"
  • "トドケ, トキメキ♪ トドロケ, ボムラッシュ☆"
    (Exciting delivery♪ Resounding bomb rush☆)
  • "アハハ! ヤッチャエ, ショーグン!"
  • "ウググ...!"
  • "DJ!"
  • "キープ・オン・ミュージック!!"
    (Keep on the music!)
  • "あイタ!"
  • "ウうう...!!"
  • "ウうう...!!"
  • "アぅ...アタマが... スっぱい..."
  • "うたえば... ごくらく...?"
  • "ア...アタシの イばしょ ココジャない...!"
  • "えいっ!"

Replaying the final boss:

  • "マジデ、トキメキ♪ ハジケテ、ボムラッシュ☆"
    (Unbelievably exciting♪ Bursting bomb rush☆)

DJタコワサ将軍's Quotes

  • "Hey! ワサ! ワサ!"
  • "ギギ...アオリチャン チョ口イ! カン夕ンニ センノウ デキタ!"
  • "ギギ...ステイチューン!"
  • "ギッ...!"
  • "ギギ...OK!"
  • "ギッ...!"

Netherlands Dutch

Marie's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "Zorg dat je alert blijft, agent 4!"
    (Make sure that you stay alert, Agent 4!)
  • "Wacht... Is dat?"
    (Wait... Is that?)
  • "Callie?!"
  • "Callie... waarom?"
    (Callie... why?)
  • "Hij gaat je raken met zijn Koude Douche[sic]! Wijk uit naar de zijkant!"
    (He is going to hit you with his Cold Shower! Dodge to the side!)
  • "Het werkt, agent 4! Ga zo door!"
    (It works, Agent 4! Keep it up!)
  • "Beheers je, Callie!"
    (Control yourself, Callie!)
  • "Daar ligt Octavio! Agent 4, nu hangt het van jou af!"
    (There lies Octavio! Agent 4, now it depends on you!)
  • "Callie! Ik ben het! Je kunt me toch niet zijn vergeten?!"
    (Callie! It is me! You can't have forgotten me, right?!)
  • "Geef alles, agent 4!"
    (Give everything, Agent 4!)
  • "Hij stijgt!"
    (He rises!)
  • "Nog meer bommenhagel!"
    (Even more bomb hail!)
  • "Agent 4! Ik ben er bijna, dus houd het nog even vol!"
    (Agent 4! I am almost there, so persevere for just a little while longer!)
  • "Agent 4, ga zo door! Ik zal zingen vanaf hier!"
    (Agent 4, keep it up! I will sing from here!)
  • "Agent 4, spring om de draaislagen te ontwijken!"
    (Agent 4, jump to dodge the spin strikes!)
Marie's Quotes
Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "Projectielen in aantocht! Kun je erop schieten?"
    (Projectiles approaching! Can you shoot on it?)
  • "Octavio is gevallen! Eropaf, agent 4!"
    (Octavio has fallen! Towards him, Agent 4!)
  • "We zijn er! Hou stil..."
    (We are there! Keep still...)
  • "Ha! Tijd om het tij te keren!"
    (Ha! Time to turn the tide!)
  • "Agent 4, nu! Callie is helemaal in de ban!"
    (Agent 4, now! Callie is completely enthralled!)
  • "Ik laat DJ Octavio aan jou over!"
    (I will leave DJ Octavio to you!)
  • "Wat is hij snel! Zorg ervoor dat hij je niet raakt met zijn snelslagen!"
    (He is quick! Make sure that he doens't hit you with his quick strikes!)
  • "Word wakker, Callie!"
    (Wake up, Callie)
  • "Octavio ligt weer op de grond te kermen! Pak 'm!"
    (Octavio is moaning on the ground again! Get him!)
  • "Het werkt! Dit is onze kans!"
    (It works! This is our chance!)
  • "Callie! Kun je je het herinneren?"
    (Callie! Can you remember it?)
  • "Die geweldige muziek!"
    (The awesome music!)
  • "Volg hem, agent 4! Breng er een einde aan!"
    (Follow him, Agent 4! Put an end to it!)
  • "Agent 4, met de linkse surfrail kom je bij Octavio!"
    (Agent 4, with the left ride rail you come to Octavio!)
  • "Spring met en vuur de Bazookarper af!"
    (Jump with and fire off the Rainmaker!)
Marie's Quotes
Replaying the final boss:
  • "Doe het, agent 4!"
    (Do it, Agent 4!)
  • "Wacht... Is dat?"
    (Wait... Is that?)
  • "Je weet natuurlijk al dat dat Callie is."
    (Of course you already know that that's Callie.)
  • "Callie... Waarom heb je nou die hypnozonnebril terug opgezet?"
    (Callie... Why did you put those hypnoshades back on?)
  • "Geweldig, agent 4!"
    (Awesome, Agent 4!)
  • "O nee, Callie..."
    (Oh no, Callie...)
  • "Wijk uit naar de zijkant als hij zijn Koude Douche[sic] gebruikt!"
    (Dodge to the side if he uses his Cold Shower!)
  • "Woehoe! Daar ligt Octavio!"
    (Woohoo! There lies Octavio!)
  • "Callie... Jij ziet niks met die zonnebril op, of wel?"
    (Callie... You see nothing with those sunglasses on, or do you?)
  • "Goed bezig, agent 4!"
    (Doing well, Agent 4!)
  • "Hij stijgt op..."
    (He rises...)
  • "Agent 4, ik kom eraan... Houd vol!"
    (Agent 4, I am coming... Hold on!)
  • "En daar zijn de Kleefbommen... Octavio mag zijn setlist wel eens opfrissen."
    (And there are the Suction Bombs... Octavio may want to refresh his set list sometime.)
  • "Agent 4, de rest moet jij doen! Ik ga zingen!"
    (Agent 4, you have to do the rest! I'm going to sing!)
  • "Spring als je de slagen niet kunt afweren!"
    (Jump if you can't deflect the strikes!)
Marie's Quotes
Replaying the final boss:
  • "O nee! Eh... Inktvis... bommen... Of hoe je die dingen ook noemt."
    (Oh no! Er... Squid... bombs... Or whatever you call those things.)
  • "Daar ligt Octavio weer! Eropaf!"
    (There lies Octavio again! Towards him!)
  • "Hier ben ik!"
    (Here I am!)
  • "Callie! Vergeet die suffe zonnebril toch!"
    (Callie! Forget those dull sunglasses!)
  • "Agent 4, nu! Callie is helemaal in de ban!"
    (Agent 4, now! Callie is completely enthralled!)
  • "Houd DJ Octavio tegen!"
    (Hold DJ Octavio back!)
  • "Ja, oké. Snelslag... en zo verder..."
    (Yes, Okay. Quick strike... and so on...)
  • "Callie! Je bent echt ontzettend niet-vers aan het zijn!"
    (Callie! You are really being incredibly not-fresh!)
  • "Volgens mij is Octavio het ritme behoorlijk kwijt!"
    (I believe Octavio has quite lost the rhythm!)
  • "Het werkt! Callie komt weer tot zichzelf!"
    (It works! Callie comes to herself again!)
  • "Callie! Luister toch!"
    (Callie! Listen!)
  • "De wereld is weerspiegeld in onze liedjes..."
    (The world is reflected in our songs...)
  • "Ha, niet voor agent 4 karperaccio van je maakt!"
    (Ha, not before Agent 4 makes Carpaccio of you!)
  • "Ga naar de meest linkse surfrail!"
    (Go to the most left ride rail!)
  • "Spring met !"
    (Jump with !)

Krabbert's Quotes

Order van Krabbert:
  • "Gebruik dit wapen maar snel, dan kan ik de gegevens ervan analyseren!"
    (Use this weapon quickly, then I can analyze the data of it!)
Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "Kijk uit voor zijn draaislagen, die kun je niet afweren."
    (Look out for his spin strikes, you can't deflect those.)
  • "De enige, echte SQUID SISTERS!"
    (The one and only SQUID SISTERS!)
  • "Agent 4! Ik heb hier een vernieuwde versie van de Bazookarper voor je!"
    (Agent 4! I have a renewed version of the Rainmaker for you here!)
  • "Houd ingedrukt om druk op te bouwen en laat los voor een loei van een schot!"
    (Hold pressed to build pressure and let go for a roar of a shot!)
  • "Oké, agent. Laat me zien wat je kunt doen met deze vernieuwde Bazookarper!"
    (Okay, Agent. Show me what you can do with this renewed Rainmaker!)
  • "Druk op om de Bazookarper op te laden en Octavio's plannen te verpesten!"
    (Press to charge the Rainmaker and to ruin Octavio's plans!)
Replaying the final boss:
  • "Je moet zijn draaislagen vermijden!"
    (You have to avoid the spin strikes!)
  • "De Squid Sisters zijn terug! Tijd voor een reünietoer!"
    (The Squid Sisters are back! Time for a reunion tour!)
  • "Agent 4! Dit is de supervernieuwde Bazookarper!"
    (Agent 4! This is the super-renewed Rainmaker!)
  • "Je weet hoe hij werkt, toch? Druk op ZR om druk op te bouwen, en laat los!"
    (You know how it works, right? Press ZR to build pressure, and let go!)
  • "Oké! Laat nu maar eens zien wat die Bazookarper kan!"
    (Okay! Now let's see what that Rainmaker can do!)
  • "Druk op om de Bazookarper op te laden en laat dan los!"
    (Press to charge the Rainmaker and then let go!)

Callie's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "Ik heb toch gezegd dat je weg moest gaan..."
    (I told you that you had to leave...)
  • "Nu heb ik geen andere keuze..."
    (Now I have no other choice...)
  • "Tijd om het grove geschut in te zetten!"
    (Time to call in the big guns!)
  • "Hé, Octavio!"
    (Hey, Octavio!)
  • "Tijd voor ons openingsnummer: Bomb Rush Blush!"
    (Time for our opening number: Bomb Rush Blush!)
  • "Laat het feest beginnen, dj[sic]!"
    (Let the party begin, DJ!)
  • "Bereid je voor op de bommenhagel! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
    (Prepare for the bomb hail! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)
  • "HAHAHA! Geen genade, Octavio!"
    (HAHAHA! No mercy, Octavio!)
  • "Ai..."
    (Oh oh...)
  • "DJ!"
  • "Laat het knallen!"
    (Fire it up!)
Callie's Quotes
Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "Au!"
  • "Auuuuu..."
  • "Oei..."
    (Oh my...)
  • "M-Mijn hoofd..."
    (M-My head...)
  • "De enige, echte..."
    (The one and only...)
  • "Wacht... Ik... Ik weet het weer..."
    (Wait... I... I remember...)
  • "Precies!"
Callie's Quotes
Replaying the final boss:
  • "Hier voor een toegift?"
    (Here for an encore?)
  • "Ze staan me gewoon hartstikke goed, oké?!"
    (They just look freaking good on me, okay?!)
  • "Niemand geeft ongestraft commentaar op mijn gevoel voor mode!"
    (No one comments on my sense of fashion with impunity!)
  • "Hé, Octavio!"
    (Hey, Octavio!)
  • "Tijd voor onze hitsingle: Bomb Rush Blush!"
    (Time for our hit single: Bomb Rush Blush!)
  • "Deze zonnebril... is van mij! Hij is veel te cool!"
    (These sunglasses... are mine! They are way too cool!)
  • "Bommen, bommen overal!"
    (Bombs, bombs everywhere!)
  • "Ja, Octavio, ja! Ga zo door!"
    (Yes, Octavio, yes! Keep it up!)
  • "Bah... Dat is NIET EERLIJK!"
    (Bah... That is NOT FAIR!)
  • "Grrrrr! Houd toch op met praten!"
    (Grrrrr! Just stop talking!)
  • "Ik ben nog niet klaar! DJ, blijf dansen!"
    (I am not done yet! DJ, keep dancing!)
Callie's Quotes
Replaying the final boss:
  • "Oei!"
    (Oh my...)
  • "Ooooooo!"
  • "Aiiiii!"
    (Oh, oooooh!)
  • "Au! Inkt in m'n oog!"
    (Ouch! Ink in my eye!)
  • "En onze liedjes zijn weerspiegeld in de wereld..."
    (And our songs are reflected in the world...)
  • "Ik... Ik weet het weer..."
    (I... I remember...)
  • "Ik ben terug!"
    (I am back!)

DJ Octavio's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "DJ Octavio is in da house!"
    (DJ Octavio is in da house!)
  • "HAHAHAAA! Ik heb Callie gehersenremixt!"
    (HAHAHAAA! I have brainremixed Callie!)
  • "Hou mijn ritme maar 'ns effe bij!"
    (Just keep up with my rhythm!)
  • "Oef..."
  • "HAHAHAAA! Daar gaat-ie dan!"
    (HAHAHAA! There it goes then!)
  • "Oef..."
  • "Gr... Nee! De hypnozonnebril!"
    (Gr... No! My hypnoshades!)
  • "Tijd om op volle toeren te gaan! Hier is de hogesnelheidsstand!"
    (Time to go full throttle! Here is the high speed mode!)
  • "O nee, de Bazookarper... Die is gevaarlijk!"
    (Oh no, the Rainmaker... That one is dangerous!)
  • "Arg! Squid Sisterrrrrs... Ik heb geen... controle over mijn... lichaam!"
    (Ugh! Squid Sisterrrrrs... I have no... control over my... body!)
  • "Ai..."
    (Oh oh...)
  • "Onmogelijk..."
  • "Ik... kan... het... niet... geloven..."
    (I... can... not... believe... it...)
Replaying the final boss:
  • "Remix van Callies hersenremix!"
    (Remix of Callie's brainremix!)
  • "Tijd voor een remix van je gezicht!"
    (Time for a remix of your face!)
  • "Voetjes van de vloer!"
    (Get a groove on!)
  • "Oef..."
  • "HAHAHAA!"
  • "Oef..."
  • "De hypnozonnebril! Niet weer!"
    (The hypnoshades! Not again!)
  • "Bah, brutale bakvis... Tijd voor de hogesnelheidsstand!"
    (Bah, impudent fried fish... Time for the high speed mode!)
  • "Grrr! Ik maak vissticks van je!"
    (Grrr! I make fish sticks of you!)
  • "Neeee! Stelletje sadistische Squid Sisters... Ik kan het niet weerstaan... Ik moet dansen!"
    (Noooo! Little bunch of sadistic Squid Sisters... I can't withstand it... I have to dance!)
  • "Grrr..."
  • "Verslagen... alweer..."
    (Defeated... again...)
  • "Onmogelijk..."

France French

Translation needed
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Oly's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
Que... J'hallucine !
Ayo ?!
Ayo... Mais pourquoi... ?
Ça marche ! Continue comme ça, Numéro 4 !
Ayo !
Attention ou tu vas prendre une douche ! Esquive sur le côté !
Voilà Octave ! Numéro 4, à l'attaque !
Ayo ! C'est moi, Oly ! Réveille-toi, bon sang !
Vas-y, Numéro 4, donne tout ce que t'as !
Il attaque d'en haut !
Encore un bombardement ! Aux abris !
Tiens bon, Numéro 4 ! J'arrive bientôt !
Octave est au sol ! Profites-en, Numéro 4 !
Je suis là ! Tiens bon...
Parfait, j'aurais pas pas pu mieux viser !
Numéro 4, c'est le moment ! Tant qu'Ayo est à la ramasse...
Je te laisse réduire DJ Octave au silence !
Fais gaffe à ses poings turbo, il s'agit d'avoir des réflexes !
Continue comme ça, Numéro 4 ! Moi, je pousse la chansonnette !
Réveille-toi, Ayo !
C'est Octave ! Remets-le à sa place, Numéro 4 !
Cette mélodie...
C'est maintenant ou jamais !
Ayo ! Souviens-toi !
File-lui le train, Numéro 4 ! Qu'on en finisse !
Numéro 4 ! Esquive les poings rotatifs en sautant !
Numéro 4 ! Bondis sur le fil conducteur intérieur et fonce sur Octave !
C'est le moment ! Saute avec  !
Replaying the final boss:
Vas-y, Numéro 4 !
Pfff, sérieux ?! Ayo s'est encore fait hypnotiser...
Ayo, ces lunettes... pourquoi les avoir remises ?
Bien joué, Numéro 4 !
Ayo ! C'est pas vrai...
Esquive sur le côté quand il essaie de te doucher sous l'encre !
Bah alors, Octave ?
Ayo, t'y vois rien avec ces lunettes, avoue !
Ne te relâche pas, Numéro 4 !
D'accord, donc maintenant, il attaque d'en haut...
Des céphalo-bombes ! Enfin, c'est comme ça que je les appelle...
Tiens bon, Numéro 4 ! J'arrive bientôt !
DJ Octave, il en bave ! C'est un DJ grave pourrave !
Allez, danse, Octave !
Je suis là !
Ayo... Laisse tomber ces lunettes !
Numéro 4, c'est le moment ! Tant qu'Ayo est à la ramasse...
Fais avaler ses platines à DJ Octave !
Là, il sort son poing turbo, bla bla bla...
À toi de jouer, Numéro 4 ! Moi, je pousse la chansonnette !
Ça suffit, Ayo ! Y en a marre, calamar !
Danse, Octave ! Danse ! Danse ! Danse !
C'est maintenant ou jamais !
Ayo ! Souviens-toi !
Nos chansons font écho au monde...
Ha ha ! Seulement si Numéro 4 ne te transforme pas en carpaccio avant !
Si tu ne peux pas lui renvoyer son poing, esquive-le d'un saut bien placé !
Cap sur le fil conducteur intérieur !
Maintenant ! Saute avec  !

Cartouche's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
Attention à ses poings rotatifs ! Impossible de les renvoyer !
Zénial ! Les Calamazones sont de retour !
Numéro 4 ! Z'ai une version améliorée du Bazookarpe pour toi !
Maintiens pour le charzer, et relâche pour déclencher une tempête d'encre !
Vas-y, Numéro 4 ! Zoue-lui une symphonie en Bazookarpe amélioré mazeur !
Charze le Bazookarpe en maintenant , puis relâche le bouton et boum !
Replaying the final boss:
Esquive ses poings rotatifs, c'est ta seule chance !
C'est la reformation des Calamazones, les seules et uniques !
Numéro 4 ! C'est le Bazookarpe amélioré !
Tu connais la musique : pour charzer, et on relâche le bouton !
Vas-y, Numéro 4 ! Zoue-lui une symphonie en Bazookarpe amélioré mazeur !
Charze le Bazookarpe en maintenant , puis relâche le bouton et boum !

Ayo's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
Je t'avais dit de partir !
Tu me laisses pas le choix...
Je vais devoir te faire décamper par la force !
Envoie la sauce, DJ !
Vas-y, c'est parti ! Fais cracher les amplis ! Bomb Rush Blush !
Octave est dans la place ! Numéro 4 est dans les choux !
En avant la musique ! Bombardement groovy !
(Turn the music on! Groovy bomb rush!)
AH AH AH ! Vas-y, Octave, place à la marave !
Argh... !
DJ Octave !
C'est l'heure du final !
Aïeuh !
Aaahh !
Aaargh... !
M-Ma tête...
Les seules et uniques...
Je... Mais j'ai rien à faire ici, moi !
Yeah !
Replaying the final boss:
Tu veux un rappel, c'est ça ?
Parce qu'elles sont trop classe, OK ?!
Vous allez voir ce que vous allez voir...
Envoie la sauce, DJ !
Allez, tout le monde chante avec moi ! Bomb Rush Blush !
Ces lunettes sont vraiment trop cool...
♪ Ce morceau démarre en trombe, c'est vraiment de la bombe ! ♪
(♪ This tune starts with a bang, it really rocks! ♪)
Allez Octave ! T'es le roi de la marave !
J'ai pas fini ! Octave, la suite !
Aïeuh !
Aaahh !
Aaargh... !
M-Mes yeux...
Et le monde fait écho à nos chansons !
Ça... ça me revient !
J'ai retrouvé mes esprits !

DJ Octave's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
Octave est dans la place !
Grr... Ayo a un cerveau d'huître ! Pas compliqué à hypnotiser !
Ça va barder !
Grrr... OK !
Grr... Non ! Les hypno-lunettes !
Grrr... Comment oses-tu, misérable ? Accéléro-mode enclenché !
Un Bazookarpe ? C'est l'heure de jouer une petite fugue !
Fichues Calamazones ! Je... Je ne contrôle plus mes gestes !
Comment est-ce que...
Je... Non... C'est impossible...
Replaying the final boss:
Octave est toujours dans la place !
Grr... Ayo a un cerveau d'huître ! Pas compliqué à hypnotiser !
Ça va barder !
Grrr... OK !
Grr... Non ! Les hypno-lunettes !
Grrr... Tu vas déguster ! Accéléro-mode enclenché !
Grrr ! Je vais te transformer en purée de calamar !
Satanées Calamazones ! Grr... Mon corps bouge tout seul !
J'ai encore... perdu...
C'est... pas... possible...

Russia Russian

Мари's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "Агент 004, вперед! Погоди... это же... Кэлли?!" ("Agent 4, go ahead! Wait... is that... Callie?!")
  • "Кэлли, но почему?!" ("Callie, but why?!")
  • "Есть! Продолжай в том же духе!" ("Yes! Keep up the good work!")
  • "Кэлли, возьми себя в руки!" ("Callie, get a grip!")
  • "Он приготовил для тебя холодный душ! Уходи в сторону!" ("He prepared a cold shower for you! Get out of the way!")
  • "Октавио беззащитен! В атаку, агент 004!" ("Octavio is defenseless! Attack, Agent 4!")
  • "Кэлли, это я, твоя кузина Мари! Постарайся вспомнить!" ("Callie, it's me, your cousin Marie! Try to remember!")
  • "Задай ему, агент 004! Берегись, он взлетает!" ("Ask him, Agent 4! Watch out, he's taking off!")
  • "Еще один град бомб!" ("Another hail of bombs!")
  • "А это еще что? Попробуй сбить!" ("And what's that? Try to shoot down!")
  • "Агент 004, я буду совсем скоро! Продержись еще чуть-чуть!" ("Agent 4, I'll be there soon! Hold on a little longer!")
  • "Лежачего не бьют, конечно... Но Октавио это не касается!" ("They don't beat the lying down, of course ... But Octavio doesn't care!")
  • "Я с тобой! Держись!" ("I'm with you! Hold on!")
  • "Да! Настоящее искусство непобедимо!" ("Yes! Real art is invincible!")
  • "Скорее, агент 004! Пока Кэлли в ауте! Пора задать этому диджею!" ("Hurry, Agent 4! While Callie's out! Time to ask that DJ!")
  • "Ого, вот это скорость! Берегись его быстрых кулаков!" ("Wow, that's speed! Watch out for his quick fists!")
  • "Агент 4, так держать! А я... буду петь!" ("Agent 4, keep it up! And I... will sing!")
  • "Кэлли, очнись!" ("Callie, wake up!")
  • "Октавио беззащитен! Бей его!" ("Octavio is defenseless! Hit him!")
  • "Когда я пою, никто не устоит! Кэлли, вспоминай! Какая прекрасная мелодия!" ("When I sing, no one can resist! Callie, remember! What a beautiful melody!")
  • "За ним, агент 004! Победа близка!" ("Follow him, Agent 4! Victory is near!")
  • "Агент 004, прыгай, чтобы уклониться от ударов, которые не можешь отразить!"("Agent 4, jump to dodge hits you can't parry!")
  • "Чтобы добраться до Октавио, используй ближайший к нему красконвейер!" ("To get to Octavio, use the ride rail closest to him!")
  • "Давай, прыгай !" ("Come on, jump with !")
Replaying the final boss:
  • "Вперед, агент 004! Что... опять?! Кэлли, ну сколько можно-то..." ("Let's go, Agent 4! What...again?! Callie, how much can you...")
  • "Кэлли, сними ты эти гипноочки наконец!" ("Callie, take off those hypnoshades at last!")
  • "Отлично, агент 004!" ("Excellent, Agent 4!")
  • "Ой, я тут подумала, что если прочитать наши с Кэлли имена подряд, то... м-да.." ("Oh, I was thinking that if you read Callie and my names in a row, then... hmm...")
  • "Давай, задай ему!" ("Come on, ask him!")
  • "Кэлли, эти очки тебе только мешают!" ("Callie, those glasses are only getting in your way!")
  • "Вперед, агент 004! Не теряй бдительность! Он взлетает!" ("Let's go, Agent 4! Stay alert! He's taking off!")
  • "Бомбы «Кальмаробойки»... По-моему, они так называются." ("Squid-breaker bombs... I think that's what they're called.")
  • "Агент 004, я иду на выручку. Продержись еще немного!"("Agent 4, I'm going to the rescue. Hold on a little longer!")
  • "Когда он хочет обдать тебя холодным душем, уходи в сторону!" ("When he wants to give you a cold shower, step aside!")
  • "Поставь точку в его карьере!" ("Put an end to his career!")
  • "Я здесь!" ("I'm here!")
  • "Кэлли, что ты так привязалась к этим дурацким очкам?!" ("Callie, why are you so attached to those stupid glasses?!")
  • "Агент 004, скорее! Пока Кэлли в ауте! Разберись с Октавио!" ("Agent 4, quick! While Callie's out! Deal with Octavio!")
  • "Быстрый кулак... Кунг-фу, все дела..." ("Fast fist... Kung Fu, all things...")
  • "Агент 004, все зависит от тебя! А я спою, пожалуй." ("Agent 4, it all depends on you! And I'll sing, perhaps.")
  • "Кэлли! Хватит пакостить!" ("Callie! Stop messing around!")
  • "🎵Сет покрылся краскою абсолютно весь! Бомбы на присосках у диджея есть!🎵" ("🎵The set is completely covered with paint! The DJ has bombs on suction cups!🎵")
  • "Покажи этому горе-музыканту!" ("Show this unfortunate musician!")
  • "Музыка творит чудеса!!!" ("Music works wonders!!!")
  • "Кэлли! Вспоминай! Весь мир лишь отражение наших песен!" ("Callie! Remember! The whole world is just a reflection of our songs!")
  • "Ага, разбежался! Сам пойдешь на гриль!" ("Yeah, run away! You'll go to the grill yourself!")
  • "Если не можешь отразить удар, прыгай!" ("If you can't parry, jump!")
  • "Давай на красконвейер, который ближе к центру!" ("Let's go to the ride rail, which is closer to the center!")
  • "Теперь прыгай !" ("Now jump with !")

Пушкин's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "Крутящийся кулак нельзя отбить! Уклоняйся!" ("The spinning fist cannot be deflected! Dodge!")
  • "SQUID SISTERS снова с вами!!!" ("The Squid Sisters are with you again!!!")
  • "Агент 004, держи! Это мегакарп! Доработанная версия! Накачай краски, удерживая ZR, и выпусти целый вихрь! Давай, покажи на что моё детище способно!" ("Agent 4, here you go! It's a Rainmaker! A modified version! Pump up paint while holding ZR and unleash a whirlwind! Come on, show me what my brainchild can do!")
  • "Накачай краски, удерживая , и устрой фейерверк!" ("Pump up paint by holding and set off fireworks!")
Replaying the final boss:
  • "Не попадись под удар крутящегося кулака!" ("Don't get hit by the spinning fist!")
  • "SQUID SISTERS снова вместе! С новыми песнями!" ("The Squid Sisters are back together! With new songs!")
  • "Агент 004, держи! Это мегакарп! Доработанная версия! Накачай краски, удерживая ZR, и выпусти целый вихрь! Давай, покажи, на что моё детище способно!"("Agent 4, here you go! It's a Rainmaker! A modified version! Pump up paint while holding ZR and unleash a whirlwind! Come on, show me what my baby can do!")
  • "Удерживай , чтобы накачать побольше краски, и стреляй!" ("Hold to pump up more paint and shoot!")

Кэлли's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "Я же сказала тебе проваливать!" ("I told you to get out!")
  • "Ты не оставляешь мне выбора... Придется применить силу! Эй, диджей!" ("You leave me no choice... I'll have to use force! Hey, DJ!")
  • "Послушайте "Bomb Rush Blush"! Тушите свет и клейте ласты!" ("Listen to 'Bomb Rush Blush'! Put out the lights and glue your fins!")
  • "Зажигай, диджей!" ("Light it up, DJ!")
  • "🎵Летят утки, летят утки и два гуся! И куча-а-а бомб, тру-ля-ля!!!🎵" ("🎵Ducks are flying, ducks and two geese are flying! And a bu-u-unch of bombs, tru-la-la!!!🎵")
  • "Октавио, давай же!" ("Octavio, come on!")
  • "Не-е-ет!" ("No-o-o!")
  • "Диджей! Забацай что-нибудь помпезное!" ("DJ! Play something pompous!")
  • "Ай!" ("Ai!")
  • "О-о-ох!" ("Oh-oh-oh!")
  • "А-а-а!" ("A-ah-ah!")
  • "Моя... моя голова..." ("My... my head...")
  • "Единственные и неповторимые?.. Я... я вспомнила... Да-а-а!" ("The one and only?.. I... I remembered... Yes-ah-ah!")
Replaying the final boss:
  • "Тебе на бис наподдавать?" ("Do you need an encore?")
  • "С чего мне их снимать?! Они мне нравятся! Кто наезжает на мои очки, наезжает на меня! Эй, диджей!" ("Why would I take them off?! I like them! Whoever rides on my glasses rides on me! Hey, DJ!")
  • "А сейчас хит - "Bomb Rush Blush"!" ("And now the hit is "Bomb Rush Blush"!")
  • "Очки не отдам!" ("I won't give you glasses!")
  • "🎵Бомбы валят, валят, валят! Градом бомбочки летят!🎵" ("🎵Bombs are falling, falling, falling! Little bombs are falling like a hail! 🎵")
  • "Давай, Октавио! Жги, жги!" ("Come on, Octavio! Burn, burn!")
  • "А-а-а! Несправедливо!" ("Ah-ah-ah! Unfair!")
  • "А-а-а! Замолчи! Просто замолчи! Я еще не закончила! Эй, диджей! Танцы до упаду!" ("Ahh! Shut up! Just shut up! I'm not done yet! Hey, DJ! Dance until you drop!")
  • "Уф!" ("Ugh!")
  • "О-о-ох!" ("Oh-oh-oh!")
  • "А-а-а!" ("A-ah-ah!")
  • "Ох! Мои глаза..." ("Oh! My eyes...")
  • "А наши песни лишь отражение этого мира... Я... я вспомнила! Вспомнила!!!" ("And our songs are only a reflection of this world... I... I remembered! I remembered!!!")

DJ Октавио's Quotes

Fighting the final boss for the first time:
  • "Октавио жже-е-ет! Промыть Кэлли мозги было проще пареной репы!" ("Octavio rro-o-ocks! Brainwashing Callie was easier than a steamed turnip!")
  • "Сейчас зажжем!!!" ("Now let's light it up!!!")
  • "Р-р-р!!!" ("Rrrr!!!")
  • "Точняк!" ("Sure!")
  • "Не-е-ет! Гипноочки!!!" ("Nooo! Hypnoshades!!!")
  • "Козявка кальмарская! Вот тебе — режим суперскорости!" ("Squid booger! Here's a super speed mode for you!")
  • "Мегакарп! Опасная штука!" ("Rainmaker! Dangerous thing!")
  • "А-а-а! Я теряю контроль над собой!" ("Aaah! I'm losing control of myself!")
  • "Уф... Не может быть... Как же так?.." ("Ugh... It can't be... How can that be...?")
Replaying the final boss:
  • "Обдурить Кэлли не составило труда! Бу-га-га! Пришла твоя очередь!!!" ("Fooling Callie was easy! Boo-ha-ha! It's your turn!!!")
  • "Зажигаем!" ("Let's light it up!")
  • "Гр-р-р!" ("Grrrr!")
  • "Точняк!" ("Sure!")
  • "Не-е-ет! Гипноочки! Опять!!!" ("Noooo! Hypnoshades! Again!!!")
  • "Гр-р-р... Нахальная козявка! Режим суперскорости!" ("Grrr... Cheeky booger! Super speed mode!")
  • "Сейчас я сделаю из тебя салатик!" ("Now I'll make a salad out of you!")
  • "Что происходит?! Сейчас пущусь в пляс!" ("What's going on?! Now I'm going to dance!")
  • "Гр-р-р... Опять... проиграл... Что за жизнь..." ("Grrr... Again... lost... What a life...")



  • When entering the stage before initiating the fight, the chanting-like sound that played before battles in previous boss stages can be heard in the background.
  • The stage in which the boss fight takes place has a striking resemblance to the center of Inkopolis Plaza.
  • In the Japanese version, while Callie is brainwashed, she speaks in katakana, similar to DJ Octavio and Marina, indicating that she is talking in Octarian language and not in Inkling language. During Phase 3, when the brainwashing is starting to wear off, her text becomes a mix between katakana and hiragana.
    • The lyrics to Bomb Rush Blush that she sings during the boss fight are written in katakana, meaning she is not singing the song in its original Inkling language.
  • The charger Marie uses to shoot off Callie's shades is the Hero Charger from the first game, which could have been the weapon she used as Agent 2.
  • The ink colors used in the fight are purple and green, which resembles Callie and Marie's ink colors, as well as the colors used to represent Octarians vs. Inklings (as seen with an image of the Great Turf War and the Splatfest, being Squid vs. Octopus). While replaying the mission, Marie also comments during the mission that the ink colors reminds her of the final Splatfest, being Callie vs. Marie.
    • The ending 'Victory' banner across the screen is also different from all the standard boss endings, as it is the same as when the player wins a Rainmaker match but with the colors pink and green, both resembling Callie and Marie's colors and Splatoon 2's primary colors.
  • Bomb Rush Blush is one of the two boss levels with mechanics not associated with its boss, the other being the numerous mechanics in Sanitizarium.


The mission is named after Callie's solo song, Bomb Rush Blush, while its subtitle is named after Marie's solo song, Tide Goes Out. This is the same in the Japanese version.

Names in other languages

Translation needed
Add Italian and Russian translations of Octobot King II edit

Bomb Rush Blush
˜ Tide Goes Out ˜

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese トキメキ☆ボムラッシュ
# Tide Goes Out

Tokimeki☆Bomu Rasshu
# Tide Goes Out
Exciting☆Bomb Rush[note 1]
# Tide Goes Out
Netherlands Dutch DJ Octavio,
~Baars boven baars
DJ Octavio,
~Perch over perch[note 2]
CanadaFrance French Dernière rixe avec le Léviatank A-MIX Last brawl with the Octobot King II
Germany German Bomb Rush Blush der Herzen Bomb Rush Blush of Hearts
Italy Italian La marea si placa:
lo scontro finale
The tide subsides:
the final battle
Russia Russian Тушите свет...
«И клейте ласты!»

Tushite svet...
«I kleyte lasty!»
Turn off the light...
"And glue your fins!"
Mexico Spanish (NOA) El baile final
~No hay vuelta atrás~
The last dance
~No turning back~
Spain Spanish (NOE) ¡El desenlace final! The final conclusion!

Octobot King II

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボキング A-MIX
Takotsubo kingu A-MIX
Octopus Pot King A-MIX[note 3]
Netherlands Dutch Octotiran Remix Octo tyrant Remix
CanadaFrance French Léviatank A-MIX Leviatank A-MIX
Germany German Oktotyrann A-MIX Octotyrant A-MIX
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Octotrón remix Octobot remix
Spain Spanish (NOE) Pulpotrón remix Octobot remix

Translation notes

  1. This is the name of the song "Bomb Rush Blush" in Japanese.
  2. From "baars" (perch) and "baas boven baas", a Dutch phrase for "there's always a bigger fish"
  3. The name "タコツボ" ("Takostubo") is also used for Octarian society's places of residence Octo Valley and Octo Canyon..