Urchin Underpass/Development

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Urchin Underpass received numerous changes from the version shown during E3 2014 to its release in May, 2015.

2014 E3 2015 May
  • A small, clear wall was placed beyond the ramp down from the spawn point.
  • Grates were added extending out from either side of walls surrounding the spawn point.
  • The outer wall on the right was made taller, and became clear on the upper half.
  • Bike parking and a tree were removed on the right, replaced by a covered manhole.
  • A tree in the far back was removed.
  • The ramp and platform in the foreground was moved slightly forward.
  • A fenced-in water tower in the back-right was removed.
  • A yellow barrier was removed.
  • The ground area was flattened to one level around the corner.
  • A vertical ramp going up the side wall was replaced with two smaller diagonal ramps.
  • A grate bridge was removed. The bridge was originally necessary to travel across platforms because a non-inkable wall prevented climbing the wall.
  • A board allowing travel up the wall was removed.
  • A couple of diagonal ramps were added to allow travel up the wall.
  • The left area was elevated with a non-inkable wall.
  • A bike parking rack and wall were removed.
  • The left path was elevated, with a wall splitting the left and right paths.
  • The grated fence to enter the back corridor may have been lowered. The path to it was lowered, but ends in a steep ramp.