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Note: I will not be active much for the next few weeks although I may make small edits.

My Inkling (The clothing that I actually wear is a bit different.)

Sup YourUsername! I’m BadTimeGamer123 (BadTime123 for short) I'm Korean and I like Splatoon! I’ve never played Splatoon 1 but I've played Splatoon 2 since 2020 (And I’m going to get Splatoon 3 in 2022). I’m pretty good at the game I guess. I will accept friend requests btw. Please do not edit on my page. Ayo! Looks like you've made YourEditCount edits so far!

I help out with stuff on Inkipedia and I edit my user page A LOT. I'm not very used to all the editing tools tho. If there are Korean translations or strategy pages need to be done I'll be glad to help!

Here are some of my stats.

Basic Info

  • Username: BadTime123
  • Species: Inkling
  • Level: 47
  • Gold:
  • Super Sea Snails: 26
  • Friend Code: SW-1920-5311-4921


  • Splat Zones: B
  • Tower Control: A-
  • Clam Blitz: C+
  • Rainmaker: B+
  • Salmon Run: Profreshional

Octo Canyon 1000%

Weapons: All unlocked and upgraded

Sunken Scroll: Collected all.

Sardinium: Collected and used all.

Octo Expansion

Completed every level without help

Got every Octo Expansion gear except the Golden Toothpick

Beat the some escape phases with skips (cuz I'm bad)

Still need to beat IA3. Plz help!

Favorite Weapons

Aerospray PG and MG (Splat Zones): Bad damage yea, but great turf coverage and LOVE THE CURLING BOMB LAUNCHER SPAM LOLLLLL (sorry)

Kensa Splattershot Pro: High damage, high accuracy, booyah bomb. Noice.

N-Zap ‘89: Spam tenta missiles and it’s pretty good compared to 85.

Kensa .52 Gal: I use this all the time in any mode except clam blitz. 52 damage and idk why they say bad acc. It’s accuracy is good. Fav weapon.

Nautilus 47 (Turf War): Best Splatling. Recharge, hold charge, and acc doesn’t change when jumping. Range is meh, but it’s still good.

Kensa Sloshing Machine (Turf War): Idk what to say about this one I just use it all the time. Fizzy bomb I guess?

Kensa Octobrush (Clam Blitz): Going FAST for those clams and ban hammer (ultra stamp)

Cherry H-3 Nozzlenose (Tower Control): I usually hate this weapon but it’s pretty good in tower control.

Hydra Splatling (Turf War): Ok so I used to hate this weapon but now I am cracked at it.

(More weapons to be added)

Least Favorite Weapons

Chargers: Look, I’m not a sniper pro or anything. My favorite Charger that I basically never use is the bAMboOzLeR but other than that yeah no.

.96 Gal: So look, the 96 gal deco is fine, and I like the damage, but it’s firing rate is just too slow. Doesn’t fit my play style.

NZap ‘85: Ink armor. 89 is better

Permanent Inkbrush: Again, Ink armor. Also why SPRINKLER with ink armor bruh.

Luna Blaster: It’s high damage, but trash range. I recommend Kensa Luna Blaster for better mobility.

Custom Hydra Splatling: Request to delete ink armor. I like the regular one.

Glooga Dualies: Slow fire rate, high damage. Honestly, slow fire rate isn’t really my thing.

Tetra Dualies: Read Glooga Dualies. Also, trash accuracy.


Headgear: Hero Headphones Replica

Clothing: Dev Uniform

Shoes: Null Boots Replica

Headgear: Motocross Nose Guard

Clothing: Reggae Tee

Shoes: Angry Rain Boots

My main gear set
The gear set I've recently started using mainly because of Special Charge Up.

Splatfests (The team I chose is in bold.)

Trick vs Treat (2020) Win King

My first splatfest. First of all, I don’t like Halloween and I’m not a person who likes candy that much. But still, I’d rather get some candy instead of scaring the heck outta people. I won one 10x battle.

I was wearing Hero Headphones Replica and Gray Sea-Slug Hi-Tops. My weapon was Sploosh-O-Matic 7.

Super Mushroom vs Super Star Lose King

Super Star is invincible. Super shroom just makes you bigger. Super star should’ve won. I think I had a 10x battle but I lost.

I was wearing Hero Headphones Replica and Null Boots Replica. My weapon was (I forgot lol).

Minifests (The team I chose is in bold)

Beach vs. Amusement Park Win King

If you’re at the beach you can stay there all day but at an amusement park you just get bored eventually. Also I hate roller coasters.

Sunken Scroll vs Mem Cake Win Fiend

I couldn’t participate but even though mem cakes look like kamaboko (Which are good), Sunken scrolls actually tell us the lore which we need to explain literally EVERYTHING in Splatoon.

Costume vs Candy Winner not decided

Did not participate but I hate Halloween and I do not like wearing costumes. Similar to Trick vs Treat, I'd rather get candy than wear a costume.


Beach winner Barnsquid.png Beach Winner Barnsquid
This Barnsquid is awarded to BadTimeGamer123 for winning

in ChessMaster's seventh Minifest!

Sunken Scroll winner Barnsquid.png Sunken Scroll Winner Barnsquid
This Barnsquid is awarded to BadTimeGamer123 for winning

in ChessMaster's eight Minifest!

Barnsquid10 Edits.png 10 Edits Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to BadTimeGamer123
on 27 September 2021 for making 10 mainspace edits on Inkipedia.



  • Squidbaggers
  • Level * players
  • Squid partying in Ranked
  • Afk players
  • Camp Triggerfish
  • Main Power Up spammers
  • IA3 (I am always stuck on the first 3 phases :(
  • Girl Power Station (Girl Power is lookin real easy now because of IA3)
  • Unfair teams (And Nintendo still has the audacity to destroy my rank meter)