Towering Heights

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#17: Octocommander Fortress
Octo Canyon missions
#19: The Experimentorium

Towering Heights
˜ Climb and Slide ˜
Hm2 m18.jpg
Icon S2 Octo Canyon Missionicon 18.png
Number 18
Area 4
Sheldon's Request S2 Weapon Main Hero Charger Replica.png Hero Charger
Items 1 Scroll, 1 Sardinium, 3 Armor, 1 Crust Bucket Ticket
Music Shooting Starfish
amiibo challenges

Towering Heights is the eighteenth mission of Splatoon 2's single player mode Octo Canyon.

Octo Canyon

Mission Briefing



Mission Stats Chart




The player starts the level on a platform, with an island below a grate dropoff. Aproaching the side will spawn three Deluxe Octocopters. The island below is covered in octarian ink, with a tower in the center sprouting the launchpad to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

The player is launched to the bottom of a square spiral staircase, which holds the launchpad to the next area at the top.

Checkpoint 2

The level continues with a ride rail that spirals up around a tower.

Checkpoint 3

Final Checkpoint


Sunken Scroll

This appears to be a painting from the Middle Ages. It depicts a great migration of salmon said to occur once every 70 years.

Location: In the Octosniper area, near the left Octosniper is a grate. Drop through to find a hidden platform and the Scroll.


Location: During the final checkpoint, once your on the moving platform. Fight off the Octarians until you see a Sardinium floating in the sky above you. Get onto the sponge in the middle of the platform and reach the Sardinium.


Towering Heights has 3 pieces of armor to collect.

Armor 1 Location:

Armor 2 Location:

Armor 3 Location:

Crust Bucket Ticket



S2 Icon Marie.png
Marie's Quotes

OK, Agent 4. Shake it off and keep rolling.
Boom! Bam! Just like that!
You, uhm overshot the Zapfish a bit. No biggie though.
Ooh, I've seen this kind of staircase before. It's called a...uh...
GAH! Why are you always eavesdropping on our conversations?!
Charged up?
Baddies! Charge up!
Well done. Want a squid ring? They're morbidly delicious!
Think you can make that jump?
Nice. Let's go go goo!
You found it.
One down!
Dang. That was fresh, kid.
When we were kids, Callie and I would count the stars together at night.
Oh, come on, Octoslobs! I was having a moment there!
It's raining baddies!
Twintacle Octotroopers!
Eat it!
Octosnipers too?!
Phew... Good splattin'.

S2 Icon Sheldon.png
Sheldon's Request Quotes

I could REALLY use some more data on this weapon. Can you use it for a bit?

Sheldon's Level Quotes

All the debris here must be blocking the CPOD signal.
It's called a square spiral staircase!
You're welcome.
Bombs could be helpful here!


Names in other languages

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Add/complete Italian translations edit
Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese 天国のオクタワー #
のぼる すべる バベル
Tengoku no Okutawā #
Noboru Suberu Baberu
Oct-Tower of Heaven:
Climbing and Sliding Babel
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Torenhoge verrassingen Towering surprises
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) - Tours vertigineuses -
Détours autour des tours
- Dizzying towers -
Detours around the towers
FlagGermany.svg German Turmhoch überlegen Towering superior[note 1]
FlagItaly.svg Italian Saliscendi tra torri vertiginose! Sliding between dizzying towers!
FlagRussia.svg Russian Мечта высотинка
«Высоко сижу...»
Mechta vysotinka
«Vysoko sizhu...»
High-rise dream
"I sit up high..."
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) La espiral octariana
˜Ascenso interminable˜
The Octarian spiral
˜Endless ascent˜
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Espiral octariana Octarian spiral

Translation notes

  1. A pun on "haushoch überlegen" (vastly superior)

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