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Hello there, I am Brycerw11 (talk), a Dualie main, trying to get into comp, who just likes making ink related puns. Although, I'm not very good at making them. I first started playing Splatoon on the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire.

Me, in Splatoon 2 :)

My Splatoon Players

Splatoon 1 Player

I have played Splatoon 1, but I'm only Level 12, as I joined after Splatoon 2's release. I have not been able to play ranked. My Nintendo Network ID is Brycerw11.

Splatoon 2 Player

I've played Splatoon 2 a lot more than Splatoon 1.
I used the following clothes:

S2 Gear Headgear Safari Hat.png S2 Gear Clothing SWC Logo Tee.png S2 Gear Shoes White Arrows.png

Splatoon 3 Player

I'm still actively playing Splatoon 3. My IGN is Banana#2178.
I use the following clothes:

S3 Gear Headgear 18K Aviators.png S3 Gear Clothing Blue Retro Tee.png S3 Gear Shoes BlobMob Flip-Flops.png

Here is my Splashtag!

S3 Banner 11055.png
S3 Badge Splat Dualies 4.pngS3 Badge Marie.pngS3 Badge Tower Control 100.png

My Splashtag title is: "Sleepy Splat Dualies User"

Ranks / Levels

As stated earlier, I am level 12, and I have not had the chance to play Ranked.

Splatoon 2
I am level 33, and my Ranks are;

  • Splat Zones: A-
  • Tower Control: B+
  • Rainmaker: C+
  • Clam Blitz: B-

Splatoon 3
Currently I am level 35 and in S+ rank. Here are my X Peaks: (Tentatek division as of 18 February 2023)

  • Splat Zones: 1709.1
  • Tower Control: 1957.4
  • Rainmaker: 1724.4
  • Clam Blitz: 1852.6

Splatfests // Big Runs

Splatoon 2

Splatfest Theme My Choice The Winner Additional Notes
Chaos vs Order Order Chaos Although I wanted Order to win, I think Chaos turned out to be a better theme for Splatoon 3
Super Mushroom vs Super Star Super Star Super Mushroom I am still salty we lost this, come on people, a Super Star gives invinciblity.

Splatoon 3

Splatfest Theme Possible Choices (Winner in Bold) My Choice Final Clout Final Clout Pro Final Clout Tri-Color My Splatfest Title Final Notes
Which ones the best? Rock, Paper, Scissors Scissors 225181 0 Combined with Open Ruler +3 We had the moral victory...
Which would you rather bring to a deserted island? Gear, Grub, Fun Grub 198908 8092 Combined with Open Ruler +2 I'm just hungry...
Which first partner Pokémon would you choose? Grass, Fire, Water Water 88355 1775 Combined with Open Ruler BIG MAN SWEEP, let's GOOO!!! Sadly, I didn't get to play as much as I wanted too.
What's your favorite taste sensation? Spicy, Sweet, Sour Sweet 94393 0 38612 Ruler +2 With over half of the player base on team sweet, there were many "vs self matches." I played quite a bit, just not against Team Spicy or Sour. It was still fun though.
What's your favorite chocolate? Dark, Milk, White Milk 92285 0 59118 Ruler But, But, it isn't even chocolate. :(
Big Run
Date My Golden Egg Count % Top
9 December 2022 to 11 December 2022 98 Top 50%

My Favorites


S2 Band Chirpy Chips.jpg This user is a fan of the Chirpy Chips.
Marie1.png This user is a fan of Marie.
S Band Squid Sisters.jpg This user is a fan of the Squid Sisters.

Favorite Weapons

S3 Weapon Main Splat Dualies Flat.png This user wields the Splat Dualies!

S3 Weapon Main Dark Tetra Dualies Flat.png This user wields the Dark Tetra Dualies!

S3 Weapon Main Splash-o-matic Flat.png This user wields the Splash-o-matic!

Favorite Modes

S3 icon Tower Control.png Tower Control and S3 icon Clam Blitz.png Clam Blitz

Favorite Maps

Splatoon 1

Mahi Mahi

Mahi-Mahi Resort
Oh boy, what happened in the change to Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 2

The Reef

The Reef
Good map.

Splatoon 3

Flounder Heights

Flounder Heights
Best map, second best in S1, but they ruined Mahi-Mahi, so now its the best.

My Contributions

I haven't done much, but I have added several pages to the wiki my favorite is: Shel-drone, in addition to a bunch of files I have added too.


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My Other NIWA Wiki Accounts


Other Links

My Youtube: BananaSPL Brycerw11

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