Um'ami Ruins

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Um'ami Ruins

Um'ami Ruins

Added in Fresh Season 2023 (3.0.0)
Total area 2,020p
Features Inkrails
Hazards Abyss
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Um'ami Ruins is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3. It takes place at the excavation site of an ancient ruin that resembles an Egyptian temple.


The spawn areas are small, rectangular raised platforms at opposite ends of the stage. Two open, hilly paths lead to the middle of the stage, with a sunken section to the left of each team's spawn overlooked by a grate walkway. These lowered sections contain inkrails that serve as an alternate means of accessing the central area.

Round lookout platforms on either side give a view of the center of the stage, which is circular and gently sloped; though fairly wide, it features scattered obstacles for players to hide behind. A raised, rectangular platform in the center can be accessed either by climbing a few steps, or inking one of the walls facing each team's spawn.

Anarchy Battle terrain

In Anarchy Battles, specifications for the terrain or placement of objects are different between the modes; these changes create new paths or new objects to take cover behind.

Splat Zones

Two Splat Zones are present on the longer sides of the rectangular platform in the center. The layout is otherwise unchanged. To be in control of the Splat Zones, both must be inked.

Tower Control

The Tower starts on the rectangular platform in the middle of the stage, replacing a bumper found in other stage layouts. Various objects in the center of the stage have been removed or rearranged, and certain sections are covered in uninkable blue tape. The Tower travels forward off the shorter edge of the platform, makes a sharp left turn up a slope into the opposing team's territory, then zigzags its way to another ledge, which it climbs up before coming to the goal just in front of the enemy's spawn point.

In Splatoon 3, checkpoints have been added:
Checkpoint Location Timer (Seconds) Progress Amount
Before After Total
1 The first checkpoint is located on the opposite side of the central platform, just past the tower's starting position. 5 91 81 10
2 The second checkpoint is on the opposing team's side of the map, near the raised circular platform. 6 40 28 12


The Rainmaker is located on the rectangular platform in the center of the stage. Most obstacles are removed from the central area, although two bumpers are now present on either side of the rectangular platform. More grate platforms have been added, and the ones overlooking the pits near spawn are now full walkways that travel to the other side. The checkpoint is in front of the ramp leading out of the middle area, while the goal is located directly in front of the opponent's spawn platform.

Clam Blitz

The Clam Basket is located near the circular lookout platforms. More grate walkways and walls have been added, though in different positions from Rainmaker; the grate paths overlooking the pits remain full walkways. Tall blocks serve as cover in the middle area, only one side of which is inkable. The inkrails have effectively been reversed, traveling from the center of the stage to the pits on either side.

Splatoon 3

Um'ami Ruins was released on 28 February 2023 with Fresh Season 2023. It is also where the fourth Big Run took place.

Big Run

Um'ami Ruins was the site of the fourth Big Run. As with most Big Runs, its layout features many additional inkable blocks for mobility purposes, and several Gushers that Salmonids can enter the stage from. There are a total of four Gushers, with one being active at normal tide, three being active at low tide, and none being active at high tide. Low tide takes place at Team Bravo's spawn, with the Egg Basket positioned in front of the large depression in the ground; normal tide takes place in the center of the stage, with the Egg Basket on the raised platform in the middle; and high tide takes place at Team Alpha's spawn, with the Egg Basket on a flat piece of terrain near where teams normally enter the stage. While more land is exposed during low and high tides compared to most stages, the majority of it is unused during these waves and Salmonids will never spawn outside of their designated areas.

As in Undertow Spillway, the Egg Basket's hitbox is extended downward due to its position on raised platforms during normal and low tides. All Known Occurrences that happen during Big Runs can occur.


After 8.0.0



SRL back with an "all hands" of our own - we need all SRL teams to help today! First up, exclusive video of a new stage: Um'ami Ruins. It's an ancient site with mysterious artifacts and reliefs, some retaining original colors. Could it have been a prehistoric Turf War battle site?
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
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A user drawing shown with the "engraved" effect.
  • User generated drawings on this stage are displayed with a unique effect that causes them to appear engraved into the walls and ground, rather than the flat graffiti typical of most stages.
  • During Splatfests, when one minute remains on the clock, the encased statue on the Alpha side will start moving by itself, its eyes glowing.
    • This is reminiscent of a similar easter egg in Splatoon's version of Museum d'Alfonsino, in which the displayed statues would start laughing during Splatfests.
  • As in Wahoo World, the "seven rings" from Sunken Scroll 17 in Splatoon 2 are visible during a Big Run on Um'ami Ruins. They are much closer to the stage than in Wahoo World, visible just to the left of the ruins themselves.


Um'ami is a corruption of "umami" (also called savoriness), one of the five basic tastes.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ナンプラー遺跡
Nanpurā Iseki
Nam pla (Thai fish sauce) Ruins
Netherlands Dutch Ruisvoornruïnes Rudd Ruins
CanadaFrance French Ruines Uma'mi Um'ami Ruins
Germany German Um'ami-Ruinen Um'ami Ruins
Italy Italian Rovine Salsadipesce Fishsauce Ruins
Russia Russian Рыбожирные руины
Rybozhirnyye ruiny
Fish oil ruins
SpainMexico Spanish Ruinas Ceviche Ceviche Ruins
China Chinese (Simplified) 鱼露遗迹
yúlù yíjì
Same as Japanese
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 魚露遺跡
yúlù yíjì
Same as Japanese
South Korea Korean 남플라 유적
nampeulla yujeog
Same as Japanese
 Internal Factory[2]