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Hello, Inklings!

My Name is Antrolos and I'm a charger user from Germany. I play Splatoon since Wednesday, 19th of August and am looking forward to playing Splatoon on a more competetive Level. At the moment my biggest Job on the Wiki is to put in german translations wherever I can. Also I am the creator of the Idea of Sub Classes which is getting more and more Support from the Community, YAY!

In-Game Name: Antrolos

Real Name: Simon

Nationality: German

Nintendo Network ID: AHD_Antrolos

Level: 39

Rank: A+ (Looks like S was a bit too tough for me)

Playing Since: August 19th, 2015

Last Updated: November 22th, 2015

My Weapons:

Kill your triggerfingerKelp SplatterscopeForge Splattershot ProRapid Blaster ProWhy do I bother using this

That should be it for the moment and if you have any questions, just go ahead and ask me! } -> Antrolos (Talk)