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52katie Octo Profile Picture.png
Species Octoling
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Female
Location New Sardine
It's dangewrasse to go abalone. Hake this.
— 52katie

Greetings. I'm 52katie, an amateur squid reseacher (not affiliated with the Squid Research Lab) and new user here on Inkipedia. I own both Splatoon and Splatoon 2. I also belong to Zelda Wiki, Minecraft Wiki, and Nookipedia. One of my theories is that Inklings play Zelda, ARMS and other Nintendo games besides Pokémon. Here's hoping for a Splatfest to prove it!





Display Name: Katie
Nintendo Network ID: 52katie
Preferred Ink:   Sea Green


Level: 27
Rank: B-
Cash: Cash ???
Super Sea Snails: Super Sea Snails 72
Playing Since: February 2016
Last Updated: August 1, 2017

Octo Valley

Stages: 100%
Sunken Scrolls: 100%
Inkling Girl amiibo Stages: 100%
Inkling Boy amiibo Stages: 100%
Inkling Squid amiibo Stages: 100%
Power Eggs: Power Eggs ???
Upgrades: 100%

Splatoon 2

Display Name: Katie
Level: 22
Splat Zones: B-
Tower Control: C
Rainmaker: C-
Cash: Cash 11826
Super Sea Snails: Super Sea Snails 54
Squid Radio Songs: 36/42
Playing Since: July 21, 2017
Last Updated: February 10, 2019

Octo Canyon

Stages: 81%
Sunken Scrolls: 26/28
Sardinium: 34/37
Power Eggs: Power Eggs 1588
Weapons: 9/9
Upgrades: 5/13

Octo Expansion

Stages: 99.9%
Mem cakes: 100%
Thangs: 4/4

Splatfest Rankings


 Roller Coaster Champion
 Marshmallow Defender
 Art Defender
 Car Fangirl
 Pokémon Red Queen
 Nice Defender
 Past Champion
 Callie Queen

Splatoon 2

 Ice Cream Champion
 Mayo Fiend
 Flight Queen
 Vampire Queen
 Fantasy Queen
 Love Champion
 Chicken Champion
 Leo Defender
 Mikey Defender
 Donnie Defender
 No-Pulp Queen
 Octopus Fiend
 Fork Defender
 Retro Defender
 Trick Fangirl
 Salsa Defender
 Villain Fiend
 Family Fiend
 Waffle Fiend
Current Splatfest Team: N/A



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S Band Squid Sisters.jpg This user's all-time favorite jam is Bomb Rush Blush.
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