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Inkfest Intro

Hello there! Welcome to my custom Inkfest, Chocolate vs. Vanilla! I'm ArivakiVA, and I will be hosting this Inkfest. It starts on October 20, at around 12:00 PM (North America time, PDT time zone) and ends at 5:00 PM (North America time), October 27. I have no idea how normal Inkfests usually work, so I guess that's why this is custom! I will explain the rules, but if there is anything you guys think should be changed, just tell me on the talk page for this article, or on my user talk page. Anyway, here are the rules and setup!

Rules and Setup

Team Rules

As the host of the Splatfest, I won't be biased towards any teams and will alternate teams each battle. (Personally I would choose Chocolate though, hehe.) Please tell me on this Inkfest's talk page which team you are on BEFORE joining me in an actual battle. I would recommend putting (C) or (V) in your username to distinguish which team you are on, so that it's easy to remember. You don't have to do this if you don't want to, as I will put a list of participating users on a list on this page, as well as what team that person is on. I won't use any sort of voice chat for this Inkfest, whether it's during battles or not, but you are absolutely allowed to chat with your friends while you play!

Scoring setup

The scoring is determined similarly to a normal splatfest, but there is no clout, and points are given based on how many battles are won. Popularity is also a bonus, giving points for the more popular team. There will be two halves to this Inkfest, and points will be given separately based on what team had more wins during each half. I know, this Inkfest is very odd, scoring-wise, but this Inkfest is kind of...restrictive, to say the least. I have a busy schedule, so the Inkfests will start at around 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, and will normally last for about an hour and a half. This Inkfest will pause on Tuesday, as I can't play then due to schedule. 10 points will be awarded to the more popular team, and for the first half and second half playing bonuses, the points given for both halves is 10.

S3 or S2?

As this Inkfest can take place in either S3 or S2, please vote on which one you all would like it to be hosted in. I personally think S2 will be easier for most of you, but please vote on this article's talk page.

Participation rules

Like I said earlier, I would highly recommend you put (C) or (V) in your username for ease if you would like to join, but again, it's not mandatory. My friend code is SW-6014-8770-6718, and my username should be ArivakiVA (in English for once). I will add a passcode, the passcode being: 4390. My username in S3 will be changed for ease if we end up playing on S3, so...yeah. Please tell your friends about this fest, because more people means more fun! And if you suddenly realize that you can't participate, that's alright, but please let me know! Thanks!

Etiquette rules

Yes, etiquette. Obviously, you have to be polite. Squidbagging is an instant disqualification or possibility of temporary ban. Squidpartying generally isn't really allowed, but if you want to wave to someone by holding R, that's fine! Booyahing back obviously isn't mandatory, but I will observe the teams and give the team who I noticed booyah back more a single additional point for being good sports. ;) Taunting of any kind also isn't allowed, but will only result in temporary ban if it's only done once. If done more than once, it will result in pretty much automatic disqualification.

Current participants

Team Chocolate


Team Vanilla

ArivakiVA (because I need at least one person on team vanilla despite personal preference)

Important schedule notes

Due to my terrible schedule, I would like to note that on the 25th of October, this Inkfest will be paused, and on the 20th and 22nd of October, the Inkfest will be held at 3:00 PM PTD time zone time.

Winning Team

Team Chocolate wins! Thank you to all that participated in this Inkfest! See ya later!