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Musk’s impressive stats
S2 Octo Expansion playable Octoling leaning on Tri-Slosher.jpg
Level 37
Splat Zones A
Tower Control S+2
Rainmaker S
Clam Blitz A-
Highest SR rank Profreshional 520
Cash Lots
Super Sea Snails 69
Octo Canyon 1000%
Octo Expansion 1000%

Hello! I’m Awildmuskrat and I play too much Splatoon 2.

How’s it going?

I hope you’ll stick around, Inkipedia has been nothing but friendly and supportive to many, so be bold! I’m less of a writer when it comes to wikis, so I’ll be mostly making grammatical corrections and fixing links. For gear builds, check out my Sendou!

Anyway, please enjoy your stay!

AwildmuskS2 Weapon Main .52 Gal.png(Hablo Español?)

Pale summer moonlight shimmers on the seafloor.

An octopus, unaware that dawn will bring capture,
Rests within a trap, dreaming fleeting dreams. . .