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Hey! Welcome to my user page. I'm Agent 117, and a big gamer. I love halo, and splatoon, and coconut water lol. I'm new here so sorry if I suck at editing. I live in a small town in the US. If you need something, feel free to go to the talk page! I am male, and awesome at the game. I'm friends with The amazing Phoenix! It sucks that Splatoon one got the Wii U treatment. I love the campaign of both games, I'm so good I can pwn pretty much any random joe. BE WARNED!!!!

About me

  • I try to be as friendly as possible
  • I am very well versed in Splatoon lore
  • I am definitely a team player

In game

  • I use the Tentatek Splattershot
  • Rank B in both games
  • Hate brellas

Hey, thanks for visiting! Don't get cooked, stay of the hook!

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