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This page documents content included in pre-release versions of Splatoon 2 that was not included in the released game and content that was found in the game's files that was not made available.

Unfinished Ranked Battle modes

In previous versions of Splatoon 2, files had been left in the game relating to two unfinished Ranked Battle modes that were never released. While it was once possible to access these modes through hacking, data relating to them was removed from the game at some point around version 4.0.0.[1]

Rocket ranked mode

There is an unfinished ranked mode, code-named "Rocket", with a unique object (vRocket) and weapon (vRocketNozzle). Hacking a work-in-progress version into the game shows a mode where a rocket object is launched by shooting ink at it and an ink pump weapon that can be used to continue advancing once control of the rocket is gained.[2]

Eight-ball ranked mode

Another unfinished ranked mode, code-named "Eight-Ball", involves the player shooting a large ball reminiscent of the 8-ball to roll it towards the opposing team's goal.[3][4]

Early icons

Early, unused or unobtainable gear

Judd facemask

An unobtainable facemask that existed in version 1.0.0 of the game. It would later be entirely reworked into the Octoking Facemask, which was added in version 3.0.0.

Its data indicated that this early version of the item was made by the SquidForce brand, had the Quick Respawn ability, and cost 99,999 Cash, though these were almost certainly placeholder parameters.[6]

Unreleased Octoleet gear

The gear worn by Octolings in the original Splatoon is present in Splatoon 2's files, but only the Octoleet Goggles are legitimately obtainable. Both of the unused gear items have the Grizzco brand, and have been renamed to Octoleet Armor and Octoleet Boots respectively, indicating they were likely intended to be released as Salmon Run rewards similar to the Octoleet Goggles.[7]

Tentacles Helmet

The Tentacles Helmet from Splatoon existed within Splatoon 2's files from version 1.0.0, with most of its data complete, despite never being made legitimately obtainable. It shared the same brand, price, and ability as its original Splatoon version.[7] Oddly, it made an appearance in the March 2018 Nintendo Direct, suggesting it was intended to be released in version 3.0.0. Its gear entry seems to have been removed in version 3.1.0.

Nike shoes

These gear items are recreations of the real-world Nike Air Max 95s and Nike Air Max 270s, which were added to the game files in version 3.0.0 as part of the Newest Model vs. Most Popular Model Splatfest held in Japan, but not made obtainable. Instead, the Sea Slug Volt 95s and the Sesame Salt 270s, which are more loosely modeled after the real-world shoes and lack Nike branding, were added. The gear entries for both unused shoes are placeholder, with their brand being set to NoBrand.[8]

Additionally, a promotional render depicting the Nike shoes also shows a version of the Splatfest Tee with a unique texture, which does not reflect the one used in the Newest Model vs. Most Popular Model Splatfest. Unlike the shoes, there are no leftovers of this version of the Splatfest Tee in the files, and it is unknown whether it was an early version of Newest Model vs. Most Popular Model's texture or if it was made for the sole purpose of the render.

NILS mask

A mask modeled after the NILS Statue, with an internal ID of MSN109. Its model was first added in version 3.0.0. This item once had a gear entry, which was removed from the files in 3.1.0. It was likely at one point intended to be unlocked as a reward in Octo Expansion.[8] Notably, the internal ID of MSN109 would later be reused in Splatoon 3 for the Teddy Band, making the Teddy Band the only item in Splatoon 3 to reuse an ID that had been used prior by a separate item, albeit an unused and removed one.[9]

Early Null Replica set

These early versions of the Null Visor Replica, Null Armor Replica, and Null Boots Replica existed in version 3.0.0 with work-in-progress gear entries, with all of them having the Quick Respawn ability. The Visor and Armor are placeholders marked with "仮", which means "temporary". Oddly, the Null Boots Replica had a seemingly complete model of a pair of yellow rollerskates, which do not match up to any released gear item. The shoes of the skates appear to be recolored Red Hi-Tops, but the wheels are unique.

Early Golden Toothpick

An early version of the Golden Toothpick also existed in version 3.0.0. This version lacked the ball of takoyaki, and its placement on the player's head was different, with the toothpick appearing to skewer a tentacle on the Tentacurl hairstyle, rather than being worn over the ear like the final version. This version of the Golden Toothpick appeared in concept art shown in HaikaraWalker.[10]

Early Hothouse Hoodie

The Hothouse Hoodie has two early designs. In version 1.2.0, the first design was colorful and had a camo-like pattern, similar to the Camo Zip Hoodie. Its ability was Special Charge Up and it was under the Firefin brand. In version 2.0.0, it kept some of the camo-like patterns, but the blue was changed to a cream color. The ends of the sleeves and hood were each changed to a different color, the coloration of the Firefin tag was changed, and white embroidered lettering was added to the front. The ability was also changed to Quick Respawn.

Early Sennyu Bon Bon Beanie

The Sennyu Bon Bon Beanie has two early versions. The first existed in version 1.0.0, with an entirely different model and texture resembling an inverted version of the Sporty Bobble Hat. This version had a placeholder gear entry, with its ability set to Quick Respawn and its brand going undefined. In 3.0.0 it was replaced with a near-final version, with the only visual difference being that the pins on the hat had not been retextured and were the same as the Bobble Hat.[11] This near-final version had the Quick Super Jump ability, and it still had a placeholder price of 99,999.[7]

Test gear

Models and placeholder gear entries for various test items have existed in several past versions of Splatoon 2. These can generally be easily distinguished from other unused items by their relatively simple, often reused models, which often have textures labelled with "TEST". These items were likely made by the developers in order to test the game's models and gear system in Splatoon 2's early development.


Early Weapons

Sub Weapons

Unused Splatfest content

Unused dialogue

For every Splatfest in Splatoon 2, dialogue exists to be used when each team won. As only one team could win, this meant that one set of dialogue per Splatfest always went unused. The unused dialogue can be viewed on the pages for each respective Splatfest.

Dummy Splatfest texture

The dummy Splatfest texture

A dummy texture exists which appears to be artwork for a hypothetical Splatfest where the choices would be fried eggs and omelettes, a Splatfest theme which never occurred in Splatoon or Splatoon 2. The art style of the texture appears to resemble Splatfest artwork from the first game rather than the style used in Splatoon 2.

There are also other dummy textures relating to Splatfests, which reuse icon art from Splatoon's Rice vs. Bread Splatfest, as well as leftover textures in the Splatfest terminal model of an image used for Splatoon's Red Kitsune Udon vs. Green Tanuki Soba Splatfests.[12]

Unused ink colors

The leftmost Inkling in this promotional render uses an unused ink color from Octo Canyon.

There are several combinations of ink colors which are defined, but go unused.[13]

Regular Battle

  Light Blue vs.   Yellow (  Neutral)

Octo Canyon

  Lavender vs.   Fuschia (  Neutral)[note 1]
  Pink vs.   Fuschia (  Neutral)
  Purple vs.   Fuschia (  Neutral)
  NightMarigold vs.   Dark Fuschia (  Neutral)

Octo Expansion

  Orange vs.   Turquoise (  Neutral)


This appears to be a default set of colors which is used if there are no parameters set.

  Blue vs.   Red (  Neutral)[note 2]


  • There is a model in Splatoon 2 called "PlazaTestPlayer" which appears to be a female Inkling model reused from Splatoon. Judging by the name, it was likely used for testing the game's hub area before new models were finalized.
  • Version 3.0.0 contained early versions of Octo Expansion's content, including its reward gear and levels, though it was inaccessible to players and missing some files that would be required for it to fully function without modification.


  1. Ink colors used by enemies in Octo Canyon and Octo Expansion go unnamed in the game files, therefore their names here are conjecture. Names for player ink colors are taken from the files wherever possible.
  2. As this color set lacks parameters, all of its colors go unnamed in the game files.


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