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Unarmed missions are a class of mission found in the Octo Expansion. These stations require the player to go through parts of, or sometimes the whole, mission without any main, sub or special weapon. Typically, these missions either give the player a main in a can shortly after paying their fee, such as in J03D08 Girl Power Station, utilize an Ink Cannon, such as in E06 Swass 8-Ball Station, or offer a challenge in which a weapon would defeat the point of the challenge, such as in C04 Move It Move It Station.

Unarmed missions are marked with an S2 Weapon Main Unarmed.png icon on the Equipper selection screen.

List of unarmed stations

Below is a list of stations in which Agent 8 is unarmed, along with the reason why.

Unarmed Stations
OE Abandoned Station.jpg Dm mA00.jpg Dm mD01-B15.jpg Dm mC04.jpg
Abandoned Station A00 Central Station B15 Ink from Above Station C04 Move It Move It Station
"Promised land here we come!" "Heads up missiles up!" "Ya like to..."
Tutorial, weapon granted for a short period but returned. Transitional area. Tactical mission, weapon granted later on. Tactical evasion mission.
Dm mI03-E01.jpg Dm mE06.jpg Dm mCoccyx Phase.jpg Dm mVilli Phase.jpg
E01 No Whammy Station E06 Swass 8-Ball Station Escape 01 Coccyx Phase Escape 02 Villi Phase
"Don't stress your luck..." "Don't count on it..." "Avoid enemies and sneak your way in!" "Find your way to a weapon!"
Ink Cannon used. Ink Cannon used. Stealth mission. Tactical mission, weapons granted later on.