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Ah yes, Rapid Blaster Matchmaster. Better known as Saltshaker Station.
— Avery the Squid Phoenix

sandy box: User:Avery the Squid Phoenix/Testwaters Duo (Sandbox1)

NOTICE: I will be less active on Inkipedia once Splatoon 3 comes out in order to avoid spoilers.

Avery the Squid Phoenix
Avery TSP photo of my ocs from mu sketchbook.jpg
Level 46
Splat Zones B+
Tower Control B
Rainmaker A
Clam Blitz B+
Cash varies, usually above 40,000
Super Sea Snails 28 ;-;
Display Name ῀Avery_TSP

Hello there! I'm Avery the Squid Phoenix, but you can call me Avery. I'm a stickler for spelling and will often edit pages to fix the grammar or make it more readable. I have beat both of the single-player modes many times over, but I'm still bad at all the online stuff. I hate ranked. My greatest dream is to GET GUD

My squid

I don't really have a set appearance for my Inkling, but I usually play as an Inkling Girl with dark skin and grey eyes. I also sometimes play as an Octoling Girl. I rarely play as a boy, but it happens. I have a couple good gear pieces that I like to wear, namely:

Buuuut I really will wear anything to farm chunks. So yeah, the only way to pinpoint me in a turf war is my name (which is ῀Avery_TSP).

My weapon preferences


Likes: Octo Shot Replica, all Splattershot Pros, Custom Jet Squelcher

Dislikes: idk


Likes: Dualie Squelchers, Custom Dualie Squelchers, clapples, Dark Tetra Dualies

Dislikes: idk I don't use dualies very much


Likes: Heavy Splatling Remix, Nautilus 47, Mini Splatling

Dislikes: the rest of them


Likes: Tri-Slosher, Tri-Slosher Nouveau, Bloblobber Deco

Dislikes: the rest of them

Every other weapon class

Likes: None

Dislikes: All of them

Rank, Splatfest, and stuff nobody cares about

I'm currently around Level 50, Rank B in Tower Control, B+ in Splat Zones and Clam Catastrophe, A- in Rainmaker and Profreshional 200-ish in Salmon Run. I also sometimes do funny things (in Private Battles, of course) such as sit around with an E-Liter of some sort and aim my supercharged death laser-I mean, my charger laser at the squid party.

I don't have a WiiU, but I started playing Splatoon 2 around August of 2020, and I plan to get Splatoon 3 (and Little Buddy) on release date. I was around for 3 whole Splatfests, and those were Chicken vs. Egg (2020), Trick vs. Treat (2020), and Super Mushroom vs. Super Star. However, here's a list on what team I would have been on if I was around for each and every Splatfest in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Unless I don't know or don't care.

Splatfest yay
Team 1 Team 2 Team I picked Reason for picking the team I did
  Cats   Dogs Cats I love petting cats, plus Judd is a cat. I will admit that I'm also slightly afraid of dogs.
  Roller Coasters   Water Slides Roller Coasters I dislike wearing swimsuits, plus roller coasters feel safer to me because you're all buckled in and stuff.
  Marshmallows   Hot Dogs Marshmallows I have a giant sweet tooth, hot dogs are pretty good but they just can't compete.
  Autobots   Decepticons I dunno Never heard of 'em until I heard of this fest.
  Art   Science Art While science is fun, art is where it's at. Video games are works of art! Plus, I love to draw and listen to music.
  Cars   Planes Planes I just find planes more fun. I would rather spend a few hours in a plane than go on a long road trip. It's super cool to fly above the clouds and look down on everyone.
  Pirates   Ninjas Ninjas Squinja gear, anyone? I am a bit of a weeb and I think ninjas are just really cool. Being able to slip into the shadows and throw shuriken (ninja stars) with deadly accuracy are much cooler skills than being able to sail a ship.
  Burgers   Pizza Burgers I used to really like pizza, but I changed my mind once I tried bacon cheeseburgers. SO GOOD!
  Naughty   Nice Nice I like to think I'm pretty polite. Plus, I don't want coal for Squidmas.
  Past   Future Future I would rather travel into the future and see all the amazing tech advancements than get trampled by a dinosaur. Oh, and by the way, Callie, I live among humans. They're not that exciting.
  Pokémon Red   Pokémon Blue Pokémon Blue My cousin-once-removed lent me his Gameboy once so I could try a first-gen Pokémon game. It was Blue. I may have been more than a bit biased because I love Water types and chose Squirtle as my starter... Eh, I'm sure it's fine.
  Snowman   Sandcastle Snowman I love going out in the snow. I'm not too into building anything besides humongous snowball forts, but I would rather have fun in the snow than drive for a few hours just to get sand in my shorts.
  SpongeBob   Patrick 4 dunno I like Spongebob. Great meme material. However, my favorite characters are Mr. Krabs and Squidward, and I can't make myself choose between the two main goofballs.
  Fancy Party   Costume Party Fancy Party Costumes aren't really my thing. In truth, I would rather just stay in my house than go to any parties, fancy or informal.
  Early Bird   Night Owl Night Owl I get my best work done at the time I'm supposed to be asleep.
  Callie   Marie Callie Marie is alright, but I prefer Callie. She reminds me of my best friend in real life. Also, Marie is mean to my favorite character, so no support for her >:(
More Splatfests
Team 1 Team 2 Team I picked Reason for picking the team I did
  Rock   Pop Rock Megalovania is a rock song (I think). End of story.
  Eating   Sleeping Sleeping Sleep? Count me in! I need to make up for all the time I spend writing Splatoon fanfic at 3 in the morning!
  North Pole   South Pole idk Santa vs penguins, huh? Lil pengy bois are cute, but I've always wanted to go to Antartica, but it's sooooo cold in both places that I'd rather just stay home.
  Singing   Dancing Dancing I used to clog, but I've never been a big singer. Now I'm too shy to do either one, but I gotta pay tribute to my younger self.
  Messy   Tidy Messy My room? You mean the storage closet?
  Cats   Dogs Cats See the first cats vs dogs.
  Zombies   Ghosts Ghosts Napstablook. Also, I agree with Marie; zombies are so overdone. Ghosts just have more potential.
  Pro-pineapple   Anti-pineapple Anti-pineapple I don't like too many toppings on my pizza. I'm a strictly cheese-and-maybe-pepperoni squid.
  Fit   Rich Rich What's the point in getting fit? It's not like I'm gonna start going out and going to the gym once I get in perfect shape. Plus, I would just go back to being unfit because I just laze around the house playing video games all day. Being rich, on the other hand...
  Barbarian   Ninja Ninja See the first whatever vs ninja fest.
  Pokémon Red   Pokémon Blue Pokémon Blue See the first red vs blue fest.
  Hoverboard   Jet Pack Jet Pack Inkjet
  SpongeBob   Patrick shrugs See first SpongeBob vs Patrick fest.
  Black Tie Event   Fancy Dress Party a parties are boring
  World Tour   Space Adventure Space Adventure World tour? Pshhh, I would have to learn other languages for that. Elon Musk's secret moon base, here I come!
  Callie   Marie Callie See first Callie vs Marie fest.
mo splatfests
Team 1 Team 2 Team I picked Reason why I picked the team I did
  Rice   Bread Bread Never been a big rice person.
  Red Fox   Green Tanuki ehhh I'll just stick with Ramen, thanks.
  Lemon Tea   Milk Tea neither I don't drink tea.
  Grasshopper   Ant Grasshopper I'm lazy as heck so this is an obvious choice for me.
  Boke   Tsukkomi Tsukkomi bonk
  Squid   Octopus Squid Gotta go with the squiddy bois! I am not exactly a veteran, buuuut I still prefer squidkids to octo children. Yes I know this is a sushi splatfest but I'm treating it as the same theme as the Splat 2 one.
  Love   Money Love Ever heard of Splatoon ships? (whispering Sheldon x Annie ftw :3)
  Mountain Food   Sea Food none I am basically a carnivore, but I don't like seafood. I don't wanna eat those poor squiddies!
  Red Fox   Green Tanuki Ramen See the first fox vs tanuki fest
  Perfect Body   Perfect Brain Perfect Brain Basically just my reasoning for Fit vs Rich. The Splatfest art is usually cool, but I gotta say, I don't really like how they depicted Callie in this one.
  Pokémon Red   Pokémon Green Pokémon Green See red vs blue. 'Snot that I don't like Red, it's just that I prefer Blue. I know Green isn't Blue, but I don't wanna go Team Red after not going Team Red for the other ones. You know?
  Go all out!   Focus on healing Focus on Healing While I do often charge into battle without any idea what I'm doing, I'm also okay at hanging in the back, scoping out my surroundings.
  Tuna Mayonnaise Onigiri   Red Salmon Onigiri uhh I... don't like salmon, but I'm not voting for anything with mayo in it for reasons I will detail later.
  Fancy Party   Costume Party Fancy Party See the first fancy vs costume fest.
  Mushroom Mountain   Bamboo Shoot Village Bamboo Shoot Village haha bamboozler go PEW PEW PEW SPLAT
  Callie   Marie Marie just kidding Team Callie
Splat2 time
Team 1 Team 2 Team I picked Reason for picking the team I did
  Cake   Ice Cream Ice Cream I have braces, so ice cream is easier to eat.
  Mayo   Ketchup Ketchup After Pearl brutally insulted my favorite character from any video game EVER (yes really), I just couldn't side with her. I like ketchup better anyways.
  Flight   Invisibility Invisibility switches to Minecraft and grabs invisibility potions and elytra Why not both?
  Vampire   Werewolf who knows Not the biggest Halloween person (even though I'm writing this on Halloween). Neither of these options really appeal to me more than the other.
  Sci-Fi   Fantasy Sci-Fi Fantasy is not my thing.
  Sweater   Sock Sweater Even if it's ugly, it'll keep you warm and cozy! Unless it's ugly AND scratchy...
  Action   Comedy Comedy I'm always up for some laughs. Again with the rudeness, Pearl?
  Money   Love Love See the first love vs money.
  Chicken   Egg Chicken I love my lil chicky bois. I have literally no idea which came first, so I'll have to go with the one that's cute and fluffy.
  Baseball   Soccer Soccer You hit a ball with a stick and run around in circles. How is that fun?
  Raph   Leo slaps keyboard I've never watched that show okay
  Mikey   Donnie iuhygt See the first turtle vs turtle fest
  Raph   Donnie oo See the first two turtle vs turtle fests
  Pulp   No-Pulp No-Pulp Pulp is gross. I don't like OJ anyway, but pulp makes it even worse.
  Squid   Octopus Squid See the first squid vs octopus fest.
  Fork   Spoon Spoon "Forknife vs Spoon 2." "That's the real theme, Nintendo just wanted to avoid copyright infringements."
  Retro   Modern Modern Disco is dead. Give it up, people.
  Trick   Treat Treat Even with braces, I prefer candy to scaring the pants off people.
  Salsa   Guac Salsa The only salsa I've tried is Picante sauce, but it's still better than guac (according to my dad). I'm probably allergic to avacados anyway.
  Hero   Villain Villain I don't know what prompted me to choose the bad guys, but as soon as I saw the theme I knew which one to pick. Villains just need more love.
  Fam   Friend Fam I have a grand total of 2 friends, so not exactly party material. I was raised to believe that Christmas (replace Christmas with whatever you celebrate, I'm not picky as long as it includes presents) is a time to spend with close family, and it's hard for me to let go of that.
  Pancake   Waffle Pancake I like both, but my OC has a strong preference towards pancakes. And by strong, I mean the only thing she likes more than pancakes is her family, and her dad (yes really) had to tell her that a Shwaffle was a thick pancake with dents in it to get her to eat it.
  Knight   Wizard Wizard This one was a tough pick for me, mostly because I made it based on Miitopia. The first time I played it, I started out as a Warrior. But I prefer the Mage class to the Warrior class... By the way, where's Team Chef?
  Hare   Tortoise Hare woomy on a vroomy
  Time Travel   Teleportation Teleportation Sans. That is all.
  Unicorn   Narwhal Narwhal Narwhals actually exist.
  Chaos   Order Neutral At first I was on Team Order, but after reading a lot of "what if Team Order won" fanfics, I have decided to go Team Neutral. I also made fanart of my OC (her name is Shikenka or just Snowboots) for this fest so maybe I'll upload it later. Plus her dad is on Team Neutral so she had to go with him.
  Mayo   Ketchup Ketchup "MAYONNAISE MUST D I E" -Snowboots after getting a sugar rush once
  Chicken   Egg Chicken See the first chicken vs egg fest. Also my first fest!
  Trick   Treat Treat See the first trick vs treat fest. Also my friend's first fest!
  Super Mushroom   Super Star Super Mushroom Mushrooms are more about managing your resources and picking your fights carefully than running through Super Stars ablazin'. Fits more with Splat2 in my opinion. This was kinda like the hero vs villain one in that I knew what team to pick the second I saw the theme.
more spla2
Team 1 Team 2 Team I picked Reason for picking the team I did
  Cake   Ice Cream Ice Cream See the first cake vs ice cream fest. Just gonna leave these repeats blank from now on... kinda
  Mayo   Ketchup woomy woomy
  Flight   Invisibility woomy woomy
  Front Roll   Back Roll Front Roll Ah yes, the famed TP Splatfest. Poor Europe.
  Warm Breakfast   Cold Breakfast Warm Breakfast Just more pleasant to eat, especially in the winter.
  Film   Book Book Splatoon graphic novels, anyone? Last time I checked, they haven't put out a Splatoon movie. I've always been a fast reader, so I prefer the speed at which I can book it reading.
  Action   Comedy woomy pun pun pun pun pun pun pun pun
  Gherk-OUT   Gherk-IN Gherk-OUT eww pickles
  Chicken   Egg woomy woomy
  Salty   Sweet Sweet Can't eat popcorn, but in general I prefer sweet. Salty people are no fun.
  Raph   Leo woomy woomy
  Mikey   Donnie woomy woomy
  Raph   Donnie woomy woomy
  Pulp   No-Pulp woomy woomy
  Squid   Octopus woomy woomy
  Adventure   Relax Relax Like previously stated, I am lazy as heck soooo
  Retro   Modern woomy woomy
  Trick   Treat woomy woomy
  Eat It   Save It Save It Mmm, I like to save the best for last. Also, what kind of meals is Marina eating?!
  Hero   Villain woomy woomy
  Fam   Friend woomy woomy
  Pancake   Waffle woomy woomy
  Knight   Wizard woomy woomy
  Hare   Tortoise woomy woomy
  Time Travel   Teleportation woomy woomy
  Kid   Grown-Up Grown-Up I would rather live in a studio apartment and run a YouTube channel than be a kid and have my parents decide my every action.
  Chaos   Order woomy w o o m y
  Mayo   Ketchup woomy woomy
  Chicken woomy woomay   Egg
  Trick   Treat WOOMY boo (my)
  Super Mushroom   Super Star woomy veemo
more more
Team 1 Team 2 Team I picked Reason for picking the team I did
  Mayo   Ketchup woomy woomy
  Fries   McNuggets McNuggets chinken nugit
  Dexterity   Endurance Endurance What's the point of bending over backwards if you can bend 90 degrees and then fall over?
  Lemon   No Lemon No Lemon mmmmeat
  Inner Wear   Outer Wear Outer Wear I've got some really comfy hoodies and sweatshirts. Plus, Snowboots wears a hoodie.
  Action   Comedy woomy woomy
  Champion   Challenger Challenger If I'm the challenger, I get to go home after I try once!
  Hana   Dango Dango nom nom What? I don't like staring at flowers when I could be eating dumplings.
  Newest   Most Popular Most Popular Anything new is bound to have bugs. Majority rules!
  New Lifeform   Future Tech Future Tech having octo expansion flashbacks
  Hello Kitty   Cinnamoroll idk never watched it
  My Melody   Pompompurin ymoow i said i never watched it
  Hello Kitty   My Melody wyomo aaa
  Squid   Octopus woomy woomy
  Mushroom Mountain   Bamboo Shoot Village woomy from splat1 woomy
  Tsubuan   Koshian Koshian Never had either, but I prefer creamy to chunky.
  Trick   Treat woomy woomy
  Pocky Chocolate   Pocky: Gokuboso Pocky Chocolate Never had Gokuboso, but normal Pocky is SOOO GOOD
  Hero   Villain woomy woomy
  Fam   Friend woomy woomy
  Boke   Tsukkomi spla1n1 woomy woomy
  Knight   Wizard woomy woomy
  Hare   Tortoise woomy woomy
  Ce   Pa what C vs Pa?
  No Pineapple   Pineapple splat1 woomy woomy
  Chaos   Order woomy help
  Mayo   Ketchup oomyw omywo
  Chicken   Egg mywoo ywoom
  Trick   Treat woomy woomy
  Super Mushroom   Super Star boomy zoomy

Oof, that was a lot of woomy. And reading! Go take a break, OK? Get a drink or something. This page will be sitting right here until you're back.

Singleplayer shenanigans

You back? Great! Here's a short, easy section to ease your eyes into what's next.

Octo Canyon: 1000% (all levels complete with all weapons, all sunken scrolls, all weapon upgrades)

Octo Expansion: 1000% (all stations complete without help, 0 C.Q. points in debt, beat Inner Agent 3, beat all stations with all weapons)

Tips and a pep talk

Here are my top five tips for new players:

5.People can see you swimming quickly in ink. Even if you have Ninja Squid, people can still hear you and see the trails you make. Also, if you have any of the following, people will be able to see you hiding in ink: Ink Armor, the Rainmaker, a Power Clam, a stored charge.

4.Read up on your weapon! Some weapons, like the Sploosh-o-matic, are better at short-ranged combat. Meanwhile, Chargers will easily beat any short-ranged weapon in a long-range battle!

3.Get the correct abilities! Every ability does different things, and you'll want to find ones that suit your playstyle. For example, if you find yourself getting splatted immediately after a Super Jump, try equipping shoes that have Stealth Jump or Drop Roller.

2.Check the maps that are in rotation! Playing on Moray Towers, a Charger or Roller might be more effective than something else, while playing on Kelp Dome, Blasters and Sloshers are good picks!

1.Don't be afraid of losing! Everyone loses sometimes. If you are so scared of losing that you don't want to experiment with different weapons and gear, then you're not gonna have as much fun! Try new playstyles, try new modes. I believe everyone has a unique skill set. You are not bad, you just haven't found the right weapon and gear to suit your playstyle. Some people are naturally better at Splatoon than other people. Don't get discouraged by all the great gameplay you see online-get inspired! You could be like them someday!

Things I have tried

  1. Reading every user page on Inkipeda. Gave up after the A's.
  2. Using a charger. Enough said.
  3. Doing funny coding things on my user page. Didn't work out too well.
  4. Squidbagging people. Only happens if I get a good splat or they bag me first.
  5. Making all of my Splatoon OC's interact in my head. Turns out... I have way too freakin' many!


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Okay... why do you like Sheldon so much?
    • Whenever I get attached to a certain book, TV show, video game, etc., I always get REALLY attached to some random character. You get where I'm going with this?
  • Is Sheldon really Snowboot's dad? Does she call him Dad? Who's the mom? Is it Annie?
    • Yes, through adoption. She alternates between "dad", "daddy", and "Sheldon". She "tEcHniCalLY" doesn't have an adoptive mom, but it's kind of obvious that Annie plays the role of Mom. Here's one of S&S's many conversations about his little crush.

"Annie isn't your mom, hon..." "You're still in denial (¬‿¬)" "NO I AM NOTTTT" "yes you are ( •̀ ω •́ )✧"

  • How does Snowboots feel about... uh... her dad and her mom getting together?
    • d=====( ̄▽ ̄*)b
  • Why is your user page so long and useless?
    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I mean, Pearl likes pancakes. Shouldn't Snowboots be all over her?
    • The only thing she loves more than pancakes are her friends and family. So no.
  • How do you feel about the Art of Splatoon 2 trivia on Sheldon's page?
    • Oh yeah. It's all coming together.
  • Why is this section so full of emojis?
  • Who drew the art in your sandbox and why is it so bad?
    • Me and because I'm an awful drawer.
  • Why is the art mentioned above so inconsistent? Like the skin tones are always different, in some of them Phoebe has one bang and in some she has two, etc...
    • I can't draw.
  • Will this section ever end?
    • yes


Boy oh boy, here's some random carp that doesn't fit anywhere else!

  • I have... let's see... 30-3+4+2+2= ... I have 35 Splatoon-related OC's! That I can remember. I say "that I can remember" because I also have this long graphic novel thing that I drew that's about Splatoon, and there are probably like 20 more in there. Whatever, I'm not dragging out all those folders to count people. Just estimate around 50, okay?
  • To add on to that, I have a bunch of different AU's as well! Uh, there's about (11x11)+6+I don't even know anymore. There's a lot though.
  • I (like most people) have an original Splatoon idol duo. It's called the Testwaters Duo and it's made up of an Inkling named Phoebe and an Octoling named Tessa. I also have some bands. Page for the Testwaters Duo is at the top.
  • I have a Smash Bros Inkling Girl amiibo named Kaiya and a Splatoon 2 Inkling Girl amiibo named Emzer. I have the gear from the Callie and Octoling Girl amiibo because my friend let me borrow his.
    • Please please please, if you're reading this, don't capitalize the A in amiibo. This is not proper capitalization and Nintendo has gone out of their way to avoid doing this (as seen in the Nintendo Fan's dialog in Miitopia). Sorry if I'm coming off as harsh, but I really don't like this specific incorrectness for some reason. Thanks for reading my vents. You can go back to browsing the wiki now.
  • I have the red weapon badge on my Octo Shot Replica! yeeah :>
  • For the Final Fest, I really think Annie should have been on Team Order and Bisk on Team Chaos.
  • I also play Minecraft on and off.
  • I have 1000%ed both of the the singleplayers on my main account and my first alt account.
  • My dad tried the singleplayer once! He couldn't get past the first boss :/
  • I have played Undertale too! I did Pacifist on my first playthrough because I couldn't bring myself to harm anybody.
  • To add on to that OC thing, here are some of my AUs. They don't have names.
    • Everyone is baby and alter ego
    • Everyone is cool/edgy (Sheldon was especially fun to design for this one)
    • Everyone is crazy because Splatocalypse
    • Everyone can magically create ice cream. Also other foods but it's really hard for them.
    • Everyone is half-sanitized with crystals
    • Everyone is a human
    • Everyone is an Inkling (excluding those who are already Inklings)
    • Everyone is an Octoling (excluding those who are already Octolings)
  • Sheldon x Annie is the best ship ever and you cannot convince me otherwise
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And that's it from me! Bye!